20 mars 2008, 9h32m

    I have realized... That I am a nerd. FUCK. Lol, I have known that I am close most of the time... but, FUCK. I've been reading David Sedaris, listening to mc chris (love him...gawd, he's got more game then babbages, for realzies.), I have to limit my vocabulary to speak with other humans without getting the lulque face. WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?! Peace love and special sauce
  • Dude, I love B-days

    20 mars 2008, 8h57m

    Mmm. I can sleep in. No first block. DELICIOUS! Also, I can listen to my iPod in every class. So, like, awesomeness to the max. I fucking love chill classes. My headphones are attached to my head for 8 hours, so I can log some major music hours. *sigh* damn it feels good to be a gangster.