Two weekends of moving office (pfoo)


3 mai 2006, 10h01m

yup, we have a new office. actually this has been going for a while, but we are finally moving (moved) in.

we started last weekend with a small van. we moved everything that wasn't on a desk to the new office already (pictures of it later). that was last saturday.

after a days work, on sunday, mischa and I (and my uiko wife) went to ikea to get some shelves as room dividers. i had worked out before that the packages will weigh half a ton (as in 500kg) I told mischa once we were in the car ;-). actually I told him on the phone but he said he didn't hear that.

4 knackered out ikea trolleys and a few hours later we arrived at the new office where jonas and johan were waiting to help us unloading.

read the full story with loadsa pretty pictures.

quick correction. that place in straford (supermarket etc.) is the new data center. our office is at old street.
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  • fly-away

    yay :) and yay for the no war on the roof of ur old office. thats very cool :)

    3 mai 2006, 10h47m
  • ThomasvD

    Cool :D

    3 mai 2006, 11h59m
  • clarkyscored

    So will Last.Fm update faster now?

    3 mai 2006, 12h43m
  • AlteredState

    Wooooohhoooooooo! :P

    3 mai 2006, 13h57m
  • B0SS


    3 mai 2006, 13h58m
  • voiceinsideyou


    3 mai 2006, 15h27m
  • bluto63

    Have fun with the new office!

    3 mai 2006, 16h10m
  • Al3xF

    Have fun being cool.

    3 mai 2006, 16h53m
  • nooona

    much coffee, mmm.

    3 mai 2006, 17h19m
  • al_shashkin

    koll! ;)

    3 mai 2006, 18h06m
  • al_shashkin

    * - kool! ;) :)))

    3 mai 2006, 18h08m
  • Lord Mike


    3 mai 2006, 19h55m
  • warnis

    yay! zo/

    3 mai 2006, 21h29m
  • Seventh-Monkey

    I was going to say, I imagined the meg or so of piccies being on the front page would knacker the servers a tad, tough as they must be.

    3 mai 2006, 21h45m
  • sethdw

    po po zow, po po zow!

    3 mai 2006, 22h33m
  • PaulaRocks

    Yay! :)

    4 mai 2006, 0h30m
  • WariovsMoo

    Horay beer!

    4 mai 2006, 1h02m
  • highwindrulr


    4 mai 2006, 4h15m
  • Northward

    No war.

    4 mai 2006, 8h41m
  • Confessions


    4 mai 2006, 17h45m
  • justher


    5 mai 2006, 0h17m
  • Tee-b0n3

    John Wayne?

    5 mai 2006, 8h29m
  • californieca

    оооо да това е супер

    5 mai 2006, 10h03m
  • philippgerard

    enjoy ;)

    5 mai 2006, 19h45m
  • Sylviofurtado

    so, that´s why things are so slow around here! :D but that´s for a just cause... keep up the GREAT work... is my favorite site on internet, since the audioscrobbler days! :)

    5 mai 2006, 22h06m
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