• Xmas Train Ride Style

    31 déc. 2009, 2h36m

    The metor is faster than the star. I am on the 97 meteor train traveling from Alexandria Va to West Palm Florida The train ride is 20 hours. listening to "alternative rap" First song Karambol polksi whatever that means sounds pretty good even though i couldnt understand a word. Hip-hop is truly international, global, universal. Now Priceless with some nice claps and phat bass lines. The end is very spacey rock sounding. Big Brother Beat Nice bass lines to start off wow. cool distorted piano keys. Tags: native tounge, alternative rap, bass lines, timeless, eargasms. Native tounges are a tag that i would like to invest music time into and de la soul calls it out in their song I added the wiki info for that tag on

    Im on this train when reading the gospel of hip-hop the first instrument i was having fearful thoughts of the shaky train bouncing around. Krs-1 talks about not fearing death, which makes sense according to my step-dad who says everyone does it. I digress, now im just imerssed in my music on my headphones and the only thing im worry about is what this train man is handing me. (a pillow)

    No Dog Barks nice dub tune

    I got to Fairfax and it was dry and cool and then I stayed long enough for it to snow. It was awesome. 20 inches, sledding/sliding hot coco and fires. Cookies, Cake, and Presents. This was truly a white christmas/haunka/quanza

    Hypocrite a mix of dancehall and reggae.

    Drug Squad Bass Funk and roots rock mix up. I can see where the police got their sound. Tags: roots reggae, metro reggae, reggae, rastaman vibrations, blunted, cool dub, funk rock dub

    Brown Skin Lady This is my second time or more listening to this song and I must say i like it a lot. The begging acapella "even my conditioning has been conditioned" is funny, and talib comes through with a nice set of rhymes.

    Africa Dream if you can talk you can sing if you can walk you can dance" this gives me hope about me dancing and singing in the future. Good solid hip-hop beat.
    Freedom Ain't Free His vocals sound like he's rapping but then he holds his voice sounds like he's singing. Good rap

    Sunday Morning Sounds like bad brains indie rock band with a little less inflection but still good nonetheless. Which reminds me: I need to get bad brains on vinyl.

    The Promo - intoxicating reverbed horn in the backround. Real old school raps. Nice stereo panning delayed snare hits.

    In da Hood Mixing things up i started the ragga jungle radio and its pretty sweet. Tags: drum and bass, indie g-funk, jungle, ragga jungle,

    Shalag rewind French dnb with Nice little pauses and then a siren to call for the changeup

    Hotter Junglematical Style (Drum & Bass Dub) What is there to say its ragga jungle crazy percussive sounds scaling the walls of my headphones.

    Elevation II (original) Now for the Dub Techno. wild intro with fast faded synth riffs in and out of my ears for about 3 minutes. So very relaxing i dont even care if no concrete song comes into play what a joy to listen to. and how fun for my ears. After being subjected to wave forms and recording/editing/jamming its nice to just be able to lax to some nice dub techs. Tags: dub techno, ambient dub, techno lounge, Yup, and as I couldn't have suspected the crazy fuzzy faded synths are actually the entire song. Wow I recommend this to anyone!

    On to the deep house. and as i look out my window and see the cars at a stop i can tell why the train takes 20 hours I can hear the faint sound of the train horn.

    Still Going Theme a disco type of deep house

    Love Theme From Seductive Souls "if you feel me i can feel you"

    On My Way this song is very apropo for my situation. I'm literally on my way home. Not to mention a good house song. Soul funky.

    Come Inside Tags: deep house, downtempo, lounge, chillout,

    Toes Brushes seem so serene when they collapse onto a symbol and you can hear a new side to the ring of a symbol. It makes me happy.

    The Littlest Birds Sounds like they're saying "the little ass birds have the prettiest songs"

    "Take a second. hey chillout just take a second. Its about six oclock in the morning we in d&d studios. We're gonna talk about what you believe in. How you've been trained." - Krs-one It is six oclock in the morning on the train here and im gonna start up listening to some more tracks.

