• Hang Of Things?

    22 jui. 2008, 5h36m

    Well, been on here now a while, listened to a life's time of music and enjoyed 99.9% of what I have heard. Think I am getting the hang of this site now, just wish I could stream it to SecondLife, so my friends there can hear my play lists. Oh, and I like the new look, more user friendly and informative, also easier to find tracks. I think the guys and gals at have a fantastic site and I thank them for it
  • Yay !!!!

    5 mai 2008, 22h19m

    Well, I gave it a week, and was so impressed with that I decided to subscribe ;-) Think it's gonna be the only web radio i use now.
  • WTF

    28 avr. 2008, 20h24m

    Just started with, and with what I have seen so far, it's pretty damn good :-)Day one, and all is going smoothly, hope it lasts LOL.