• Rush - Time Machine Tour (27 May - Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

    27 mai 2011, 23h15m

    Fri 27 May – Time Machine Tour 2011 - An Evening With Rush

    On May 27th I went to see Rush for the first time in Ahoy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Having been there to see Peter Gabriel as my first concert ever in 2003, it was good being back after eight years. This time I had field tickets of course, and I was in the almost exact middle of the field, which provided a great view and perfect sound.

    And boy was the sound good! It was incredibly loud though. I've never been to a gig where the sound was so loud. Aptly titled, the Time Machine tour started, in true Rush style, with a cinematic about a polka band in an eastern European restaurant, with the band members starring as characters in the movie. The theme of the evening was obviously a trip through time, as the projections and machines on stage would demonstrate. Where one could see washing machines on one of the latest Rush tours, this time around they flaunted huge steam engines, a gramophone player and a stunning light show with fireworks that would scorch your eyebrows from 60 feet away.

    As Rush started their tour in 2010 in America and have played over 70 gigs since, the show was well polished and no changes in the setlist where made. This was no problem though, as their choice of songs was great! The show started off with the fantastic The Spirit Of Radio, which set the benchmark for the next hour. They mostly played songs from their eighties period, with some great tunes from Snakes and Arrows thrown in. Highlights for me personally where Leave That Thing Alone, the bass solo on Freewill and Geddy's awesome sounding synth on Subdivisions.

    After a short intermission, things got goofy again with another lengthy cinematic introduction to Tom Sawyer, which meant the start of the Moving Pictures album. They played Moving Pictures in it's entirety, which meant 40 minutes of awesome music. To me, YYZ is one the most quirky, extravagant, well thought out instrumentals ever written. One could really see how much the band enjoyed being on stage, which in turn showed in their playing.

    Of course the obligatory drum solo by Neil Peart wasn't left out. Just when I thought it started dragging on for a bit, Neil stood up, his kit turned around a 180 degrees and he started playing another tune on a different set of drums, to a different video. All in all this turned out quite well and brought a smile to my face.

    After this things took up again with Alex playing a beautiful intro to Closer to the Heart on his 12-string guitar. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the opening notes of 2112 sounded and they played parts 1 and 2 from this epic track. The band finished the main setlist with Far Cry from the Snakes and Arrows album, which works great live.

    As an encore, we got another crazy cinematic with a polka variant of La Villa Strangiato. The band soon switched to full gear and Alex really made his guitar shriek and sing during this song. Rush finished the gig in style with Working Man, sporting a reggae intro and another fabulous bass solo.

    All in all it was one of the best gigs I have ever attended. The band were incredibly tight, the choice of songs was excellent and the sound was really good. If I have to complain about anything, I would say that the sound was too loud and I'm not too keen on the new songs yet, though that might have been related to me not knowing the material beforehand. If you have the chance: go see them!


    1. The Spirit of Radio
    2. Time Stand Still
    3. Presto
    4. Stick It Out
    5. Workin' Them Angels
    6. Leave That Thing Alone
    7. Faithless
    8. BU2B
    9. Freewill
    10. Marathon
    11. Freewill


    12. Tom Sawyer
    13. Red Barchetta
    14. YYZ
    15. Limelight
    16. The Camera Eye
    17. Witch Hunt
    18. Vital Signs
    19. Caravan
    20. Drum Solo
    21. Closer to the Heart
    22. 2112 Part I: Overture
    23. 2112 Part II: The Temples Of Syrinx
    24. Far Cry


    25. La Villa Strangiato
    26. Working Man
  • Marillion Weekend 2011 Sunday setlist

    29 mars 2011, 15h44m

    Sun 27 Mar – Marillion Weekend 2011

    The theme for tonight was 'the glow must go on'. The audience were given cheap glowing sticks which they would later use to vote for songs. H would announce two songs, and the song that got the most stick-fiddling would be played. Setlist:

    Afraid Of Sunlight
    The Other Half
    One Fine Day (won from Don't Hurt Yourself)
    Beyond You (won from Made Again
    Goodbye to All That
    Hard As Love (L=M begin, rock ending)
    Brave (won from Faith)
    Go! (won from Afraid Of Sunrise)
    Easter (won from The Great Escape)
    The Great Escape (lost, but still played)
    Out Of This World (won from Estonia)
    Between You And Me (won from Most Toys)
    Memory Of Water (big beat mix)
    Neverland (won from Hope For The Future)


    This Strange Engine (won from Ocean Cloud)
    Happiness Is The Road