• Happy birthday to me! :D

    16 oct. 2008, 8h10m

    19 years old now. Woohee! lol
  • My eclectic score...

    13 oct. 2008, 21h49m

    Because I was bored.

    My eclectic score is currently


    The 99 related artists for my profile are Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Alamaailman Vasarat, Anthrax, Atmosphere, Big Black, Blackfield, Blind Guardian, Boredoms, Boris with Merzbow, Boris with Michio Kurihara, Burzum, Cage, Cannibal Ox, Charles Mingus, Circle of Dead Children, David Gilmour, Death, Def P, Deicide, Demons & Wizards, Desert Sessions, Disgorge, Double Handsome Dragons, Eagles of Death Metal, Earth, El-P, Faithless, Fatboy Slim, Frank Klepacki, From The Sky, Future Of The Left, Gamma Ray, Glass Casket, Gorgoroth, Haemorrhage, Heideroosjes, Helloween, Idiot Flesh, Immolation, Immortal, Jeremy Soule, Jesper Kyd, Josh Elliott, Kyuss, Last Days of Humanity, Led Zeppelin, Les Savy Fav, Marillion, Masters of Reality, Matt Uelmen, Maybeshewill, Mayhem, Metallica, Michael Hoenig, Miles Davis, Mondo Generator, Mr. Bungle, Napalm Death, Nile, No-Man, OM, OOIOO, Obituary, Opeth, Orbital, Ornette Coleman, Osdorp Posse, Osdorp Posse & Nembrionic, Overkill, Phideaux, Pineapple Thief (2), Pyramaze, Quidam, Raymzter, Regurgitate, Repulsion, Riverside, Roger Waters, Ruins, Sage Francis, Satyricon, Saxon Shore, Secret Chiefs 3, Shellac, Skinless, Slayer, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Sonny Rollins, Sunn O))), Syd Barrett, Sylvan, Testament, The Chemical Brothers, The Doors, The Jesus Lizard, The Locust, Thelonious Monk, Voodoo Child, XBXRX

    And my super eclectic score:


    The most similar artists for my profile are Suffocation (7), Disgorge (5), Decrepit Birth (5), Dying Fetus (5), Hate Eternal (5), Naked City (4), Fantômas (4), Malevolent Creation (4), Aborted (4), Origin (4)

    3 juin 2008, 16h38m

    An open-mind index of 177? What the fuck? Did they completely redo the formula or something?

    What the fuck...?

    I feel like a pretentious snob, right now.

    Some silly connections:

    Linkin Park
    50 Cent
    Blink 182
    Sum 41 (What's all this with numbers after bandnames?)
    John Coltrane
    Gabber Piet
    Aesop Rock
  • Overlooked artists...

    4 mars 2008, 20h38m

    Right, after analyzing my top 50, I might aswell write some shit down about the bands and artists that I haven't given the attention they deserve (yet).

    Here are some artists I've overlooked:

    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
    Right, they're on their way, and I imagine they'll enter my top 50 pretty soon, but still, as long as they're not in it, I might aswell include them in this piece.

    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum must be one of the craziest bands I've ever heard (I'm still planning to check out Mr. Bungle and other Mike Patton projects, so this might change).
    Sometimes it's downright creepy. How could any individual (or group in this case) come up with such insane compositions? Who invented that tuning? And where the fuck do those instruments come from. Seriously, I don't want to know what they mean with "pancreas". To my knowledge that's still a human organ, but I found it in the instruments list on the 'A Grand Opening and Closing' inlay.
    Anyway, although I don't want to know what arcane rituals they performed to produce such an infernal blast of noise, they do fucking rawk.
    It's inaccessible, though, very inaccessible. It took me a month or so to get into, and only after I was forced because Mike (or MicrowaveDemon) gave me the CD as a birthday present, but now I'm into it, I'm hooked. The whole thing is perfect, the random noises, the otherworldly rhythms, the ear-gashing melodies all make sense, in some sort of twisted way. Definitely worth your while.

    Those Japanese! The things they come up with. First, there's Boris, Merzbow, Church of Misery, Melt-Banana and of course Masonna (which is already in my top 50), and then there's also this!
    So far, I've only heard Super Ae, and it blew my mind. At first listen.
    Their mix of light noise, ambient, and fuck, is that tribal drumming? And oh my god, those guitars!, makes this a unique experience to listen to. I guess one must be Japanese to make something like this work so well (correct me if I'm wrong).
    While this music is definitely alive, and tense, it's also quite relaxing, and at times kind of mantra-like. There are many layers in this album, and although it might seem chaotic at first, it comes out as a balanced product. Damn, I simply have to get to know more of their work! And lets hope that one day, they'll make it to my top 50, which they aren't anywhere near yet.

