My Top 10 + 1 Favorite Albums of 2006, and a lil More


1 jan. 2010, 3h59m

2006??? It's 2009! What the hell???
Well, when I got a new I didn't transfer over my final lists of 2006, the first year I did my completely definitive favorite of the year lists, so I figured I'd put this here for completists sake. THIS IS NOT HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW. This is my list and how I felt THEN IN 2006. I put an appendage at the end for the reason, numbnuts!

My Top 10+1 Albums Of 2006:

11.Defiance, Ohio - The Great Depression
Top tier folk punk, they somehow crafted a better record than Share What Ya Got.
Essential tracks: Oh, Susquehanna!, Petty Problems

10.Time AgainThe Stories Are True
The exact thing I needed waiting for new Rancid album… basically a new Rancid album!
Essential Tracks: Cold Concrete, Broken Bodies

9.The World/Inferno Friendship SocietyRed Eyed Soul
A handful of re-recorded songs but cohesive never the less, World/Inferno are unique and expressive, Red Eyed Soul is always an interesting listen.
Essential Tracks: Only Anarchists are Pretty, Me V. Angry Mob

8.Good Clean Fun -Between Christian Rock And A Hard Place
Good Clean Fun return and don’t sound like they’ve missed a step. Just now they have one more thing to complain about: Myspace!
Essential Tracks: A Little Bit Emo, A Little Bit Hardcore, It's Fun To Be A Vampire...

7.The ThermalsThe Body, The Blood, The Machine
A great punk rock record, probably the best artifact detailing the disgust with the George W Bush era.
Essential Tracks: Here's Your Future, Returning to the Fold

6.Be Your Own PetBe Your Own Pet
No frills energetic garage punk, Jemina’s voice is great and it's all just immature enough to be smart.
Essential Tracks: Adventure, october, first account track

5.Woodshow to survive in/in the woods
Sounds like they recorded this next to a campfire and I was right there with them.
Essential Tracks: Broke, Kid's Got Heart

4.Tom WaitsOrphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards
A sprawling release, some new, some old, but a scary high percentage of this works which is the most impressive part.
Essential Tracks: You Can Never Hold Back Spring, Nirvana

3.Camera ObscuraLet’s Get Out Of This Country
Twee at its finest, they've been putting out better records than Belle & Sebastian since Underachievers Please Try Harder.
Essential Tracks:Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken,Let's Get Out of This Country

2.Bob DylanModern Times
Buck up - never say die. We'll get along.
Essential Tracks: Thunder on the Mountain, Someday Baby

1.The Bouncing SoulsThe Gold Album
My soundtrack to the last days of senior year, the summer… the fall… the winter… one of my favorite records of the decade.
Essential Tracks: Lean On Sheena, So Jersey

My Favorite EP Of The Year:

VoxtrotMothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives
Voxtrot was actually able to put out another EP on par with Raised by Wolves, amazing.

My 2006 Mixtape:

Side A:
1. ConvergeHeartache
2. Set Your GoalsMutiny!
3. Bomb the Music Industry!Side Projects Are Never Successful
4. The BlowParentheses
5. Gnarls BarkleyGone Daddy Gone
6. Ghostface KillahKilo
7. “Weird Al” YankovicWhite And Nerdy
8. Defiance, OhioOh, Susquehanna!
9. Bruce SpringsteenOld Dan Tucker

Side B:
1. The Bouncing SoulsLean On Sheena
2. Good Clean FunA Little Bit Emo, A Little Bit Hardcore
3. Fucked UpBaiting the Public
4. Street DogsNot Without a Purpose
5. +44Lycanthrope
6. The PipettesYour Kisses Are Wasted On Me
7. Arctic MonkeysFake Tales of San Francisco
8. HORSE the bandT.M.N.T.
9. Me First and the Gimme GimmesMuch Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)
10. Camera ObscuraRazzle Dazzle Rose

2009 Appendage:
I have some gripes with the list three years later! Why Is Modern Times so high? I probably haven't listened to it once since the year finished. Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards and The Body, The Blood, The Machine, two albums probably in my Top 10 of the decade didn't even get in the Top 3. And where the fuck is Fucked Up's Hidden World? Time Again is kind of a joke, can't believe I listened to that record that much (but overall I still back it). And geez, who would have thought that would be the last thing Voxtrot recorded that didn't make me barf? Yet, with all my grievances, it was a great year, better than 2007-2009. I guess I can't really complain.

Top lists of 2009 and Top 50 Albums of the Decade coming tomorrow, like anyone cares.
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