    Don't Stop...Planet Rock (Vocal Version) An energetic way to start off the morning. Powerful electro funk raps. It makes sense that some of the influences of RATM were Bambaataa

    The Nights after Fiction Next up "Easy" radio. Tags: easy, indie, post-rock, experi ish, my devastating suburban longing, interesting, indie rock, soft, rad,

    Open Book Very nice on the easy spectrum. I feel sad for all the people in the world who arn't listening to this song right now.

    You Are So Beautiful a very minimalist soulful track about a popular song.

    Love Speakeasy Short cool song. Tags: hip hop, beats, downbeat, 4am hip-hop,

    Iron Leg Now "Rare Groove"

    Don't Believe a Word Tags: laidback, genuine, rare groove, rhythmic soul, finest, soul, pop,

    Morning Sunrise Very rare groove. Does anyone know the song the sample is used in?

    Never Stops Shoegaze Static distorted reverb wall of sound engulfs you right in the begging. Tag: shoegaze, dream pop, songs i am sexually attracted to, love at first sound, this songs gets better as it goes on, absolutely beautiful, indie pop,

    I Don't Love warm fuzzy guitar and a calm distorted bass riff in the back all the while the lyrics hover over you

    Here Comes Everybody

    Morning Light nice uptempo rock

    Going onto Bad Brains radio...

    We Want Your Soul Breakbeat Stupid at first but then they get into the really obvious materialistic things and its nice

    Tagging and Tag Radio Resources...for theTag Appreciation Society
  • Easy All Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band

    15 avr. 2009, 1h50m

    Easy Star All-Stars
    Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band

    I am pleased to see the songs are full track here on I like to reminisce on the tracks so my review kind of rambles...

    Within You Without You (feat. Matisyahu) Tempting touch with that easy sitar melodious blend harp-like fade into Matisyahu. And hip-hop beat boxing lightly is cool. It doesn't even sound like Matisyahu which is cool too. His voice fits in between the notes.

    When I'm Sixty-Four (feat. Sugar Minott) This was one of my favorite songs by the Beatles but I donut know how well i like it as a reggae song. Pretty decent ending though.

    Lovely Rita (feat. Bunny Rugs and U Roy) I totally dig this song. Not to mention U-roy kicks ass. He makes the song come down to earth. yeaaaah. - u.roy. Haha "when are you free to smoke some tea with me"

    Good Morning Good Morning (feat. Steel Pulse) The first guitar solo ive heard on this album. I like. Awesome piano feedback!!! And the strange backwards alphabet, mmm.

    Dub Side Of The Moon
  • Minus the Bear Completely

    8 nov. 2008, 2h03m

    Mon 3 Nov – Minus the Bear, Annuals, 27

    For my communications class I have to write an essay, and I am going to choose to write about this concert. I am bipolar and shared a joint with my friend before Minus the Bear came on.

    And I saw me playing as the Minus the Bear band. I was each band member. They all synchronized in their idiosyncratic dancing w/ guitar. It seemed like everyone was standing still like zombies. I dont' know. But the experience was... well... a Revelation if not 'Revolution' in some sort. Because I am a troubled addict.

    communicated pretty healthy all my life. Although I have recently succumbed to my addiction to drugs and on top of that I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I recently went to a rock concert with a friend, we decided to skip class and see a "Minus the Bear", a rock band from Seattle. I understand Transactional Communication (TC) involves everyone sending and receiving. This is very true to the concert we went to, called "Revolution" in Ft. Lauderdale. The crowd communicates with the crowd and then there is the band and crowd. That Monday night, at the concert, they were all communicating with me.

    In the begging of the night me and my friend Pete, who was a musician. Likewise we both had a lot of music technicality, musicality and things to say. We were on the balcony trying to yell down to the other musicians. As the show went on we noticed some musicianship that we hadn't need discuss. As from the amount of time we have spent playing music together, we subconsciously new what was happening, and that we were both having a good time. Eventually the main act came on and so we both shared a joint.

    Being bipolar, the grass made me a little introspective and manic. A few things were on my mind, 1) watching a good show, 2) finding some girls, and 3) having a good time. I made my way down stage level, stage left, where there were the most girls populated and stood to enjoy the show. As my mind drifted in and out of control there was one thing that didn't stop, the Simultaneous communication. To explain what goes on inside my brain are first the symptoms of pot; elated, relaxed, grandiose, and introspective thoughts. Secondly, the manic forms which bring about irritability, distraction, short-term memory loss, and paranoia. I was feeling the groove, talking with myself, others, and the band, who all looked like me.

