• Way to Normal

    16 août 2008, 0h19m

    When an album in iTunes doesn't have an image, it has that ugly music-note image, cover flow of course never helps.

    Now I usually don't like wasting my time finding album images or making fake ones, but now I've found a reason to sit down and shit some out..(It's a real shameless plug for your ass(Yet another one, I hope you've caught this one too))

    Now on to what I wanted to actually say, I had some time earlier and decided to work off Ben Folds' upcoming album "Way to Normal" to use for the fake leak inside my iTunes.

    Download it here in full: Click Here


    P.S. If you actually bothered to read through all of this..I wouldn't either I know.. there is new video for the semi-real song "Cologne" off the new album:
  • Sams Town

    30 sept. 2006, 2h19m

    Four days left till the new album by The Killers album! Yet another new album I can't wait to get!
  • Oh! Gravity!

    25 sept. 2006, 17h16m

    Two months away till the new Switchfoot album Oh! Gravity, too long of a wait, don't you think? :P
    Listen to a song from the album here:
  • Subscribed Again, Holy Christmas?!

    13 jui. 2006, 0h05m

    Thanks to compguy11( now I can finally listen to my own radio and loved tracks again. Now, it's been about 6 months, where is my pony I dare ask! :P

    Interesting facts I just learned about Death Cab for Cutie
    The Postal Service, All-Time Quarterback, Pinwheel all feature the singer from Death Cab: Ben Gibbard. Now I gotta consider them good bands since DCFC is already one of my favorite bands!
  • And now, your Feature Presentation..

    23 juin 2006, 20h56m

    To start off this first journal entry, I shall talk about emo meaning emotional. This fad most likely came off of M-TV, please correct me if I'm wrong but I still think that station is trash and don't care if people my age love it. And most of them think anything other than rap or r&b is considered emo such as rock, indie and so on with examples that follow, bands like Death Cab for Cutie and Nickelback. Hey just because I'm 15, I'm not like those kids that listen to crap and can barely spell anything or say they can when they spell what as wat.

    Next topic, favorite bands, I've had plenty over the years.
    2004 and Below-Maroon 5
    2005-Death Cab for Cutie
    2006-So far MAE seems like a great band
    They all are easy-listening and calm me down if I'm ever stressed, don't like em? I don't give a rat's fanny.
    The next chapter in this enciteful passage is about radio stations of the United States. All of em are now practically new "mixes" that include all types of music. I don't find this a good thing because it ruins the station! 1.003 Z-100 used to be good until they started airing ALL types to attract different types of people. Don't get me wrong, that is a good thing, that is if it is a new radio station and not one currently in place that already has good music. 9.55 PLJ is a great station because it airs mostly rock and nothing like rap with humorous talk shows without them advertising during it such as when someone would say, "Oh yeah, I bought an X-BOX 360 CORESYSTEM from TARGET created by MICROSOFT. Another thing even if these stations need money, adding on even longer commercial breaks is going to make them loose listeners.

    End of Entry #1