2009 a catchy song to beat your woman to a gerbil on e stuck in a pinball machine a happy tune from a post-apocalyptic jukebox abomination acclaimed music top 200 of 2009 an atonal holocaust aptly describes the suffering of modern man in an urban environment beautifully in love best of 2009 best-2009 catchy like swine flu chinese female vocal coldplay soundalike coramao critically acclaimed song eardropp electronic elektronic pop elevator music epic like lord of the rings except with more explosions and fucking epileptic dance favorite tracks of 2009 favorites 2009 folk friendsofthekingofrummelpop from the azerbaijan remake of deliverance fuck your mother and your father i got ham but im not a hamster i should listen more to this i want to kiss you while the radio plays this song i would eat her voice if it were candy if this were a pokemon i would catch it illest realest chillest trackz illiterate imma ruin you cunt indie indie rock irony and whine is this over yet keebler elves having a bukkake leeds fest 09 like someone dropped rosie o donnell into a woodchipper listen while its sunny and you feel like driving llama majotag makes even fat chicks want to dance makes me wanna dance like snoopy mehearts mislabeled more indie than indiana jones my friends and i are drunk walking and laughing at night at the center of a big city… not korean music you bitch omg im in portland piano pitchfork top 100 tracks 2009 pop pop mo collas get mo dollas popbig postal service wannabe punch your girlfriend to the beat remix rock samba sassy like a drag queen stuck in traffic score to a cockroach porno sexy singer-songwriter single 2009 slow loving for fat women some blithering idiot with hearing problems tagged this as electronic songs we sing holding hands soundtrack soundtrack for moments of kissing spellcheck sweet cooing monks from the eastern seaboard sweet dagger to the heart take off your socks and dance when you hear this shit that doesnt even rhyme that squishy feeling you get when you wear womens shoes a size too small the choice of sociopaths the choice of twinks the choice of virgins the sound of a thousand hindu gods having a cyber orgy the sound of petting an unhappy chimpanzee who slowly realizes there is a reason to… the xx the xx-2009-xx theres a she goat in my closet let her out so she can bleat this dance will last us forever this orange will not peel thursty thursty never turns down sexual advances from men totally wrong valse avec bachir verlieben ist ne super sache so waltz with bashir what happens when a frying pan violently mates with a bedpan when you hear this shake your ass until shit comes out whiny like a hungry kitten wrong