    There is no doubt that smoking makes me hallucinate and even worse, psychosis. This rock band were different ages of me, if I had been performing and saw myself in the 3rd person. It was a trip to watch, to say the least, because each musician would move back and forth, dancing melodically and idiosyncratically with one another.

    This concert was a stand around kind of thing. People just stood like zombies. The lyrics changed from happy and if i tried to think happier it got really elated climaxing in a big Drum solo with strobe flashing behind the drummer. I can't turn to see anyone's face. The whole crowd is equally spaced as I look on from a-far. Either I saw a persons face and it was my friend, or I looked and they turned or I heard chatter about me, Paranoia. This wasn't good when I focused back to the music, they would be playing the bridge to some line about, Negative or pessimistic worrisome lyrics. Some would call these lyrics emotional. Picture these words sung to you with some strange green light: And its almost split the side of my brain if I focus too much on the people, music, where I should be, I get stiff.

    Partly amazed, in a daze, hallucinating, inter-rumbling (subconscious tightening of suboccipital muscles causing a crepitus in the atlanto-occipital cartilage or simple awareness of a bruit in the artery).

    The two sided dialogue kept me in trance. Almost mixed-mania type schizo-effective. I can only focus on only one thing at a time. The movements white/rock dancing- or quickly I soon am run over by the melodic bass-line. I close my eyes to feel the music scale my toes to my cerebellum. Then all of a sudden a bright light always transient but I mean strobe-light. Bright flat in-front of my face. No doubt these were sources of external noise and internal.

    All I remember is blacking out partially throughout the night and unconsciously sneaking into the theater seating balcony. After being kicked out I then found some friends and we left and all the way throughout the crowd I had to force my way through. It was almost as if the zombies wanted to make me late for something. This noise, "loud people in crowded places" is one exact term I read from your TC essay. The noise inner and outer led me to have a hell of a night.

    Now I can sense my balls and then make a decision to move froward. Whats needed to be noted is here- I have embellished a personality quiet, studious, spiritual, calm. This gets me blue balls. No I get hyper sexuality. And curiosity, so I am split. It seems I could talk to myself on this high and I was cynical, or skeptical, fearful, or arrogant, or unpleasant, and sometimes peaceful. Thinking back egotistical? of coarse. But see this: When I am high, I can bad trip or good trip, or both in a hole of one. However, everyone feels the need to feel. To sparkle, to find some purpose they lack. Girls and I are fond of one another, but my petty problems get in the way. After taking Speech Comm. I learned to burn my fears "up in smoke." I think this has helped me a lot.
  • Sickness

    13 sept. 2008, 19h36m

    Two People In The World (LP Version) As i listen to my go-go I reminisce.

    Work Me Baby has the delta blues drone. Awesome syncopation guitar/voice notes. 'baby if you love me, ill love you too, we'll make everything alright". Its as simple as that. And nice guitar solo with the Rhythm tagging along. I love this style of playing. All my agony and frustrations are soothed to the soul with this melodious song.

    It seems White Stripes have taken the simplicity of the blues but no where close to the soul I think. I take that back. But the roots are where its at!
    Ask Her For Water This is what i like to call home school blues. or ease-z blues.

    Tahitian Moon This catchy track uses the same distorted bass line and double fast distorted guitar line as All Around the World

    We should address "Visual Pollution"

    impair one's ability to enjoy a vista or view visual clutter@!

    think that park bench. Who the fuck SAID a park bench had to be plain black. FUCK YOU PARK BENCH. I hate my campus is all white buildings. I'm going to have to address this issue myself. Put this problem in the forefront. I cannot stay well.

    Commonly cited examples are advertisements, billboards, houses, automobiles, traffic signs, roadsigns, highways, roadways, litter, overhead powerlines, utility poles, contrails, skywriting, buildings!!


    fatter sack deep in the cut ----> Screw and Chop it!

