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20 oct. 2005, 12h14m

Taller in More Ways

I realise that that will not work right atm but it should when the album is added to Last.fm. So for now I'm going to link to the songs on the album.

As I was a big (I'm not as big now :) Sugababes fan I bought the 3 albums so far. The last album (Three) I felt was a a bit of a let down compared to the type of stuff in the two previous albums. When I bought the new album I was really expecting it to be a bit like Three, 3-4 Good tracks but the rest was a bit weaker. I had heard the songs on the promotional album and was expecting those really to be the best tracks.

But how wrong I was.

Maybe its just that I was expecting it to be not so good, but I really do think that this is a good album. The British public would seem to agree with me (Reached #1 in the UK album chart for its debut week, the only one so far :).

The tacks chosen for this album really do compliment each other very well. Although the first song (Push the Button) is not the best, I'm still eating my hat from my previous Journal entry, the rest of the album does make it up really well. Red Dress and Joy Division follow a similar style with an upbeat tune that is going to get in to you head, and and stay long after you have listend to them. Obsession is just as catchy but with a 80's like twist.

The tracks Gotta Be You and It Ain't Easy I would say are my unfavored tracks on this album (No comercial album can be 100% superdooper songs for anyone). Its not that they are not good songs but they are a bit harsh with the music. The hard, almost industrilist, sounds can be destracting from the song itself.

Although Better is only available on the UK edition of the album, and is considered (by some) as the "extra" track. I think of it as one of the best tracks on the album, I dare say I would compare it to be abit like Whatever Makes You Happy, but fits in much more with the style of this album.

Ugly, the next single from the album is a good Ballard like song at the beginning and builds up to a good chorus. The other Ballard like song is 2 Hearts which has a nice slow start that showcases Heidi's voice very well. It then builds up during the choruses to a quite nice tempo that makes you feel more immersed in the song. It finally finishes in a loud and long but effective violin dominated climax, a good ending to and album I would say.

I saved this one till last as it is my favorite song on the album. Follow Me Home is not only a good song but I think that it greatly shows off Keisha's excellent voice. Not really surprising then ;)

Anyway IMHO if you like pop or like any of the Sugababes songs you should buy it. But don't take it from me, but it and find out.


  • mikeisacow

    I haven't heard of Sugababes or any of their songs prior to this album, but I must say I enjoyed this album. It's a good pop record, and I'm glad they're getting great success so far.

    22 oct. 2005, 5h28m
  • formerlyknownas

    It's ballad, my dear.

    3 déc. 2005, 22h03m
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