6 fév. 2011, 21h05m

Select your MP3 player on Shuffle and answer the questions about the songs that play, in order:

1. The Beatles - Let It Be
- Your favourite lyric from this song:
"and when the brokenhearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer, let it be"
- Does this song have any bad memories attached?
Absolutely not.
- When did you first hear this song?
I heard it at school in my English class when I was maybe nine.

2. Mötley Crüe - Shout at the Devil
- What is the last line of the song?
- Have you ever seen this artist live?
Once. Would be twice without a nicely timed thunderstorm in Sonisphere last year...
- Who does this song make you think of?

3. The 69 Eyes - You’re lost little girl (The Doors cover)
- What is the first line of this song?
"You’re lost little girl", duh.
- Where did you first hear this song?
On Last.fm radio I think.
- How about the first time you heard this artist?
That must’ve been sometimes in late 90's or early 2000's. I didn’t really get into them until a couple of years ago though.

4. The Doors - Wild Child
- What friend could this be a theme song for?
I can think of a few :D
- Write down the chorus:
"Wild child full of grace, savior of the human race..."
- Why do you like this song?
It’s laid back and funky.

5. Mad Juana - Ecstasy
- What kind of film would you choose this as a theme for?
This would make a perfect theme song for some witty urban fairytale.
- Who introduced you to this group?
I discovered them when I was looking for Velvet Underground covers and found their awesome version of Venus in Furs.
- What is your favourite part of this song?

6. Stam1na - Kaikki kääntyy vielä parhain päin
- The fourth line reads:
"Muutut tai et"
- How long is this song?
- Is this song one of your favourites? Why or why not?
The lyrics are great but it’s not among my Stam1na favourites.

7. Marina & the Diamonds - I Am Not a Robot
- How long have you been listening to this artist?
Since 2010 when her debut came out.
- What is the album’s cover like?
Well there’s a pic of Marina.
- What's this song about?
About learning to be more open, more forgiving to yourself and finding courage to be who you are.


  • trumanb

    Varastanpa tämän ittelleni, kun ei muutakaan tekemistä ole :F

    8 fév. 2011, 20h00m
  • Porpentina

    Joo, oli harvinaista löytää tällainen musakysely, jota en ollut aiemmin tehnyt :P

    10 fév. 2011, 12h19m
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