    Ginuwine- Pony (Screwed and Chopped)

    "Gotta be a don"

    Positive K- Come to Butthead Reprise

    Return of the Mack

    Too Close

    This Is How We Do It


    Criminal Minded

    krs-1 sounds like will smith

    One of the best old Black youth wartime albums in East Coast America

    Homeless teenager Lawrence KRS-One Parker and his social worker, DJ Scott La Rock Sterling, created a record full of ambiguous tales of Bronx street life, set to invigoratingly sparse beats. Its influence was both musical and cultural, and Scott's subsequent death merely the first of a number of unsolved hip-hop homicides.

    Stop the violence! samples from james brown. The songs “South Bronx” ignited a famous rivalry with the Queens-bred emcee [aritst[MC Shan (see the The Bridge Wars)

    I like this album because of its sparse beats. and its prototype old school stylie.

    Sex and Violence

    Duck Down - hype horns and well put together instrumental. Same goes to the rest of this album. And Krs-1 sounds more himself.
    "Christianity was formed years after the teaching of christ. who do you follow?" Awesome
  • Ultra Electronic Festival Sat. 10yrs Trip:Exstacy

    30 mars 2008, 8h21m

    Fri 28 Mar – Ultra Music Festival

    My ears are still ringing. My eyes are returning to a less-than trance state.

    My 1st electronic/rave and it was a really nice. I didn't know what to expect. My friend from work told me about the show. He went to see .

    ...The day was Perfect day. The girls were hedonistic and mesmerizing. The dj video turntable booth was awesome. The half-pipe was Badass, the way those guys completely fuck Gravity. A lot of music wasn't my type, but I found to be in the right spot at the right time.

    Drum & Bass

    DJ SS ft Green law killed it. they had some outrageous quick rhythmic flow. and some great samples. Black mc. even sang "oompa-loompa-doopity-doo" from Charlie & the chocolate factory, which was crazy fresh. (Can anyone name the distorted hype distinct 3 part harmonic synth/guitar sample that intro into a song?)

    Planet Of The Drums - By far the best show. This was the only group i looked forward to. They cut out the beat so flawlessly under your toes. Used techno-beats, break-beat,Jumpstyle and Hip-hop beats. Most of all kept the songs going. The other D&B bands kept stopping and asked "Does everybody feel good?" That got on my nerve.
    This show was amazing I finally found my center when in the crowd. The blinding lights, the sexy ass dancers and wild-hair costume guy with a laser pointing it like a gun. It was terrific.

    Bay Front Stage
    Sasha & John Digweed - i only caught the end but it was so chill and hypnotic. I got trance fucked.

    Moby was nice and trippy. I really should have wore a longer shirt when rubbing up this girl left me hangin out. It was nice loving, unlike that rapeage you get at a Rock festival.

    They said "no backpacks, cameras, or drugs." And yet they all were there. I saw 3 joints and smelled it constantly throughout the breeze. *Sniff Sniff, ahhhh* Then right before Underworld went on I passed through the Drum and Bass stage and some guy asked me if I wanted to get high. He gave me a cigarette down to the butt and said hold it in. I take a tiny hit then ask what is it? "It's wet."

    Main stage
    Pete Tong is playing. I see this Dude flashing finger lights in front of peoples faces really fast. He is pretty damn good. So I ask... he asks me if I would sit on the ground. In the middle of the crowd I am sitting in complete dark with my shades on and he starts flashing them,
    then a guy with Multi-colored knuckle lights fists them at the sides of my face.
    No shit it looked like two Sentinels from the Matrix!

    From then on things got crazy visually. I started leaving when Underworld began and people who were moving there arms would pop into my peripheral. Lights and objects started to jump at me. I watched a bunch of light-stick fandango.

    Everything was pretty cool and then I finished my night w/ Planet of the Drums. On my way home my windows were foggy and the lights red glare, the bombs bursting in air, I digress. My windows were greasy and I had no windshield wiper. I had to stop my self from tripping on the drive home.

    Don't Do PCP and Drive.

    "Who is a Raver?" A Ravers Manifesto

    Our emotional state of choice is Ecstasy. Our nourishment of choice is Love. Our addiction of choice is technology. Our religion of choice is music. Our currency of choice is knowledge. Our politics of choice is none. Our society of choice is utopian though we know it will never be.

