60 links 60 rechts a campfire and a tent and a flashlight and some matches and a tree and that river… anti-tough-guy-hardcore anything but black metal art is over beautiful mystical old school black metal that is the ideal soundtrack for porn… black metal ice cream truck black-metal with the fire-speed of a mg42 and the power of heavy ship-artillery blackened avant-garde metal borat in disguise check this guy out he has a weird headthingy on his head like wtf heil stalin deine haaaand wird zur faust dicker hawaiianer mit ukulele double metal experimental antichristian massacre of preteens with barbed wire ducks frostbitten saufmusik generalnie jest w tym cos zajebistego ale nie potrafie tego tak okreslic by moc… german brachiale gewalt in proberaumkellern german noise go vegan govno grim and frostbitten grim christraping frostbitten trve kvlt norsk arisk black metal holy shit this music is better than sex i think im going to go murder my dog this is… hot german industrial music that makes my cock go wild although it is not the type… i am so fucking happy right now holy shit what the fuck i feel so mentally retarded id do her industrial metal is actually burial islamverherrlichender hip hop mit lustigen zt klassiksamples kawaii metal kinda like symphonic black metal that is so unknown and sounds so cruel that it… krieg kvlt trve arysk christraping hateful black metal out of the frostbitten grim forests… lol satan looks like shit magerquark mario popping out of the green well in slow motion misanthropic black metal musik um sich allein zu betrinken must see live name translates indecent into russian north appalachian heathen black folk metal northern hyperblast not nsbm nsbm oktoberfest black metal ponyrape post-country doomgaze drone raw black metal relationshits reminds me of aaron satanized by satan seen live seen live by theo73 so yeah one time i got sodomized with a rotting tree branch sounds like a woman driving a vehicle with a manual transmission sounds like an upside-down nuclear explosion in a hurricane with some boulders… straight fucking edge stretchsaysabigyesto these albums struttin that ass struttin that ass struttin that ass supports fascism swag swag swag swag swag swag swag swag swag swag swag swag swag swag swag swag symphonic power black metal with electronic hip hop beats technical melodic death metal the most frostbitten and grim music from the very very very very very very inverted… the reason why black metal is krieg trve kvlt norwegian black metal without any of melody but lots of bpm tween wave tweenwave unblackened power metal with folk-influence unimaginable brilliance unreasonably rad uses the term gay as an insult unrelated to homosexuality and through this causes a… viel besser als deine band vikernes inspired happy frostbitten black viking thrash pirate metal from the fiery… wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why are my dogs barking wobwobwobwobwobwob