• best of 2009 - Albums & singles : part 2: Singles

    22 déc. 2009, 18h56m

    **** Singles :

    sorted by date, most of the songs don't have a video per se, only static image :)

    * Can't Stop Feeling - Franz Ferdinand from Can't Stop Feeling
    Release date: January 26
    Label: Domino

    * In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Mix) by La Roux from Quicksand
    Release Date: 16 March
    Label: Polydor

    * Happy Up Here (Boys Noize remix) - Röyksopp from Happy Up Here
    Release Date: March 17
    Label: Astralwerks - Caroline

    * If I Know You (Alternate Version) by The Presets from If I Know You - EP
    Release date: March 23
    Label: Modular

    * The Girl and the Robot (Kris Menace remix) - Röyksopp from The Girl and the Robot (remixes)
    Release date: June 15
    Label: Astralwerks, Wall of Sound

    * Hypnotized (Original) - Oliver Koletzki feat. Fran from Hypnotized
    Release date: August 03
    Label: Stil Vor Talent Records - SVT034

    * Inconsequential (xxl electro club mix) - David Kayy, Tschabba & Tom Rosen from Inconsequential
    Release date: November 6
    Label: Honeymoon Suite Publishing - HSP 0038
  • best of 2009 - Albums & singles : part 1: Albums

    21 déc. 2009, 16h10m

    **** albums

    I wont comment on them cos they're good enough to be listen by you!
    Besides, either you've already heard them or, if you haven't, you should!!

    sorted by release date :)

    ++ Antony and the Johnsons - The Crying Light

    Released: 19 January
    Label: Rough Trade (UK)
    Catalog#: RTRADCD443
    Genre: Rock
    Style: Art Rock, Avantgarde

    ++ Fever Ray - Fever Ray

    Released: 18 March
    Label: Rabid Records
    Catalog#: RABID 039
    Genre: Electronic, Pop
    Style: Electro, Ambient

    ++ Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe

    Released: 17 April
    Label: Mute Records Ltd., Mute Records Ltd.
    Catalog#: CDSTUMM300, 5099969605529
    Genre: Electronic, Rock
    Style: Synth-pop

    ++ Dusty Kid - A Raver's Diary

    Released: 20 April
    Label: Boxer Recordings
    Catalog#: BOXER CD 070
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Techno

    ++ Kap Bambino - Blacklist

    Released: 25 May
    Label: Because Music
    Catalog#: BEC5772460
    Genre: Electronic, Rock
    Style: Electro, Noise

    ++ Sonic Youth - The Eternal

    Released: 09 June
    Label: Matador
    Catalog#: Ole 829-1
    Genre: Rock
    Style: Noise, Experimental, Indie Rock

    ++ deadmau5 - For Lack of a Better Name

    Released: 05 October
    Label: Virgin Records Ltd., Mau5trap Recordings
    Catalog#: 5099968792824, MAU5CD02
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Tech House, House, Progressive Trance, Trance, Progressive House, Electro, Minimal
  • Beat it festival, Porto.

    9 sept. 2008, 1h38m

    Sat 6 Sep – BEAT IT

    Beat it Festival: a review

    I'll start by what i though was the worst: the public.

    There were two different crowds: the "ladytron public" and the "techno public".
    The first were a mass of heavy stones that would slighty balance a few milimeters everynow and then. Apart from them, a couple of fans were there to film with cameras...Worst public i've ever seen.
    The seconds, were more enthusiastic but still.. lacked some vibe. I've come from a Goa/psy trance background and i'm used to alot of energy in the crowd.

    Now, slighty better but still a bit disapointing, were the short concerts. Come on.. it's seven in the morning and i'm ready to go on for a few more hours.. Anyway, Ladytron only played some songs, and when they were firing up the audience, they ended.. same with Trentemøller and David Carretta. We need want more time next time!

    With the extra time needed, maybe the show can start on time, and have a dj for the after hours.

    Now onto the concerts:

    POLYSICS were amazing! Even with only a few fans making up for the stony crowd, they gave a great show! The sound was the best of the first three. The energy of Hiroyuki Hayashi, combined with the powerful exibition of the bassist Fumi, the multi-talented Kayo and the drummer Masashi Yano, the show was amazing! well done!

    Next came !Trash Yourself. I haven't heard them before, but i thought Heidi Cannon was a washed down version of Queen Adreena. They gave a nice concert, trying to be nice to the public, interacting alot, but the public didn't really gave back the energy, so no wonder they kind of gave up. And their vocals are a bit painful. Hope they can work it out cos they have a nice thing going on!

    Next, Ladytron! I admit i was there to see them live, taking the rest of the lineup as a bonus. I was apprehensive about the concert cos i've seen some videos of their concert that were a bit feeble, too static for their sound. The concert took so long to start it was getting boring. Finally, they came up and played some songs from the new album. The sound was a bit tonned down and they fought with bad sound all the concert. They wanted to play Runaway, but something wasn't right so they played Seventeen instead. They played Ghosts which started to heat up the small crowd. Them they started playing songs from L&M and from Witching Hour, which led to the grand finale with "Destroy Everything You Touch". I hope i can see them again with them as main "dish".