    You may hate us. You may dismiss us. You may misunderstand us. You may be unaware of our existence. We can only hope you do not care to judge us, because we would never judge you. We are not criminals. We are not disillusioned. We are not drug addicts. We are not naive children. We are one massive, global, tribal village that transcends man-made law, physical geography, and time itself. We are The Massive. One Massive.

    We were first drawn by the sound. From far away, the thunderous, muffled, echoing beat was comparable to a mother's heart soothing a child in her womb of concrete, steel, and electrical wiring. We were drawn back into this womb, and there, in the heat, dampness, and darkness of it, we came to accept that we are all equal. Not only to the darkness, and to ourselves, but to the very music slamming into us and passing through our souls: we are all equal. And somewhere around 35Hz we could feel the hand of God at our backs, pushing us forward, pushing us to push ourselves to strengthen our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. Pushing us to turn to the person beside us to join hands and uplift them by sharing the uncontrollable joy we felt from creating this magical bubble that can, for one evening, protect us from the horrors, atrocities, and pollution of the outside world. It is in that very instant, with these initial realizations that each of us was truly born.

    We continue to pack our bodies into clubs, or warehouses, or buildings you've abandoned and left for naught, and we bring life to them for one night. Strong, throbbing, vibrant life in it's purest, most intense, most hedonistic form. In these makeshift spaces, we seek to shed ourselves of the burden of uncertainty for a future you have been unable to stabilize and secure for us. We seek to relinquish our inhibitions, and free ourselves from the shackles and restraints you've put on us for your own peace of mind. We seek to re-write the programming that you have tried to indoctrinate us with since the moment we were born. Programming that tells us to hate, that tells us to judge, that tells us to stuff ourselves into the nearest and most convenient pigeon hole possible. Programming that even tells us to climb ladders for you, jump through hoops, and run through mazes and on hamster wheels. Programming that tells us to eat from the shiny silver spoon you are trying to feed us with, instead of nourish ourselves with our own capable hands. Programming that tells us to close our minds, instead of open them.

    Until the sun rises to burn our eyes by revealing the distopian reality of a world you've created for us, we dance fiercely with our brothers and sisters in celebration of our life, of our culture, and of the values we believe in: Peace, Love, Freedom, Tolerance, Unity, Harmony, Expression, Responsibility and Respect.

    Our enemy of choice is ignorance. Our weapon of choice is information. Our crime of choice is breaking and challenging whatever laws you feel you need to put in place to stop us from celebrating our existence. But know that while you may shut down any given party, on any given night, in any given city, in any given country or continent on this beautiful planet, you can never shut down the entire party. You don't have access to that switch, no matter what you may think. The music will never stop. The heartbeat will never fade. The party will never end.

    I am a raver, and this is my manifesto.
  • Easter 08 feelin free' - how it feels to be on a sunny day

    22 mars 2008, 18h49m

    Is it just me or does it seem that the The Grateful Dead have many similarities harmony/melody-wise with The Beatles

    For instance Truckin' when jerry garcia is rapping fast delivery of the lyrics "most of the time..." etc... It reminds me of a The Ballad of John and Yoko which i learned relates back to
    upbeat New Orleans Chuck berry - You Never Can Tell


    - this is basically pre-emo. Sure there was emo before this. But really all music is ocean in the meotion. it takes me back with the deep rhythmic hi hat that sucks you in. A familiar almost voice that sounds like cheech from chong. This is off the 80's new wave hits album.

    - "that is one of my absolute favorite songs, ever. it's one of those that transcends, it's just higher. my friend says "you can't listen to it too much because it's too close to reality, it's too close to true feelings and if you do listen to it often it will just hurt too much because of how genuine it is." - novels

    such clean and vibe. Funk like go-go amazing guitar solo great Rnb mix in there. its very sweet.


    reminds me of sittin in the backseat of my friends pop's car. ee used to play Rnb and smoke cigars... a real classy fellow. BUT with hip-hop, which is the REAL.

    - 1st heard this in my brothers car just cruising down main street. Intoxicating bag-pipe swingin funk east coast beats. and that call and response that reps. in D.C. Go-Go!


    sick dope dub reggae. the way the guitar or is it snare that comes in and fades into the backround again and again. Great ending with that sound of an acordian type thing.

