#6 Jesu - Be free from the parochial mindset


10 août 2007, 0h09m

I've been listening to the Jesu's Discography, and at the ending i realised the
power that music gave to the artists for i could perceive the changes in their life time.

In this case, i've listened to Heart Ache (2004), Jesu (2005), Silver (2006) and ended with Conqueror (2007).

The first album is amazing, chaotic strengths crumbleded to a near psychotic soundtrack. Consisting in 2 songs that extended each for 20 mins (+-)

In Jesu the storm is slowly passing at large.

Silver bought a new motion, but a cleaver one.

With the first track, the homonym track, Silver, sort of came as expected: a drone doom song, with a perceptible golden touch from the genius behind Jesu.

Star, on the other hand, sets the pace for a run, a run towards a new change in life, bringing me a awkward happiness.

Then it drops all hopes with Wolves. The slow (not extreme-doom-slow) rhythms came as a reminder of the futility of life.
I like how he questions morality. Not at his choices, but at what made him choose or even set the frame around his actions. we all choose with our feelings, rationale or faith, but to be aware of made us choose/not choose is the real question. I.e., where did came the notion of such an action was right/wrong? Did it came from our tradition? Or self neglected intellect? Had i any motive to choose between? Or even worse, did i made that choice based on a hatred towards the other one?
I also loved the intense and immersive visual effect from the verses
" Bitter daylight
Hangs above us with the rain"

The following last three tracks, Dead Eyes, Silver (original beats) and Wolves (original mix) give me time to think over, and rejoice on the sounds.

With Conqueror, one could really sit back and stare at the end of life, for it seemed that time it self has gone past by us. Weightless and Horizontal, track nº4, is a perfect example of that feeling. The hypnotic drums were betting until the sound of life has faded away.

But the album did not start with the end. The first track, Conqueror, has that ongoing feeling of Hope, of power against the future, or at least, with power to make a change. It made me feel like i could go on forever and die of old age, being always myself, with memories of a self made past. As if life is simple, and i could just forget the torments and anguish of a vague life.

Then, in Old Year, amid warm verses came the question:
"Are we worth saving?
Are you worth saving?
Is this how it's always going to be...? "

Another note about Weightless and Horizontal: before i read the lyrics, i've always thought that the chorus "try not to lose yourself" was so in-congruent with the rest of the music. Only then i came to realise that it came from a hopeless source, a man who lost his strength to hold on to the things he believed was sacred. whether this applies to Justin or not, i do not know or care. Although i can affirmatively say that, here, he sings with an impressive feeling and tone.

Brighteyes, came as a late bloomer. The softness of the vocals entangled my senses, while the instrumental part kept my heart beat steady. It reminded me of a near future, lost in a dreamless adult life, full of needs and of nothingness. Was only later that i found the lyrics and the refrain was matching:
those eyes be so dull
Only now i came to realise that my utmost fear is being of old age. No wonder my days pass with such a harsh menace. This is me with life, as one fights with Cerberus' sister.

It begrimes by Mother Earth and ends gently with Stanlow. The windy moonless night with compassing beating doors and shaking windows composed the eerie summer dream. This music has a feeling i remember being untapped by NIN - The Day the World Went Away, but after all these years of , hearing this song truly languishes my inner peace.

BTW, Justin Broadrick (vocals) -- Other members of the band are Ted Parsons(who has been the drummer for Prong, Swans and Killing Joke) and Dairumid Dalton (former Final bassist ) -- said this about the album in a interview with MTV :

"The bleakness is inherent, and I don't think it's something that can ever be removed from my music. No matter how much I explore melody, that's something I'll never shake off."

After that i needed something lively, as i was working (too) late, so Cibo Matto came as an obvious indie rock follower.


  • catachresistant

    I really liked that. Though, Old age isn't something I'm afraid of. If I could cheat/I'd skip to the end Adolescence and young adulthood represent confused, fearful fumblings to me. Of not knowing where you stand in life. I hate that feeling. I want to be settled, I want to have nothing more than achievements and regrets. A history, not a present. I kind of hate the state of [i]being[/i]. It hurts. I've lived enough to know that there isn't going to be any happiness in store for me, but I hope that one day I'll be okay with that. Instead of wanting more, or wishing I hadn't lost what I had, I'll just be content. Resigned. I'd look back at life as a bitter fruit or a glass of wine... Not entirely unpleasant - actually kind of [i]nice[/i]. Something grown into. Basically, I just want the fear and the confusion and the doomed optimism to go away. I want my old age to sound like Old Ramon. Yeah!!!

    10 août 2007, 19h23m
  • catachresistant

    Oh yeah. About Jesu. You need to check out Sundown/Sunrise and especially the split with Eluvium. The latter is the best work since the s/t album, if you ask me...

    10 août 2007, 19h39m
  • PedroGhandi

    I agree with you on the part that speaks of having an history. Today, one almost forgets about the present, let alone the past. It is really important to be able to notice our own actions, the present ones, the ones that will shape us in the foreseen future. The ones that will be part of our past, our history. It's those actions that will make ourselves interesting, to ourselves, and at the same time, to others. If one pushes the attention to the future actions, one will miss all the emotions that rotate around the present, and thus, turn our past in a vague feeling of veiled emotions and personal history. Attent that i'm not advocating forbiddance of the rationale thinking of planned paths. I am myself a person of mind over heart. As one shouldn't live in the past, one should not live in future entirely. Being young (at heart and mind) is to have a creative source. Whereas in old age, i sense that it's where one waits for death and nothing more. Being young is also to know that death is for all of us, to despair for the meaningless state of being and to take our lives as it had no pre-laid path. But to fear life or death, i won't say that. I fear for the inbetween, for being human, and having to endure the trivialities society stains on us. And of course it hurts. That's the beauty of it all. At least you are alive to suffer, inasmuch, the soulless do not. Happiness is overrated. Only the fools suffer from constant happiness, and cannot grasp the senses plurality's importance. I'm sorry to say this, but it seems you are in search of the blissful ignorance religion offers. But you'll not be able to look back and see your own reflection, only the god(s)' hand's work. Those feelings you talk in the end, at least for me, don't really arise, if one has trust on himself; or rational thoughts about the abilities to end your life if it comes down to that. For having to be like that, it isn't living. Those are the Moribund People.

    12 août 2007, 13h00m
  • PedroGhandi

    i've been trying to get that same split. i have scattered songs and his latest album but i haven't heard it yet. sounds promising thought. And RHP, omg! :D. I haven't heard them since .... 1998! They performed at a music festival, here in Portugal. My first big festival... oh.. since i've read you comment, i've been daydreaming alot! check the line up! http://www.paredesdecoura.com/e_anteriores/1998.htm Anne Clark didn't went.

    12 août 2007, 13h02m
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