Titres (14)
Titre Album Durée Écoutes
The Name Is… (Produced by Bink!/Bink!/Needlz) 4:14 36
Crazay (Produced by Needlz) 4:11 28
Burn (Produced by Needlz) 3:41 27
Highlight Real (Produced by Needlz) 3:37 26
Flying High feat. Lupe Fiasco and TL Cross (Produced by Needlz and Knock Squared) 4:17 26
Short Story Long feat. The Mad Violinist and Freeway Rick Ross (Produced by Needlz… 5:37 26
Intro (Produced By Needlz) 1:15 24
Second Chances feat. Karina Pasian (Produced by Needlz) 5:10 24
Priceless feat Khari Lemuel and Saunders Sermons II (Produced by Needlz) 8:56 24
Cymbals On The Sidewalk (Produced by Needlz and Coldfiya) 3:27 24
Anybody Go Hard (Produced by Needlz) 4:36 23
Unstoppable feat. TL Cross (Produced by Needlz and TL Cross) 4:01 22
State Of The Art feat. Sunni Patterson and Lance Powlis (Produced by Needlz) 5:02 21
Palin And Bachman (Produced by Needlz and Willie Donut) 3:44 19