    I went outside for a cig (yep, not allowed to smoke inside the pavillion, at least during the first concerts..) and when i came back, a totally different crowd was there and a huge structure was on stage! It was Etienne de Crécy's cube! Visually the "cube" was very impressive and a joy to look! With a well played balanced sounds, he was building up the atmosphere. Like Ladytron, he ended too soon!

    Then the master of the night, Trentemøller! What class! Being served with campagne during his set, having a surreal moment were some girls that looked like they came from a autoshow and "tried" to dance on stage, his charisma came out and the public finally gave back feedback! Playing great mixes from Nirvana to Joy Division, he set the crowd dancing! Again, too short.

    Eventually, Dusty Kid went on stage for a very high and down performance, full of twitches, which, although i enjoyed from a tecnical perspective, it got me down a bit. Nevertheless, great!

    And then, David Carretta! Another great DJ of the night! His set was simply great! Great beats! Sadly he was cutted down, and the pavillion started to be "evacuated". Next, Red bull air race and a sun burn! Eventually, sleep ;)

    In the end, i have to give congratulations to the organization that had to move the festival 2 times, alter the scheduled times, and make this one of the greatest events i saw in north of Portugal! Well done!

    Anyway, i've posted some vids in youtube, so check them out! Beat it Festival videos!
  • best of 2007 - top 10

    23 jan. 2008, 22h20m

    i'm running late with this but here it is anyway:

    Ulver - Shadows of the Sun

    Agua de Annique - Air

    Eluvium - Copia

    Einstürzende Neubauten - Alles Weider Offen

    Jesu - Conqueror

    Uaral - Lamentos A Poema Muerto

    Alcest - Souvenirs d'un autre Monde

    Atrium Carceri - Ptahil

    The Knife - Silent Shouts (limited deluxe edition)

    Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch Remixes

    the order they are listed is unralated to their value.
    I noticed i only have a portuguese album ( Holy Llama - I Spit on You)

    oh and sorry for the different sizes of the album's cover..
  • Ladytron - Reuben Wu (Ladytron) in Porto, Portugal 7 December

    1 déc. 2007, 13h13m

    Yep. i wish i could go...
    Ladytron : Reuben Wu
    i added the event, Reuben Wu in Portugal
  • Ladytron - new album in the forges due out in the spring

    13 nov. 2007, 16h43m

    * JOY *

    Yes! actually this is old news (they let it known in the end of October). Nevertheless news of a new Ladytron album is always good news. I'm still enjoying their Destroy Everything You Touch (Archigram remix) a remix of Destroy Everything You Touch from the Witching Hour album.

    read it @ Ladytron website, @ Pitchfork news and @ Ladytron's myspace

    Spring will be a great season!
  • #7 - Ladytron - 24 hour party song

    7 nov. 2007, 9h06m

    Everyone knows Ladytron are one of the best electronic bands around. 'Cos it's a fact. Now, what i didn't know is that they had this single: Destroy Everything You Touch (Remixes). Within there's this amazing remix by
    Archigram. I'm talking about this track:
    Destroy Everything You Touch (Archigram remix). I'll re-compose this journal once i'm over this staggering created by it. i'm just not myself... /me dances

    EDIT-08-novembre: i'm still dancing!
  • Três Tristes Tigres - wiki

    30 sept. 2007, 8h26m

    i've translated the article from wikipedia and updated the bands' wiki on Três Tristes Tigres
  • #6 Jesu - Be free from the parochial mindset

    10 août 2007, 0h09m

    I've been listening to the Jesu's Discography, and at the ending i realised the
    power that music gave to the artists for i could perceive the changes in their life time.

    In this case, i've listened to Heart Ache (2004), Jesu (2005), Silver (2006) and ended with Conqueror (2007).

    The first album is amazing, chaotic strengths crumbleded to a near psychotic soundtrack. Consisting in 2 songs that extended each for 20 mins (+-)

    In Jesu the storm is slowly passing at large.

    Silver bought a new motion, but a cleaver one.

    With the first track, the homonym track, Silver, sort of came as expected: a drone doom song, with a perceptible golden touch from the genius behind Jesu.

    Star, on the other hand, sets the pace for a run, a run towards a new change in life, bringing me a awkward happiness.

    Then it drops all hopes with Wolves. The slow (not extreme-doom-slow) rhythms came as a reminder of the futility of life.
    I like how he questions morality. Not at his choices, but at what made him choose or even set the frame around his actions. we all choose with our feelings, rationale or faith, but to be aware of made us choose/not choose is the real question. I.e., where did came the notion of such an action was right/wrong? Did it came from our tradition? Or self neglected intellect? Had i any motive to choose between? Or even worse, did i made that choice based on a hatred towards the other one?
    I also loved the intense and immersive visual effect from the verses
    " Bitter daylight
    Hangs above us with the rain"

    The following last three tracks, Dead Eyes, Silver (original beats) and Wolves (original mix) give me time to think over, and rejoice on the sounds.

