Retro cheesy music festival


29 jui. 2006, 18h29m

So I've decided to do a bit of retro music mining recently - not music that's particularly old or anything, but music that I haven't listened to particularly for ten/fifteen years. My process has been simple - I have a playlist of songs that I've rated four or five songs and two other playlists (songs I don't want to listen to any more and songs I do want to listen to a bit more) and I'm sort of sorting them into one or the other bucket.

My discoveries. Songs I still like even if they're now super uncool, even if they weren't cool at the time. [track]Strange Glue[/track] by Catatonia is still pretty good. I'm getting off on [track]Hunter[/track] by Bjork. My old favourite band from when I was super awesome young, The Bangles still make me smile, even some of their later songs like [track]Stealing Rosemary[/track] and [track]Tear off your own head[/track]. Kraftwerk and [track]Computer World[/track] still get me bouncing, as do [album]Young Americans[/album] era David Bowie tracks. And obviously there are the albums that have stuck with me through thick and thin - everything by Pixies, Belly, The Breeders, Jeff Buckleyand Nirvana for example. And Paul Simon's [album]Graceland[/album] - which was, I think, the first album I bought for myself back in 1986.

The big shock is Alison Moyet who couldn't really have been less cool. I bought her [album]Hoodoo[/album] album when I was about seventeen and thought it was surprisingly good. The critics did not agree. She had a horrible time with it, and it's been mostly expunged from her stable of schlocky torch song cover versions. Thing was - she'd written all the songs and they were totally not bad. Or at least I thought so then, and I think so now. Songs like [track]Back where I belong[/track], [track]Rise[/track] and [track]Footsteps[/track] were actually quite well-written and intelligent, snappy numbers. I find myself actually quite cross that they didn't do better. Ah well.


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