13 avr. 2007, 23h34m

    I've been on this website since june of 2006. Right after I signed up, my computer crashed for a month. Then my internet went for 2 weeks, and recently my computer was down for a good month or so. Regardless, I've managed to push out 11,563 plays. It's been a trip, and in such a short amount of time I have listened to a large amount of music. Everything from indie to black metal and in between. To be honest, I used to be conscious of what I was playing because of lastFM haha, but that was for the first month and then I just stopped caring. With each diversifying band, I get more diversified neighbors and I then pick up on even more odd/different music. It really is a perpetuating circle, and I rather enjoy it. So far, my top ten after 11,563 plays is as follos:

    1 Between the Buried and Me 264
    2 The Dillinger Escape Plan 225
    3 Cephalic Carnage 224
    4 Leng Tch'e 215
    5 Nasum 192
    6 Discordance Axis 179
    7 Pig Destroyer 173
    8 7 Angels 7 Plagues 170
    8 Daughters 170
    10 The Acacia Strain 164