Not Doing It For Me


2 avr. 2007, 4h44m

If LimeWire had a physical incarnation (other than a steaming pile of shit), I would be guilty of assault and battery. I NEED A NEW P2P PROGRAM. Recommend, plz.

Granted, some of these artists aren't signed to labels yet, but I still want them :(

Music Wishlist 4-1

Anything and everything by Tigarah.
Anything by Remi Nicole.
Let The Love Back In.
X I Will Wait For You



  • a_dayum

    use soulseek, it is much better than limewire... i have the tigarah EP so you can get it off of my music from soulseek.

    3 avr. 2007, 1h59m
  • BecomingX

    i can send you heaven if you want.

    18 jan. 2008, 2h56m
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