Marina & the Diamonds OR Katy Perry?


16 avr. 2012, 20h51m

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  • kali_ram

    Marina & the Diamonds

    17 avr. 2012, 0h09m
  • NadinOHsaurus

    I like Katy's personality and style but ofcourse Marina's music is better.

    18 avr. 2012, 16h43m
  • imsecsie

    Katy Perry ;)

    18 avr. 2012, 18h34m
  • LionH3art

    Katy Perry >>>

    28 avr. 2012, 11h04m
  • breakscape

    None of them :)

    7 mai 2012, 18h49m
  • nebraskajones01

    Marina and the Diamonds. :)

    19 juin 2012, 11h57m
  • jaywilleatchu

    Marinaaaaaaaaaaaaa. <3

    9 oct. 2012, 13h16m
  • HazieI

    Katy Perry. Everyone will vote in Marina beacuse are already sick of Katy, fake bitches, when Firework was released they all said that love Katy

    19 nov. 2012, 9h32m
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