Shuffle game


2 juin 2010, 23h54m

1. Shuffle your iPod/MP3 player/iTunes/Whatever else you have.
2. Answer the questions by the song title that comes up.
3. Don't cheat, it makes everything more fun!

-When you run for your life you scream:
Ghost (Poem) Well, if it's chasing me

-When fighting for your rights you say:
The Prophecy (?)

-Your last words before you die will be:

-When the one you love kisses you for the first time you think:
The Other Side

-Someone calls you and starts yelling, you reply with:
Oscillation Point

-You just saw the most beautiful person in your entire life, you think:
The Mourning After (Carry On) Haha, just carry on!

-When you were a kid you always cried and you said:
The Shadow of the Past

-You wanna invite someone with you in after a date, you say:
Going Under If I live under the ground....

-You're on stage about to make a speech, and you studder out the words:

-Your crush is this close to kiss you before you so foolishly say:
Blank Infinity

-The world needs change because:
My Lost Lenore

-Hows your life right now:
Pearls of Light

-You usually dream about:

-Right now you're thinking about:
Say My Name

-Right now you lust after:
Never Enough

-I want to:
Voices Within (Well this is just stupid)

-I dream of:
For the Sake of Revenge

-I will revenge:
In Perfect Harmony (As I always do)

-I cry about:
The Pain Infernal and the Fall Eternal (Emo much?)

-I love it when:
Daylight Lucidity

-I hate it when:
Tall Tales

-My life feels whole when:
Damned and Divine

-I lose control when:
Hand of Sorrow

-I sell my soul when:
Sirenian Shores

-He/she hates it when:

-He/she wants me when:
Tides of Time

-I want to cuddle when:

-I want to kiss him/her when:
How Strange

-I know I could take over the world if:

-Sometimes I just want to break down when you:
Unholy Trinity

-I just want to scream to the world that:
Death of a Dream (The Embrace That Smothers Part VII)

-When I'm half asleep I whisper:
Sancta Terra

-Right now I'd rather be:
Calling Grace

-Before I go to bed I usually:
Consign to Oblivion

-When I dance I feel :
Nymphomaniac Fantasia (hahaha)

-Stressing usually makes me:
Of Dark Blood and Fucking (LOL)

-Sometimes I feel like:
Black Smoke

-When I wake up in the morning I think:
Follow the Reaper

-When I look at myself in the mirror I see:
Seven Sirens and a Silver Tear

-Music makes me feel:
Prologue: Across the Sky

-My last ex was:
Another Day

-I want:
The Truth Is Out There

-I can't stop thinking about:

Well, this was a wast of time.


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