    Another insane project from Japan. Noise-rock at its finest. This one smashes up your face at high velocity. The energy produced by this band could run an entire country! I think I've found a solution to energy shortage we're going to be suffering when our resources run out.
    These guys do it all, squeak, yell, scream, roar, and all this while slamming their drumkits to pieces and shredding their guitars to bits.
    The sheer energy of this band is an experience in itself, but the things they come up with combined with that energy make this a killer.
    Expect to see them in my top 50 very soon!

    Right, I've only discovered them two days ago, and I'm already in love. Maybe they'll make it to my top 50 as fast as Gazpacho did (and maybe even top them, in time).
    It took some effort to stop listening to them, after spinning the album for at least eight times (I don't remember), and listening to it all day on my mp3-player.
    Their tranquil style of post-rock is hypnotizing, forces you to listen, yet takes all stress out of your system.
    They've only released one album yet, but I think they are on the rise, as one can simply not dislike them. I've been promoting this band to my friends for a bit, and everyone seemed to fall in love immediately, so it isn't just me who thinks they are awesome.

    Right, I can't think of any more artists right now, so I might expand on this later.

    I hope I didn't waste your time with all this.

  • Analyzing my top 50...

    2 mars 2008, 18h14m

    Right, I'm bored witless, so I'm going to write some shit down 'bout my top 50.

    Here goes:

    1: Gazpacho
    It didn't take me long to get them up to the number one position, when I discovered their album 'Night' I immediately fell in love, and I couldn't stop listening to it. They're a mix of progressive rock with some post-rock in it, I suppose, but I don't really dare to give them a label. The album 'Night' was a huge progression from their earlier works (although Firebird was also very impressive). Instead of a standard album, they made some sort of a symphony of this. Pretty neat, and worthy of a number one position. And they deserve a bigger audience, goddamnit!

    2: Pink Floyd
    Right, I can't imagine you haven't heard of these. One of the biggest bands out there. They've evolved from psychedelic rock in the late sixties, to an epic progressive rock band. Oh, and I think Dark Side of the Moon is overrated. Flame me!

    3: Aesop Rock
    The best rapper I know, so far. Well, maybe not the best, but the one I like the most. He's my all time favourite hip-hop artist. I discovered his music through like I did with Gazpacho. The album 'Float' used to be fully streamable, a while back, and I spun it senseless, and to this day, it's still my favourite Aesop Rock album.

    4: Porcupine Tree
    This band shows many similarities with Pink Floyd, only it took this guy only less than 20 years to evolve from psychedelic rock to epic progressive rock. At first it was a one-man project of Steven Wilson, but these days it's an actual band, and one of the best live acts I've ever seen.

    5: Iced Earth
    Right, this may seem a bit out of place in my top 50, as it's mostly filled with death metal, but in my opinion this is/was the best metal band there is.
    Burnt Offerings is my favourite album, and it's still a milestone in power metal for me. The epic atmosphere, the chugga-chugga-chugga-riffin' and Barlow's baritone voice made this album flawless.

    6: Macabre
    Right, a mix of grind and death metal, all combined with a morbid curiosity for serial killers and a little bit of humor make this one of the more original bands in its genre. I especially love the Dahmer album, but that's mainly because it's the only album with decent production (hey, in black metal it sounds good if you record your album in a fucking coffin, in other genres, it doesn't).

    7: Loss of a Child
    Indie post-rock. Beautiful melodies combined with the occasional storm of guitars. Very beautiful.
    I also like their approach to distributing their music. They release all their albums for free on their Lost Children, and also release other artists' music through this label. Indie ftw!

    8: Mark Morgan
    Right, my love for this music started when I was about 11 and started playing the Fallout series. His music added a lot to the games, and made the turn-based combat situation actually pump adrenaline through my veins. His dark, ambient and occasionally freaky compositions gave the games a creepy atmosphere that I have yet to encounter in other series.

    9: mclusky
    These Welsh noise-rockers blew my mind when I first heard 'Gareth Brown Says'. The opening line "all of your friends are cunts, your mother is a ballpoint pen thief" has yet to find an equal. Their music has a happily pissed-off sound to it which can always cheer me up.
    Too bad they've broken up, I would've loved to see them live.

    10: Cattle Decapitation
    American grind/death, very impressive. The vocalist is insane. There is not much else to be said about these guys.

