Overrated-Underrated songs, or "how the things works (weird) in my mind"


22 jan. 2008, 11h30m

I don't know if you had ever felt that sensation, the feeling to love something, in this case a SONG, that none else seems to enjoy...
Well it happens everytime to me, and I'm starting to think that maybe there's really something weird in my ears/mind!XD
So, keep attention: this isn't a critical journal of what is or isn't worth listening among the bands you will find listed here, no, and I don't want to try to convince you that this "particoular" song I love it's better than another, no, it's only my point of view and my ideas... And I hope to find someone with my same "tastes" so that, in the end, I "can't" call myself totally MAD!XDD

Overrated: The Throne of Agony
Underrated: Mandelay and I'll Meet You in Poland Baby

Well, it seems impossible to me that this two songs, that I adore, seems to be almost ignored by the Foetus listners! In particuolar "Mandelay" is amazing! So... Epic!<3

Einsturzende Neubauten
Overrated: none!XD
Underrated: Der Tod Ist Ein Dandy and Feurio!

I have a great respect for the EN works, I love their style and their last album, which seems really appreciated on Last.fm and all around, so I can't pick up a single overrated song, but, GOD, "Der Tod ist ein Dandy" is so awesome!*_* I can't believe how beautiful it is... The same is for "Fuerio!", I could list to that song forever, I fear. But when I talk with some EN fan they seems to like only "Sabrina", "Sand" and "In The Garden"!

Overrated: Bela Lugosi's Dead
Underrated: Honeymoon Croon

I can't explain in human words how much I love Bauhaus, that's a fact, and I bow down to Bela for what it rapresent in the goth music scene, but... God, sometimes it bothered me SO MUCH that everyone seems to know only this song by them! There are so many great tracks from this band, and "Honeymoon Croon" is one of my favorite: great lyrics, great tune, great rythm. Point.

Underrated:Today and Save Me

I love this two songs. There's a great version of "Today" with Peter Murphy, too! Amazing! And "Save Me"? OMG, it blows my mind away.
Skold wins, basically.

Marilyn Manson
Overrated:Coma White and The Nobodies
Underrated: Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis) and I Want to Disappear

To start we have to say that we're talking about MM here, so it's obvious that the half of the people around think that everything he does/sings/writes it's quite s**t, thing that could be possible based on different, personal, opinions, i can't deny it!XD, but I like to be objective, and I admit that there's a lot of his/their old stuff (1995/2000), the one with a more glamish/industrial sound (??), that I found good, funny, emotional and nicely played.
Well, I LIKE "Coma White" , don't get me wrong: it's a good song, it's emotional, but there's more, that you believe me or not!
I prefer not to talk of the (CRAPPY!!!°_°) Tainted Love cover.
Well, not so long ago I was just talking with a friend of mine who's the singer of a little rock band and in the same time has a Manson tribute band, we were chatting about the list of one of them future show and I said that it would be nice if they would play "Target Audience"
"Wow, girl!" said my friend "I'm GLAD to hear that, at least, someone, you, like this damn good song!XD"
Ahah! Yeah. It makes me feel a little better!:P I'm not a great Holy Wood
fan (I'm more a Mechanical Animals person :P), but to be honest "Target Audience" hit the spot for me. Perfect song.
Then, I asked to another friend if he liked "I Want to Disappear" and he said: "Well, you must be CRAZY! Is the WORST Manson' song ever! Horrible!"
Ahahah!XDD And I was "O_O uh??"
Almost shocked!XD Anyway, I like "I Want To Disappear", especially I like the drums in it!<3

Nine Inch Nails
Overrated: Closer
Underrated: Eraser and Wish

It breaks my heart to say that "Closer" is overrated, you know ç_ç, I love "Closer", but it's clear that it's so played and well known for its infamous XD chorus!
Anyway I can't believe that two FANTASTIC songs like "Eraser" and "Wish" are not so loved by the NIN fans... I love their lyrics, the industrial feeling in it... I forced XD a friend to list to "Wish" and she found it terrible! Ahah! Omg, I'm desperate!:P

Skinny Puppy
Underrated:Nature's Revenge

I got a feticism for the Puppy<3!XD
I love almost all their stuff, but "Nature's Revenge" give me chills. So creepy and beautiful, how art should be. It deserves more, in my own opinion.

The Danse Society
Overrated: My Heart
Underrated:The Seduction

It sounds so crazy to me!°_°
"The Seduction" is the best song ever for me, one to list and list and list till the end, but it seems that I'm one of the few people around with this passion!XD

And, for the moment, I'll stop here. But I'm sure it will not take so long 'till I'll add something to this journal.

My english is lame, I know. Hope you can understand the same... Forgive me!Y.y


  • Orgueil

    meno male che c'è qualcuno che mi comprende allora! Adoro Feurio!, ed anche io l'ascolterei in loop per l'eternità... In particolare quando Blixa gorgheggia (??) Marinuuus Marinuuus (o quel che è)!XD

    22 jan. 2008, 19h47m
  • Orgueil

    *___* sìììì! anche il pubblico deve essere industrial per comunicare loro il proprio ammmmore, no?XD veramente, anche io non vedo l'ora di vederli dal vivo, sarà fantastico!<3

    23 jan. 2008, 19h30m
  • Orgueil

    I really appreciate the random comments from the random person, especially when they agreed with me, ahah!:P so, welcome!^^ yeah, I think that it's easy to love the whole Mechanical Animals album, it's fantastic!=P The Last Day on Earth is the song that makes me like MM, actually! Great. Oh, yes, Broken is one of my favorite album by NIN, and glad to hear you're a Wish fan. Heresy it's beutiful too.

    23 jan. 2008, 23h19m
  • DRXV

    Nice tidbit on Manson. MA is my favorite album.

    27 jan. 2008, 7h44m
  • Orgueil

    ;P thanks! MA rocks!<3

    27 jan. 2008, 14h30m
  • skinnydrifter

    Feurio is really good, would call it underrated - it's no where as popular as Morning Dew should be. That song is immense. I got here because I see The Danse Society, THEY are the definition of underrated :P

    31 jan. 2008, 19h14m
  • Orgueil

    yes, and it's a pity: The Danse Society are love!:D

    31 jan. 2008, 23h04m
  • skinnydrifter


    5 fév. 2008, 13h52m
  • xseawitch

    Feurio and most of Haus Der Luge should be more highly rated, I think. I love recent Einsturzende Neubauten, but when they played Yu-Gung and Seele Brennt live last time I saw them, I remember exaclty why I love them so much :-) It's good to like different songs from everyone else, it doesn't make you mad! I must listen to Honeymoon Croon again, there is a lot of Bauhaus that isn't on the greatest hits that's worth listening to.

    9 mars 2008, 12h42m
  • MindlessMachina

    Agree completely on Mandelay. One of Foetus's best, for sure.

    27 déc. 2009, 4h05m
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