Death Cab for Cutie at The Electric Park (Utah)


27 mai 2008, 20h14m

Mon 26 May – Death Cab for Cutie, Tegan and Sara, Rogue Wave

The good points:
It was good to see Death Cab for Cutie live. The best of the concert was about mid-point, leading up to and directly following the acoustic "I Will Follow You Into the Dark", and immediately before and during the encore. Otherwise, it was a pretty average concert.

The location is another spectacular outdoor setting in Utah.

Tegan and Sara seemed to have a good following and got some of the audience dancing. I thought it was a mediocre performance of mediocre music. But, heh, they just might not be my kind of gig.

The bad points:
The weather. But, that comes along with the territory for an outdoor setting in spring in Utah. You can't do anything about that but layer up, bring your umbrella, and don't forget to wear your rubbers (as mom would say).

The venue management. Terrible handling of an event. The gates opened 2 1/2 hours after the scheduled start of the concert, and the concert started 3 hours late. Death Cab had to rush through their set to complete it before the "curfew" of 10pm (the venue is in close proximity to a residential area). Very little info was available about the venue beforehand, and the event staff was uninformed and rude when asked about the status of the concert. No traffic control after the event. There were many more glitches with the event, from a spectator standpoint - most of them would not be an issue from an experienced venue management team.

Rogue Wave was cancelled due to the late start. It didn't seem to be a big disappointment with the crowd. I'm sure it was for some, but wasn't for me.

Even the weather can't be an excuse unless it poses a threat to the audience. Enjoyable outdoor events are conducted in elsewhere Utah regardless of the season and the weather, and there are a number of venues in the area experienced at handling it without a hitch.

A better than average concert, with a few high points. It was great to see Death Cab live. But, as far as the venue, I would avoid any concert there until the management gets their act together.


  • RakTehLessar

    The performances by the bands that did play were great, but wow, it's like the venue management never thought of it raining in Utah before. The weather for the day was forecast pretty accurately from a week out so they had lots of time to do at least some cursory preparation. The traffic was pretty piss poor afterward, but a quick map check on my phone got me out of there pretty fast. Ah well, I'd go through a lot to see Death Cab, personally.

    28 mai 2008, 9h20m
  • llama_guitarist

    The only thing I wouldn't agree with you on is Tegan and Sara, cause I think they're great. Haha. But pretty much everything else was spot on, Thanksgiving Point needs to get their act together, so for now I'm definitely avoiding it. We left while Death Cab was just finishing up, so we didn't get hit with the traffic that bad, but we could see it as we got on the highway. It was horrible.

    20 juin 2008, 20h55m
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