This is the test journal which I'll be eliminating after I get a sense of what it…


3 juin 2010, 18h05m

[If, as a friend, you received a copy of this blather, please drop me a shout and let me know.]


  • OMacacoAquatico

    Buehler? Buehler?

    3 juin 2010, 20h49m
  • hbeejay

    I didn't receive anything,just found it on your profile.

    3 juin 2010, 22h10m
  • OMacacoAquatico

    Thanks, man. Consider this beta-test of "journaling" concluded (unless, that is, there something you or anyone would like to add…)

    3 juin 2010, 23h16m
  • hbeejay

    I'm just following your lead on this one AA.I did set up my own journal..........

    3 juin 2010, 23h45m
  • hbeejay

    Hey- I got an invite from Walter Gross and am checking out "Rdio". It's got some good features such as library uploading,though that's not a huge draw for me.Catalog is missing lots of pretty accessible stuff but it's new.I haven't found any communication tools so I would say I'm underwhelmed at this time.

    3 juin 2010, 23h54m
  • hbeejay

    Gettin' ready for Celtics-Lakers.My $'s on LA.I don't think Kobe will be denied this time.

    3 juin 2010, 23h56m
  • OMacacoAquatico

    Hey, man, this is actually functioning like a Lala blurb, ain't it?!

    4 juin 2010, 2h32m
  • hbeejay

    now that you mention it,yes. r u bi ?

    4 juin 2010, 3h14m
  • hbeejay

    how 'bout a blurb or reco ? hbbejay thinks you might like this:

    4 juin 2010, 3h27m
  • OMacacoAquatico

    Roger that. Worked like a charm!

    4 juin 2010, 10h34m
  • OMacacoAquatico

    You can post numerous (uncertain if there's a limited, but Brad's run as many as three at once already). These can also be linked to artists/albums/tracks so as to focus the thread a la Lala rec talk.

    6 juin 2010, 13h32m
  • hbeejay

    e-mail notification only.It would be nice if there would be a "new" indicator on the title.obviously not perfect- I WANT EVERYTHING ON MY OWN PAGE.somebody used to that I hear.

    6 juin 2010, 15h18m
  • hbeejay

    Rdio mobile is looking very good.With a dramatic improvement in catalog/library and member-to-member communication,it could a contender.And yes I realize those are very big ifs.

    6 juin 2010, 19h23m
  • hbeejay

    Arabesque Arba'a is smokin'- thanks man.Listening on Mog to avoid the "clips only" tracks on Rdio.

    7 juin 2010, 1h54m
  • OMacacoAquatico

    Yeah, man! One of the only good things which has come out of the demise of Lala is my finding several services which'll permit me to re-stream that record frequently. After once on Lala, I went searching for it, but that motherscratcher is impossible to find in hard copy and anybody whose providing MP3s is demanding $18-20 for it.

    7 juin 2010, 2h22m
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