00's 00s 47startingartists47 acoustic aeo all your base are belong to us alt-country alternative ambient americana artist who is member of lastfm artists who are lastfm users astronaut astronaut music astronaut rock astronaut theme british btvs buffy the vampire slayer central point chez musinum cosmonaut cosmonaut music cosmonaut rock cosmonaut theme deutschland diy dreampop electronic electronic joy juice electronica elektronisches expand your horizons experimental false flag productions ftw germany high desert cosmonaut i am an astronaut here is my soundtrack if this were a pokemon i would catch it independent indie indie rock instrumental instrumental hip hop instrumental hip-hop lesser known artist lesser known artists lesser known but streamable lesser known but streamable artist lesser known but streamable artists lesser known yet streamable lesser known yet streamable artist lesser known yet streamable artists library lo-fi lo-fi sci-fi thrash-hop doo wop metal pop space rock lofi psych lyrics are not necessary malta modern psychedelia modern psychedelic neo psychedelia neo psychedelic network no depression no lyrics necessary omg wtf w00t pixies palace post rock post-rock psy-fi psych hop psychedelic psychedelic indie experimental psychedelic rock radio kb7clx robot music robot rock sarah michelle gellar sci-fi science fiction shiny shoegaze smg soundtrack space opera space psych space rock spacey starting artist starting artists sunnydale synth synthesizer the music maker society trip hop trip-hop unsigned welsh