[Review] - Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection


25 avr. 2012, 19h52m

Katy Perry was one of the most important singers in the charts in last two years. But her number one songs don't show if she is a great artist or singer just because she topped charts. In her Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection, her label decided to make her the artist with most number one songs from a single album.
"Teenage Dream" is the strongest song in the album. This vintage vibe and Perry's vocal performance are really good."Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" is quite good song. It's really fun, but her songwriting skills are near the nothing..."California Gurls" is a great upbeat tempo song. This tribute for the "West Coast" was really nice and very well produced."Firework" is a really nice dance track, though it's lyrics are terribly horrible. There's no sense in some parts like: "Baby you're a firework/Come on show them what you're worth"."Peacock" is the catchiest song in the album. And the worst too... "It's so nice" to see how people are treating animals like human body parts..."Circle the Drain" is a wannabe pop rock song. Though its vibe and melody are quite interesting, but there's nothing of "attitude". It's one of the most selfish songs I've ever listened."The One That Got Away" is the backbone of the album. Nice melody and very romantic. The other highlight of the album with the title cut."E.T." is pretty amazing. They worked really well with the beat from "We Will Rock You". The dark climate created by this song is really nice, and lyrics are good compared with her other songs."Who Am I Living For?" is a wannabe pop rock song about apocalypse. Terrible but very catchy."Pearl" isn't a pearl. Boring track with a 80's vibe that was stuck at 80's. Lyrics are very cliché."Hummingbird Heartbeat" is quite boring but well produced."Not Like the Movies" is a good track, but a not good end for an album (considering her first release). The lyrics, in the context of the album, are desilusional and there's nothing of a "dream". Very bad track."The One That Got Away (acoustic)" is terrible. They just show how weak Perry's voice is."Part of Me" is not a catchy song, but really well produced and the lyrics are better compared to her material. A song destined to be a success."Wide Awake" is another good track. Lyrics are simple but more effective than the others songs and the production are 90's like. Good."Dressin' Up" is quite good. It's a pop fluff song which is very similar to "I Gotta Feeling"."E.T. (feat. Kanye West)" is worse than the original. Kanye West was desnecessary."Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) (feat. Missy Elliot)" is another example that Perry's remix are not good."Tommie Sunshine's Megasix Smash-Up" was really terrible and boring. Mash-ups, Megamixes or anything with other name, need a really thorough work. And this was an example of how not to do.Katy Perry is one of the most important acts in the charts, but this does not mean she is a good artist. She doesn't know how to write lyrics well, some are nonsensical. But she knows how to do hits, and with all the production, she generated many number one singles. But this is not enough to be more than just a celebrity: be an artist. Music is really more than this album, but she worked better than her previous release. The re-release was a bit better.
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