    With Conqueror, one could really sit back and stare at the end of life, for it seemed that time it self has gone past by us. Weightless and Horizontal, track nº4, is a perfect example of that feeling. The hypnotic drums were betting until the sound of life has faded away.

    But the album did not start with the end. The first track, Conqueror, has that ongoing feeling of Hope, of power against the future, or at least, with power to make a change. It made me feel like i could go on forever and die of old age, being always myself, with memories of a self made past. As if life is simple, and i could just forget the torments and anguish of a vague life.

    Then, in Old Year, amid warm verses came the question:
    "Are we worth saving?
    Are you worth saving?
    Is this how it's always going to be...? "

    Another note about Weightless and Horizontal: before i read the lyrics, i've always thought that the chorus "try not to lose yourself" was so in-congruent with the rest of the music. Only then i came to realise that it came from a hopeless source, a man who lost his strength to hold on to the things he believed was sacred. whether this applies to Justin or not, i do not know or care. Although i can affirmatively say that, here, he sings with an impressive feeling and tone.

    Brighteyes, came as a late bloomer. The softness of the vocals entangled my senses, while the instrumental part kept my heart beat steady. It reminded me of a near future, lost in a dreamless adult life, full of needs and of nothingness. Was only later that i found the lyrics and the refrain was matching:
    those eyes be so dull
    Only now i came to realise that my utmost fear is being of old age. No wonder my days pass with such a harsh menace. This is me with life, as one fights with Cerberus' sister.

    It begrimes by Mother Earth and ends gently with Stanlow. The windy moonless night with compassing beating doors and shaking windows composed the eerie summer dream. This music has a feeling i remember being untapped by NIN - The Day the World Went Away, but after all these years of , hearing this song truly languishes my inner peace.

    BTW, Justin Broadrick (vocals) -- Other members of the band are Ted Parsons(who has been the drummer for Prong, Swans and Killing Joke) and Dairumid Dalton (former Final bassist ) -- said this about the album in a interview with MTV :

    "The bleakness is inherent, and I don't think it's something that can ever be removed from my music. No matter how much I explore melody, that's something I'll never shake off."

    After that i needed something lively, as i was working (too) late, so Cibo Matto came as an obvious indie rock follower.
  • Late Mourning for the Last Great American

    2 août 2007, 6h30m

    I hurt myself today
    to see if I still feel
    I focus on the pain
    the only thing that's real

    Today i've cried. maybe its from the full moon acting on me. Whatever it was i waked up really sad. Been listening to some slow deep voiced doomish songs:

    Too Far Gone
    Brighter Than The Sun
    Carry Your Cross An I'll Carry Mine
    Night's Dew
    Quiet These Paintings Are + Outro
    and the World Coming Down album.
    Specially the
    Everyone I Love Is Dead (Album Version)
    Everything Dies (Album Version)

    the needle tears a hole
    the old familiar sting
    try to kill it all away
    but I remember everything

    The day was ending without much reeking until i decided to watch the BBC's documentary about Him. I'm referring to the greatest country singer, Johnny Cash. And then, at the end, BOOM. It happened. The video for Hurt showed up. I've must watched thousands times that video and another thousand times times i've listened. And every time, i got the chills, the cold ripping through the spine, the anguish in the soul... But today, tears had reached the outside, and even with my efforts to retain them, they flowed down. It's definitely the saddest song ever, i just can't stand unmoved by its imagery.

    what have I become?
    my sweetest friend
    everyone I know
    goes away in the end
    and you could have it all
    my empire of dirt

    NIN as some really nice songs, but Hurt isn't one of those, although his performance of the song does give it a warm feeling. But as Trent Reznor himself said, it's just not his song anymore. Cash gave soul to the song.

    I will let you down
    I will make you hurt

    It's even more touching while seeing the music video (directed by Mark Romanek). He is that fatherly figure, with that astonishing dark aura.

    I wear this crown of thorns
    upon my liar's chair
    full of broken thoughts
    I cannot repair

    He had so many ups and downs, that i'm glad he got signed to Rick Rubins' Americanlabel. It would be shameful if he and his strong voice disappeared.

    beneath the stains of time
    the feelings disappear
    you are someone else
    I am still right here

    And to think he survived his wife's death, so ill that he was. How sad he must have been.

    what have I become?
    my sweetest friend
    everyone I know
    goes away in the end
    and you could have it all
    my empire of dirt

    I will let you down
    I will make you hurt

    After June Carter's death, Cash recorded more than 60 songs. Less than 4 months later, Cash died.

    if I could start again
    a million miles away
    I would keep myself
    I would find a way

    His first wife died in 2005.
    His house, which was used in the making of video, burnt down very recently ( April, 2007)