Lyrics Game!


9 oct. 2006, 5h26m

1. 'Cause I can't be anyone but me,
And I can't keep dreaming that I'm free.

2. Talk to the mirror, choke back tears,
And keep telling yourself that, "I'm a diva."

There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of It Yet

3. You call my name,
I come to you in pieces,
So you can make me whole.

4. Lonely rivers flow,
To the sea,
To the open arms,
Of the sea.

Unchained Melody

5. And all at once it became clear to me,
That you're allergic to honesty.

Lust A Prima Vista

6. You say you wanted more,
What are you waiting for?
I'm not running from you.

The Kill

7. What happened to the story?
Discontented cuts inside,
It's not meant to be this lonely,
We were never meant to fail.

8. And the silent night will shatter,
From the sounds inside my mind.
For I'm one too many mornings,
And a thousand miles behind.

One Too Many Mornings

9. I've been up all night,
I might sleep all day.
Get your dreams just right,
And let them slip away.

Up All Night (Frankie Miller Goes To Hollywood)

10. The sun above the cotton grass,
Is sinking down like lead.
The seagulls know the truth of it,
And scream it overhead.

Nos Da Cariad

11. It's the simple things that are so hard to grasp,
Can't find myself in all these days that pass.


12. For every piece of me that wants you,
Another piece backs away.

13. Things are never going to be quite what you want,
Even at 25, you gotta start sometime.

A Praise Chorus

14. Belief is a beautiful armor,
But makes for the heaviest sword.
Like punching underwater,
You never can hit who you trying for.


15. First of all must fly,
My dreams of you and I,
There's no point to holding on to those.

16. You show your age,
When you drown your rage,
But I see past those laughter lines.

Not For All The Love In The World

17. And all the while,
I'm looking for your half-smile.
Something that will show me,
That you are still around.


18. Make it new but stay in the lines,
Just let go, keep it inside.
Smile big for everyone,
Even when you know what they've done.

Light And Sounds

19. In the dark she lingers,
Like a tear without a soul.

20. And I wanna know,
What things you see up close in lies they disappear,
And I wanna know,
If I was just a waste of time for you?

21. What hurts the most was being so close,
And having so much to say,
And watching you walk away,
And never knowing what could have been.

What Hurts the Most

22. This ship is taking me far away,
Far away from the memories,
Of the people who care if I live or die.


23. I wish I knew which button to push,
Then I'd know how to please you,
It's sad but true,
If you’d let somebody love you just enough.


24. And you're in pieces,
As your world becomes a rainstorm.
You've got no shelter,
I'm a thousand miles away.

Break Myself

25. You can't help but feel alone,
They left you to your own device,
There was nobody to tell you to think twice.

26. I refuse to give in to my blues,
That's not how it's gonna be.
And I deny the tears in my eyes,
I don't want to let you see.

27. You're the magic that holds the sky up from the ground,
You're the breath that blows these cool winds 'round.


28. One day this world will see me at the horizon,
One day from a distant light.

29. Baby don't follow their lead,
'Cause you never know just how the story ends,
Or how the story goes.

Say Anything (Else)

30. Blankets here keep me from cold,
Holding tightly to my pillow,
Frantically searching for her.

We Intertwined

Jimmy Eat World
Nerina Pallot
Counting Crows
Katie Melua
The Righteous Brothers
John Mayer
Panic! at the Disco
Sandi Thom
Something Corporate
30 Seconds to Mars
David Gray
Further Seems Forever
Rascal Flatts
The Spill Canvas
James Morrison
Ben Folds Five
The Thrills
The Hush Sound
Go West
Bob Dylan
Bernard Fanning
The Fire Theft
Alex Lloyd


  • thoseguiltyeyes

    2. Panic! At the Disco - There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered, Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of It Yet 18. Yellowcard - Lights and Sounds 29. Cartel - Say Anything (Else) 30. The Hush Sound - We Intertwined

    9 oct. 2006, 5h39m
  • kalsonberry

    13. Jimmy Eat World - A Praise Chorus

    9 oct. 2006, 5h57m
  • viciousadmirer

    11. The Fire Theft - Heaven 24. Something Corporate - Break Myself

    9 oct. 2006, 6h07m
  • xCandyCaneGirlx

    16. The Thrills - Not For All The Love In The World 17. Lior - Daniel

    9 oct. 2006, 7h08m
  • azzafrenchie

    22 muse - starlight

    9 oct. 2006, 9h45m
  • fadelikeasigh

    5. Lust A Prima Vista - Spill Canvas

    9 oct. 2006, 16h39m
  • sunkeneyedgirl

    21. What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts

    9 oct. 2006, 17h48m
  • goerdje

    27. Ben Folds Five - Magic

    10 oct. 2006, 0h56m
  • mm83

    4. Righteous Brothers (?) - Can't Help Falling In Love 9. Counting Crows - Up All Night (Frankie Miller Goes To Hollywood)

    10 oct. 2006, 13h57m
  • RainShadow

    It's The Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody. Close enough! Can't Help Falling In Love is an Elvis song. =)

    11 oct. 2006, 6h51m
  • paint_me_blue

    6. 30 Seconds To Mars - The Kill 14. John Mayer - Belief :)

    27 oct. 2006, 3h13m
  • freak_ish

    23. Bernard Fanning - Songbird :o)

    30 oct. 2006, 8h47m
  • Polderman

    3. Red - Pieces

    7 nov. 2006, 1h57m
  • Emotionsickness

    7. Alex Lloyd - Never Meant To Fail :]

    8 nov. 2006, 11h45m
  • castleday

    1. Nerina Pallot - Idaho

    9 nov. 2006, 20h52m
  • yara_gilmore

    12. James Morrison - You Give Me Something.

    4 nov. 2009, 14h07m
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