• Obituary, 16th May, Manning Bar.

    17 mai 2007, 16h25m

    Wed 16 May – Obituary

    So, yeah. After much dicking around with transportation arrangements (Sydney's northwest SUCKS for public transport) I managed to make it to their gig at the Manning Bar.

    The outlook was pretty bleak, to begin with. Not many tickets had been sold. The promoters even halved the ticket price, and allowed someone who'd paid full price to get a second person in.

    To add insult to injury, Allen West had been incarcerated before the band came over here. So no lead guitar. At all.

    The "not many tickets sold" thing was a pretty moot point. By the time Obituary came on the venue was packed. After the crowd almost brought down the barrier at the front of the stage, it was also pretty obvious that the band wasn't going to let Allen West's absence bring them down.

    After all, it seems every song Obituary has ever written was designed with a live setting in mind. Every single tune these guys write is amazingly suited to headbanging. Even the new stuff, which a lot of fans don't like.

    Anyway. A quick breakdown.

    Support was from Picture The End and The Day Everything Became Nothing. I caught the end of the former and wasn't impressed. I caught the whole set of the latter and wasn't impressed either.

    The Day Everything Became Nothing are interesting in that their vocalist uses computer software to modify his voice, but that's about it. I can see why others like them, but it's not my thing.

    I have to be honest; I forget a lot of Obituary's set. I *can* say the following songs were played:
    Redneck Stomp
    On the Floor
    Chopped in Half
    Turned Inside Out
    Find the Arise
    Back Inside
    Slowly We Rot (encore)

    The show was easily worth the price of admission, and my favourite show I've attended so far. Nile's show on May 25 has a lot to live up to.

    As a final note, I want John Tardy's vocal babies. If that makes sense.

    Good: Tight set, 100% headbang-worthy. Great attendance. Merchandise range was amazing for Australian shows.
    Bad: Lack of both guitarists, support bands, terrible venue, had to catch a taxi home. (:P)
    Rating: 4/5. Even with the bad stuff.
  • Nile, May 25, Manning Bar, Sydney, etc. etc. etc.

    6 mars 2007, 13h10m

    Right. So, I noticed the Melbourne gig had been added to Nile's events page but the Sydney one hadn't. So I added it.

    So anyone here who's a Nile fan in Sydney, add your name to the list if you're attending. It'd be nice to see how many users we can get there. Hoping I can meet some new people through this, too. Maybe.

    I'm sticking this here as a journal entry so anyone who comes across my page sees this.