    11: Morbid Angel
    This legendary band was probably the first death metal I really got into. I still think their milestone album 'Altars of Madness' is their best, and maybe even one of the best death metal albums out there. This band paved the way for my metal tastes, and I am grateful for that.

    12: Darkthrone
    Probably the trveest band out there, which might explain why I hated them so much when I first started listening to them. At that time I still considered Cradle of Filth black metal, and this came as a shock to me. Luckily, I forgot all about CoF, and started worshipping Darkthrone instead.

    13: Megadeth
    Helium-vocals, shredding guitars, insane thrash-riffin', damn, I can't not love Megadeth. Well, the afore mentioned helium vocals tend to piss me off after a while. Mustaine should focus on his guitar, and get someone else to do the vocals, but still, this is one great band!

    14: Last Days of Humanity
    Sickening goregrind from the Netherlands. I can't really say anything about it. Every song sounds the same, it's brutal and it's dirty, which makes this an awesome band. And fuck Regurgitate, this is much better.

    15: Queens of the Stone Age
    This stoner rock force is one to be reckoned with. Homme's voice, combined with the groovy riffs he produces make this a unique band that never bores me. Especially Rated R and Songs for the Deaf (lol, everyone loves Songs for the Deaf) are masterpieces which I've spun senseless. The later works took me some more time to get into, but are also the works of a genius.

    16: Sinister
    One of the best Dutch death metal acts, this is. Shame they aren't that well known outside Europe.

    17: Skinless
    The riffs! The riffs! This has to be the most brutal death metal band out there. Fuck technical skills, it's much harder to create a groovy mix of simple, yet effective death metal riffs like these guys do. Every song makes me want to mosh, and boy, speaking of which, their showmanship is unequalled. They can get any frozen crowd to go insane! This is one fine death metal act.

    18: Severe Torture
    Dirty, rotten brutal death metal. Like all brutal death metal, every song sounds like the other, which is a good thing, in this case.
    Weird fact: when sleeping with music on, this band gets me asleep the fastest.

    19: Depeche Mode
    These guys may seem a bit out of place in this top 50, but I really love them. Even their most cheerful songs make me want to hang myself from the ceiling. They've found a perfect mix of synthpop with the deep vocals of Dave Gahan. There is no equal to this.

    20: Necröfjørd
    A joke project from the Fout community. I still don't have a clue what the hell they're doing in my top 50, but they're pretty funny anyway.

    21: Estradasphere
    Damn, this has to be one of the most interesting progressive acts out there. Their extensive use of various styles make it a journey every time you spin one of their albums. That's professional musicians for you!

    22: Sunn O)))
    Scary music. Some would simply call this boring because it's so slow, but this is actually a frightening journey through dark soundscapes. This is the best drone-doom act out there, in my opinion. Their mix of extremely downtuned guitars in overdrive with all treble and mid tones excluded from the mix, combined with various scary samples and sound layers make this music more than it seems at first sight (listen?).

    23: UNKLE
    I really don't dare to call this trip-hop (but if you look into my tags, you'll notice I have tagged them thus, but mainly because I'm a sheep), but it's probably the term that describes them best, although they can be quite explosive at times. This is some great songwriting and sampling.

    24: Neuk!
    Some more down to earth music here. This is standard hardcore with rapped vocals. Aggressive riffing combined with some good lines make this worth a listen.

    25: Machine Head
    These guys don't need an introduction, I think. Rob Flynn is der Riffmeister, I think, this, combined with the fact that these guys are always angry make this an interesting act.

    26: Intestinal Disgorge
    Gory, blasphemous, sexist, dirrrrty goregrind. Not much to be said here.

    27: Moby
    Another outsider in my top 50, or so it seems. No, not really, lately I've taken a big interest in electronic music, combined with the fact that I used to love Moby when I was a kid make it pretty logical for him to be in my top 50.
    His mellow sound and simple, yet touching lyrics make this one of the most relaxing artists I've heard of.

    28: Marduk
    This is probably one of the angriest bands out there. These guys probably don't even know how to smile.
    Anyway, this is some more aggressive black metal, with a decent production. Pretty good.

    29: Sleep Terror
    Insanely technical death metal. Only without vocals. It's impossible to keep up with this music. The extreme velocity and technicality make this an awesome band.

    30: Kutschurft
    Right, yet another dirty death metal band. I really can't say anything about this, apart from that it's pretty awesome.

    31: Herbert von Karajan
    I don't have a clue what to say about this conductor, since I don't really know about classical music, but his performance of Mozart's Requiem is so beautiful I can't help but worship this guy.