    - off the hi grade ganja anthems album. Very classic reggae sleng teng. "Toasting" or Sing-jaying freestyle rapping. So sweet. Makes me feel soul thirsty and veri irie ya fee me dub sayin, singjayin. ONE LOVE.

  • A.D. spiritual SUBLIME alternative u Down?

    15 mars 2008, 5h11m

    Arrested Development similar to Sublime in Spiritual, Musical aesthetic (hip-hop/rock, alternative, soul, melody, samples), and over all feel.

    Unlike sublime, what A.D. lacks in boisterousness and rebellion, they make-up for with intelligence and positive vibes.

    hip-hop samples like Steady B Loop Dub similar with many different samples to Man's Final Frontier

    "Rwaaaa!!!" the growl of bradley nowell is heard in Honeymoon Day

    Luxury (Part I)
    W/ powerful messages like: "just give me all of my needs and some of my wants" putting down all the luxury in world that

    m a k e s m e S I C K.

    "$$$ Money $$$ is the root of all evil or that our ego makes us think we got something to prove."

    A.D. also has many great new tracks...

    Speech's Sounds JUST LIKE Common on Somewhere in North Georgia

    Latin guitar santana riffs on In The Sun

    theres a verse on Night Time Demons when speech sounds like Wycleff Jean but Speech is WAY MORE versitile.

    He sings Redemtion Song live with so MUCH soul and depth that ive never heard in his voice ever.

    ::::: S U B L I M E 101:::::

    hear/read it here::: on pandora radio

    updating rewind selector bootleg.

    Mi God, Mi King (rhythm to Legalize It)
    Peter Metro & Sister Charmaine Dibby Dibby Girl (dibby dibby girl, me don't want no dibby dibby)
    Look How Jah Great (Dub Medley: "Real, Real, Real/ Jah so real to me/ I Love him/ Because he gives me the victory... ")
    Ryan Paulson - My Life Sucks (Emo) ("Drunk Drivin")
  • step into go-go

    28 fév. 2008, 4h09m

    she got an APPLE BOTTOM ass borderline degrading Go-GO rump shakin' contest:

    "A new style that has branched off from go-go is called bounce beat." - wiki

    hear the bounce beat here>>>

    The Junk Yard Band started out in 1980 as a group of kids (as young as nine*) I plan on going to see them on my Spring Break!

    they also played the RFK "Stop the violence" =

    Early Go-GO Bands:

    Experience Unlimited: (from jimi hendrix experience)

    Trouble Funk: (this funk should be down in history among the greats ft. James brown, George funkinstien)

    Chuck Brown ( father of go-go U HAVE TO HEAR THIS GUY 1st*)

    (*) - i joined my band at age 9 and I met chuck brown in florida Jan. 08

    Ginuwine- Pony (Screwed and Chopped) the quiet gueit guitar in the begging!!! synth bells/keys the and bells slowly in the backround

    Northeast groover- Push it Up go-go riff. alanis morresete lyrics maybe? have i heard them b4? "what i am, is what i am"

    out of left-field a northern chorus- Red carpet Blues ;)
  • i called up my ex-stripper friend-girl...

    27 fév. 2008, 5h16m

    i was coming home for spring-break. we used to fool around... i hadn't spoken to her for 2 years.

    saw her on myspace. 17 weeks pregnant.

    I feel fine... but i bet deep down inside i feel :
    don't have children.

    says always think positive

    wall of sound anybody?

    Quiet Summer Dreams

    currently residing in south florida... i really want to go to a MIAMI BASS show --> 100 greatest miami bass songs

    i also want to get into some Grateful Dead at some point.
  • My sister says i sound like...

    26 fév. 2008, 4h53m

    Jamie Cullum

    nowadays... i feel like No Sleep in Dreams

    when i drive home and see the florida sunsets. i hear Claws

    ...then one time!Rules (First Cut) because my mom knocked the headphones off me!!!

    Dc Go-Go

    I just love go-go! I ran into chuck brown (father of go-go) this january at the orange bowl. He is mad pimp from d.c. gravely voice having, top hat chillin, gold jewelry having, woman on his arm at all times.

    WARNING: GO-GO isnt some soft ass chicken shit bullshit. Its origin from africa, raised up in the city of d.C. its some real shit. You can just feel the beat in your bones.

    Chek out some go-go videos over yonder: