triple joy


20 déc. 2010, 17h53m

Wed 15 Dec – DAAU, Isbells & Sir Ian
Last Wednesday you could buy a ticket at lantaren/venster for only 14 something euro and enjoy 3 concerts!! Isn't that a perfect deal? I was familiar with all three bands, although the last one I had not recognized due to the abbreviation (shame-smiley).
It was quite a mix. Sir Ian, a sing-a-songwriter had some good stuff at the end of his concert, but for the other part of his line up he should especially do something on his lyrics.
Isbells, quite sweet and a strong choice on one kind of sound, but I liked it a lot, they showed a great capability of playing instruments and were not at all arrogant and a little uncomfortable on the stage. I liked watching and listening to them a lot.
DAAU (Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung- famous since the 90's), this music mixes you up, maybe not something you easily listen during a diner, but great as a concert, strange sounds, using the instrument not as you should use it, but to use it to express yourself and they did a great job at that!

I had a great night!


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