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25 nov. 2006, 18h10m

I've been a user of last.fm for about two months and a half and have played about 5000 tracks for that time.My 5000th track is Is This Love.Briliant rock ballad!One of my personal favourites.And here are some comments for the bands that are in my top 10 overall top artists chart:

WE ROCK!!!One of the greatests heavy metal bands with (one of)the greatest heavy metal singers of all time.Ronnie was recorded 6 albums with Black Sabbath,and before that formed Rainbow with former Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore.Is that enough?!

2.Iron Maiden
The most influential heavy metal band of the first wave of brittish heavy metal.They have inspired other subgenres of heavy metal like speed and power.This ain't a band-this is a cult!

My favourite hard rock band.I have listened more to the Bon Scott Era and I have all albums with Bon Scott but recently I have heard Back In Black and Razors edge with Brian Johnson and there isn't a track of those albmus that I don't like.

4.Blind Guardian
My favourite power metal band.Hansi rocks!And if U add that I am a fan of LOTR U'll understand why this is one of my favourite bands.

5.In Flames
Swedish melodic death metal/Gothenburg metal is the best subgenre of death metal.In Flames are very influential(especially their early works).I also love their later albums.

My favourite extreme metal band.RIP Chuck Schuldiner.Of course he wasn't the best death metal singers but he was one of the best composers of the genre.He also wrote very profound and senceful lyrics[as senceful as death metal song lyrics can be]

Blackie Lawless has a great voice.In spite of songs like Fuck Like A Beast they have songs with very profound lyrics like Keep Holding on and All my life.I can't call myself a fen of WASP `cause I haven't listened to their greatest albums like
The Idol but I like Still Not Black Enough,The Neon God Pt2 and Wasp

8.Judas Priest
I have three albums by Judas Priest:Turbo,Painkiller and Screaming for Vengeance.I like all of them.Even Turbo.I have to download more Judas Priest albums in the future.
Brreeaaakkinng the wall!!!Brreeaaakkinng the wall!!!

Great groove metal band.The Cowboys from Hell album r0x!

Good ol' Liverpool technical death metal.Heartwork is one of my favourite songs.I hope the reunion will be soon!!!

Doom death metal pioneers.I can't understand why their recent albums sound like Coldplay and Radiohead;|They sound nice though.


  • BestOfEnemies

    I feel I have to correct your Dio entry here: he recorded THREE albums with Black Sabbath: Heaven and Hell, The Mob Rules and Dehumaniser. He also features on the live album Live Evil. Dio didn't form Rainbow either, Ritchie Blackmore did. He pretty much inserted himself into Elf (the band Dio was fronting at the time), shuffled the line-up to his liking, and called it Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. Apart from that you're right, he does kick arse.

    26 nov. 2006, 11h05m
  • PlovdivMetalFm

    10x 4 the info=)

    29 nov. 2006, 19h40m
  • bddm

    what about Dehumanizer from 1992, Dio featured on that Sabbath album aswell.

    6 déc. 2006, 0h29m
  • BestOfEnemies

    The less said about Dehumanizer the better, or so I'm told >_>

    10 déc. 2006, 21h20m
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