    32: Cypress Hill
    As a kid I used to love the stuff from the Skulls and Bones album, which included the more rock/metal oriented stuff like 'Can't get the best of me', 'Rock superstar', 'A man' and the like. Nowadays I also dig their old stuff, and their latest stuff. Hip-hop really isn't all that bad.

    33: Electric Six
    A solid rock formation from Detroit. They always deliver solid rock albums, with a bit of disco in it, which sounds wrong, but is actually an awesome combination.
    Combined with the funny lyrics, this can't go wrong.

    34: Masonna
    Not for the feint of heart. This is noise, not noise rock, there's no rock in this, just noise. Static at an insanely high volume. I don't listen to this as music, but more as ... I don't know what else. But it's certainly not music. It is very cool, though.

    35: Naked City
    One of John Zorn's insane projects, Naked City includes jazz, noise, grindcore, samba, and lots and lots more, all poured out at high velocity.
    This might be difficult to get into, but once you're there, you've acquired something special.

    36: Boris
    One of the most diverse bands ou there. They've done drone, stoner doom, psychedelic rock, ambient, and other insane things.
    There's something in it for everyone. Don't miss these guys.

    37:5ive's Continuum Research Project
    Fine Sludge from The United States. Slow and crumbling, like sludge is supposed to be.

    38: Dream Theater
    Anyone who hasn't heard of these guys must've been living under a rock.
    Anyway, these guys have been around for a long time now, and they have an impressive discography of progressive masterpieces.

    39: John Zorn
    The guy behind Naked City, Masada, and other projects.
    One of the best saxophone players in the world, if not the best, and a very broad discography on his name.

    40: Cathedral
    Started out as classic doom metal, but moved on to stoner doom later on. Members include Lee Dorrian (ex-Napalm Death) and Mark Griffiths.

    41: Led Zeppelin
    A classic! One of the bands that started the metal movement, while they've never really been metal.

    42: Vader
    A classic death metal band that no one should miss out on. They are made of epic win.

    43: Bolt Thrower
    Another classic death metal band, also made of epic win. Their slow, crushing sound makes this a pretty brutal band, without all the insanely fast riffing. A nice change from the usual death metal bands.

    44: Dead Kennedys
    Hardcore punk from America. A bunch of angry, left-winged anarchists who oppose anything the government does or says.
    Fast and short songs, very angry, very good.

    45: Devin Townsend
    A pure genius! He's one of the most impressive musicians of the last decade. He produces progressive metal, without it sounding all too progressive. It's accessible, smooth, and all with a bit of humor in it.

    46: Carpathian Forest
    Black 'n' roll?

    47: Gorguts
    Insanely technical death metal. They make Atheist, Necrophagist and Cynic sound like pussies. Especially 'Obscura' is worth listening. The dissonant chords, the insane bass lines, the frighteningly technical riffing all make this record a true masaterpiece. It's not all that accessible, though.

    48: Cannibal Corpse
    Right, I'm not even going to say anything about these guys, if you don't know 'em, you're stupid.

    And I must've made some mistakes counting, cos' this is the last artist in my top 50, and I'm still at #48.

    Oh well.

    This was one boring piece of text, eh?
  • Fucking

    8 jan. 2008, 18h49m

    Cool site, too many fuck-ups.


  • Failure...

    22 nov. 2007, 17h20m

    My computer has broken down. I haven't been able to scrobble for a few weeks now, and I still haven't got a new computer myself, but I've temporarily installed audioscrobbler on my mother's computer now.

    Thank god for portable hd's, although I've still lost about 30gb of music.

    It could've been worse, though, and now I get a new computer. Yay!

    I'm a bit late, but this should explain my inactivity on the interwebz.

  • lol 18

    16 oct. 2007, 10h40m

    lol im 18 nau!
  • Top 10 for 2007, so far...

    26 sept. 2007, 15h23m

    1: Gazpacho - Night
    2: Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet
    3: Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos
    4: Crippled Black Phoenix - A Love Of Shared Disasters
    5: Moonsorrow - V: Havitetty
    6: Dying Fetus - War Of Attrition
    7: Nile - Ithyphallic
    8: Aborted - Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture
    9: Dødheimsgard - Supervillain Outcast
    10: Chris Caffery - Pins and Needles

    And The White Stripes - Icky Thumb should be somewhere in my top 20 too.

    Can't think of any more albums...

    Disappointment of the year: Pelican - City of Echoes

    What's your top 10?
  • I'll be gone for six weeks.

    20 jui. 2007, 7h54m

    I'll be gone for six weeks.

    I'll catch y'all later. :)