Various Artists - Sane and Functional Mix


23 sept. 2009, 19h21m

A compilation collection of Finnish electronic music featuring MKDELTA, Now Is Fish, Jahvey, Individual8580, chronon, Outo Tuttava amd many many more! Yes, it's 100% FREE and FULLY DOWNLOADABLE.


Electronic music from electronic friends
Suprising aesthetic similarities abound
8bits vs high fidelity
pop versus nonpop
Childlike experimentation
with bleak and mechanic sounds
cheap plastic and deep mystic tones
…cathode ray children at play
Music to journey to and journey into

Track selection by Individual8580
Tracks used on artists permission

No-one will probably be insulted
if you spread this all around the world

Cover is a detail of “LSD Saddam” by Begga(R) (that's me)



    Everyone check this out. Outo Tuttava's track are some of the best d'n'b I've ever heard. Bizarre Mycete Foret's Anti-Matter Cascade Journey is pretty damn breathtaking. And so on.

    23 sept. 2009, 19h29m
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