Favorite Songs, Part 4


22 déc. 2006, 9h49m

From where we left off last time...

A Strange Way to Save the World - The better version of this song. Michael Crawford may not be my #1 Voice (and hasn't been for like five years, heh) but I still like him quite a bit. And while I don't ever actually listen to Twila Paris, I like her voice.
A Summer In Ohio - I've always loved this song. Sherie Rene Scott sounds her best ever here, and it's deliciously jazzy and, of course, has some awesome lyrics. (What else would you expect? It's Jason Robert Brown writing it!)
A Thousand Days - Say what you want about Clay Aiken, I actually like his voice. Showtuneyness and all that. This is quite a pleasant little song, although it's nothing to write home about. "Hello, folks! Weather's great, wish you were here, listen to this song!"
A Thousand Words - Although it always sounds like this one Avalon song to me, I still think it's really a nice pop song.
A Very Nice Prince/First Midnight/Giants in the Sky - On the list for Giants in the Sky, which is an awesome song. Fascinating (lyrically) and pretty (musically).
A Weekend in the Country - One of those big ensemble numbers, except done Stephen Sondheim-style, which means it's going to be, ahem... rather different than one done by, say, Andrew Lloyd Webber or Frank Wildhorn.
A Whisper Heard Around the World - This song is a hecka lotta fun. Old 90's pop all the way!
A Whole New World - The lovely Disney love ballads. Fun stuff. And who didn't love this movie when they were little, huh? Plus musical theater person Lea Salonga is on here.
A Whole New World - Might as well add this one to the list, too. Ubercheesy pop, but that's what Disney music is all about, oui?
A Winter's Tale - Pleasant little song that Michael Ball, as always, sings beautifully.
A Wonderful Christmas Time - Okay, silly popness aside, this song makes me super relaxed, which is a fairly rare thing for me.
A World With You - Mostly because of supreme nostalgia. This was one of the very earliest CDs I ever bought. There's absolutely nothing to make it stand out from anything, but I love the whole thing for sentimental reasons.
A World Without You - A really sad little song, even if I'm not so sure how it coincides with the Biblical story. :-) I must look up who's playing Adam, because he's got a very comforting voice. Not a Voice, but he's good.
Abba - This song is mellow and fun at the same time, and is also a nostalgia song, from THE very first CD I ever owned... Good ol' WOW 1998.
Absalon, fili mi - I discovered this in a music class last year, actually. Most of the class was terribly boring, but I really loved this piece. It's got a beautiful sadness to it.
Accidentally in Love - For some reason my mp3 player thinks this song is by Maroon 5, but it was Counting Crows who sang it in the movie, oui? Anyway. I like it. It's happy.
Across the Universe - Normally I don't like Rufus Wainwright, but this one struck a chord with me for one reason or another.
Addicted - A bit dark for my usual tastes. Not sure what draws me to this song, actually.
Adelaide's Lament - A hilarious song, performed brilliantly by Faith Prince.
Adelaide's Lament - ...However, Barbra's voice is much more pleasant to listen to, even though Faith's a better actress. So both versions are in here.


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