Korean Indie and Rock bands Recommendations [unfinished]


22 avr. 2012, 22h23m

Don't get me wrong, i do not claim to be an expert in korean indie/rock music. I told a friend i would recommend some of the groups i personally listen to, this is in no way at all a collection of all the bands that fall into these genres. Feel free to add any.
In no particular order, i just added them as i remembered them :)

You will notice a pattern here btw, i am a bit of a fan of korean rock groups with female singers - especially female singers with a strange/unusual voice :)!

Nia - 니아 . (an awesome four girl rock band. !!!)

example (This is their most recent music video, but all their songs are pretty much amazing, especially 'Goodbye', check them out!!!)

Dear Cloud 디어 클라우드

Not my favourite dear cloud song, but i love how cute they all look in this one :)
(And most people would just recommend Ice Fortress because Kim Jaewook is inthe MV ¬_¬ i don't want people distracted by how pretty he is and ignoring the song!)


Rumble Fish

(this ladys voice is spectacular!!! just sayin...)


Nell -

My Aunt Mary




Rocket Diary






Sugar Donut

This is actually one of my favourite korean songs ever. :)


Super Kidd


Coin Classic




The Moonshiners





  • ndooks

    My Aunt Mary and Dear Cloud are my two most favorite!!:D

    26 mai 2012, 13h37m
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