• Oooh!

    17 jui. 2008, 20h59m

    I hear this is what "WEB 2.0" looks like!

    It sure beats the old layout, though. Other than cutting the amount of information down like 90%.

    14 sept. 2007, 23h45m








    Damn you, Nelson Muntz, and your hilarious one-off side gag in the Bart Steals a Car episode. You are not wholly to blame, but you absolutely set the stage for this. WGCY in Gibson City was the final stroke in my complete and utter fascination with him, at least.

    When I'm Lonely
    Holly Enters My Mind
  • Oh, now we cannot list artists as unknown?

    4 mai 2007, 22h50m

    Awesome. I e-mailed Last.FM to ask if there was any way for them to improve their "scrobbling" system to allow the listing of songs that lacked a traditional ID3-style header. Instead, they have gone the extra mile to ensure that any song with no known artist is not even allowed to be listed.

    Fortunately, you can circumvent the system. If you label a song as "Unknown Artist" or "Artist Unknown" or seemingly include those two words in any fashion in the artist title, it will not scrobble. However, you can get creative with synonyms and create the same effect, as "Anonymously Released" is just fine!
  • Sufjan Stevens has 16 million fucking plays

    31 mars 2007, 22h54m

    I think I was under the mistaken impression that Last.FM had an accurate representation of popular music. I have no idea why it did not occur to me that unprofessional, atonal indie bullshit would be just as overrepresented here as it is everywhere else on the Internet. Why do our nation's intellectuals have so little taste?
  • Why Last.FM needs help:

    30 jan. 2007, 8h21m

    Almost half of my 8,000 song playlist is stuff that Last.FM does not recognize as music, be it .mod/.mtm/.xm/.s3m/.it/.okt/.669/.med, etc. Why does it just ignore everything that is not .mp3 or .ogg? Why not at least make a half-hearted effort to catalogue everything a player can play?

    You cannot exactly get a good read on what I enjoy listening to if you completely disregard half of it. This is known as a "convenience sample," Last.FM; any good researcher should know that you need a well-researched sample, highly indicative of the population (the population in this case being "me") to get good results. Do you think Excalibur Outrun is not worth listing? You really think Excalibur Outrun is less deserving mention as music than the newest Lil' Jon track?
  • Capitalization variability makes English degree holders sad.

    25 jan. 2007, 9h18m

    It seems that some bands think they are just as entitled as E. E. Cummings to refuse proper capitalization in their names.

    Unfortunately, just as E. E. Cummings was, they are incorrect.
  • Oh, elitism, huh?!

    25 jan. 2007, 7h58m

    Ranger Rick's "Mas Influencia" is not good enough to even be listed in your goddamn database, huh, you fucking shit-eaters?

  • Well, I think I hate Last.FM so far;

    25 jan. 2007, 7h31m

    I just want to put all my fucking music into its goddamn database.

    I figured by just rigging up my cell phone to sit on my "skip track" key in WinAmp, that I could get it to recognize every song in my library. But instead, it just kind of picked three songs at random from the entire set of songs it skipped through and listed those here.

    This program is of absolutely no use to me until I figure out how to easily teach it everything in my library. WinAmp's player itself is so shitty that its "random" function will still never "SCROBBLE" all of the bands in my playlist.

    If I find a way to automatically upload my entire library information, I will recant my negative opinions of Last.FM.