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5 mai 2008, 18h58m

Post your top 10 bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

1. Pink Floyd
- First Song: Hey You
- Fell in Love With: Comfortably Numb
- Current Favorite: Yet Another Movie

2. System of a Down
- First Song: Fuck the System
- Fell in Love With: Chop Suey (I'm special!)
- Current Favorite: P.L.U.C.K.

3. Aphex Twin
- First Song: Stone In Focus (oh those salad fingers cartoons!)
- Fell in Love With: Windowlicker
- Current Favorite: Avril 14th

4. Muse
- First Song: Endlessly (at least it's one of the first I remember hearing)
- Fell in Love With: Knights of Cydonia
- Current Favorite: Bliss

5. The White Stripes
- First Song: Seven Nation Army
- Fell in Love With: The Denial Twist (again fuzzy memory)
- Current Favorite: Blue Orchid

6. Mindless Self Indulgence
- First Song: Bitches (I had no idea it was MSI. It was the soundtrack to a home-made Pokémon/metal video I found on the interweb. It kicks ass )
- Fell in Love With: Straight to Video
- Current Favorite: Capitol P (although I can't pick a real favourite. If I put on one track I easily end up listening to their discography)

7. 50 Hertz
- First Song: Visbygubben (again thanks to the interwebs, or more precisely this epic)
- Fell in Love With: Uppfostran åt helvete
- Current Favorite: Leni Goes to College

8. bob hund
- First Song: Helgen v. 48
- Fell in Love With: Istället för musik: förvirring
- Current Favorite: Allt på ett kort

9. The Raconteurs
- First Song: Steady As She Goes
- Fell in Love With: Steady As She Goes
- Current Favorite: Many Shades of Black

10. Guano Apes
- First Song: Big in Japan
- Fell in Love With: Open Your Eyes
- Current Favorite: Kumba Yo!


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