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Bruno MarsWe'll Be Alright Hier 17h57m
The BeatlesHere Comes the Sun Hier 17h55m
Glee CastEverybody Wants to Rule the World Coups de cœur Hier 17h52m
AlesanaAlchemy Sounded Good At the Time Hier 17h26m
Linkin ParkNumb 22 jui. 17h11m
Linkin ParkNumb 22 jui. 17h08m
Lindsey StirlingLord of the Rings Medley 22 jui. 17h06m
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Linkin ParkNew Divide 22 jui. 16h59m
Linkin ParkWhat I've Done 22 jui. 16h55m
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  • greenalert011

    Check out this. Hope u r gonna like it :D

    Hier 22h58m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    Yes,U.S movie director has copied French movie really. :D We miss Paul walker when he died in a horrible car accident last yr :/. I have already checked out BM movie with my siblings and cousins yesterday. It was totally awesome and it's similar to District 13 :D Yeah,he will in goal of the dead part 2 next yr :D. Btw,check out this zombie movie where U.S movie director also copied this Italian movie b4.U will understand. and this

    Hier 22h57m Répondre
  • surrender_xx

    Heya! Pretty fine, thanks. I've been doing some reading and the like. I have actually now finally read TFioS and saw the film, haha, and I liked both a lot! ^^ Mm, no I don't think so, I haven't watched any of the other Transformers movies and from what I heard about the new one, it wasn't really the best. xD

    Hier 18h32m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    I'm glad u liked it really. OML! What the hell! David Bella in the Brick Mansion movie without his best French friend Cryril Raffaeli! Why the hell David Belle doing with Paul walker? I never knew French star David belle will get chance to do movie with Paul walker.:D It's similar to this French movie called district 13 and district B13,cos David Bella was in these past action movies too. Bud,believe me or not,American director tried to copy these District 13 movies to combine and to make Brick mansion same as. Although,they put Paul walker instead of Cyril Raffaelli. Just check out these short trailers then u will understand. Anyway,I already seen the trailer of Goal of the dead movie 1 month ago. It's a zombie footballer vs human footballer. Suarez must be there too,cos he likes to bite players and he's a man eater :D Thanks a lot,bud.

    22 jui. 17h40m Répondre
  • greenalert011 Check out these crazy spouses XD.

    21 jui. 17h39m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    Well,bud,u gotta renew ur passport and make it as MRP,cos I have seen that suppose if u came to U.S/Canada airport,the passport inspector on the desk may criticize abt your old school passport and they might say why the hell didn't have MRP?. MRP-machine readable passport. It detects to computer and the data on the identity page is encoded in optical character recognition format. Anyway,bud,I think u could do that home just think :D Hey,btw,check this out :D

    21 jui. 17h34m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    Hey,bud, is ur passport MRP,ryt? Now I see world accepts MRP(machine readable passport). Old one just let go :D. Yeah,this type of jeans is my fav and I feel cozy when I wear it :D.It's okay,it can happen. We all are human being and we r liable to do mistake :D. Awesome Felcia pizza video. She's really naughty and badass at making any person to get cumshot by eating pizza in this way XD. Oh,madagassar's character came out out of where to interrupt Carley jepson's song. That's nice! If real Carley hears this parody song,she will lost her whole hairs and will become bald carley jepson. :D Thanks a lot,bud,u r awesome! Anyway,check out this commercial.

    21 jui. 12h39m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    Oh,bud<3,If had the chance like my own hefty income then I could take u there with me. Then we could explore there by ourselves,watching wonderful sites,taking selfies,enjoy lot there :D Hopefully,unless i get any erratic exam at the uni :D Yes,of course,I'm used to hot weather much here. But I never felt so much warm in Middle east place,so I never been there :D. Cool! Levis is very popular everywhere. Well,I like much Diesel jeans pant much. Skinny pant ain't for me,cos it look odd and embarrassing for me :D. Girls will look perfect with that :D. My jeans pant looks kinda this.

    19 jui. 17h44m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    Hope u r gonna like it,bud :D

    17 jui. 23h03m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    Yeah,drive,keep driving,discover the universe and break Nel Armstorm's record :D. Yep,I'm going in August,so wanna go with me there,bud? :D Yeah,u r trying to say this yr is running away so quick? :D It feels really boring without world cup matches. That's not so hot there,but u r lucky u ain't feeling in the humid condition like us. This month our country's temperature stays between 28-35'C in daylight and night,sometimes it falls down like 28'C-30'C due to heavy rain/drizzle. Anyway,she's awesome! :D Her funny footages are damn hilarious :D. I love Ellen tv show. Thanks a lot,bud <3 :) Btw,what's ur fav company jeans pant? Do u like to wear stylish skinny or flat jeans? :D

    17 jui. 22h54m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    Thanks for liking my avatar :D. Oh,I see. Use NOS in ur car,if available! :D Ur car will go like a space rocket,hold the steer firmly,wear sunglasses like me,ur wonderful red hairs will float and wave through back due to too fast. Sure,bud,I will let u know everything abt my vacation :D. Ur welcome,bud. How's weather in ur place? :D

    17 jui. 10h16m Répondre
  • greenalert011 Awesome clips <3 \\m/

    16 jui. 7h37m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    That's right! But this is an official word u need to say tie breaker. Ihr willkommen :D. Yeah,some players might wear long hat and overcoat while playing in the field :D. Good! Try to watch those recommended movies that I had given u so far. Cool! Are u gonna car race with someone like Vin diesel or Paul Walker? :D. Well,I will spend my time watching new movies ,so if I don't finish,or else other new movies will overload in my bucket list. :D Also I will be going to U.S or Canada or both next month.I think I'm unable to reply u much there maybe,but like I said I will show u my vacation pics there on fb later. Yes,I have already seen those action movies. Well,bud,I don't know exactly when G.O.T.G gonna release,but I gotta ask my dudes or my known movie theater manager first. Maybe it's on same date like u mentioned. :D

    16 jui. 7h30m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    I see u listened Gorillaz musics.:D. I like their songs too. Anyway,bud<3,check out cool movie trailers. I hope u had seen those recently.

    15 jui. 8h28m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    Penalty method has different name. U should say tie breaker. Penalty is different like when a player pushes another player on the penalty line then referee must give that pushed player a chance to full fill his penalty. Yes,u r right! Argentina is very good at winning from tie breaker. I'm glad u r happy and smiling wonderfully really :D. I think every football player will have difficulty when playing football in Russian frozen weather,cos some countries footballers ain't used to it. Good! I already know that answer,but I was just asking if u know it too or not :D. Ur welcome,bud! Yeah,it's luck u know! Although,it was really good match. So world cup is gone and what u r gonna do all days?

    15 jui. 7h29m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    Can u tell me the position of the worldcup 2014? Is it 20th or 15th or 18th or 19th? :D Bud,I still didn't find full length match of Netherland vs Costa rica on utube yet,but I found 9.30 mins video of that match. There's a lot of thrill within 9.30 mins. Just check out if u have time :) Oh,btw,this a site so you can learn and see the history of current worldcup's results even other details.

    14 jui. 7h17m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    Glückwunsch Deutschland in der worldcup 2014,Freund , See your team in Russia,2018.

    13 jui. 23h21m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    :/ This makes me sad too,but nothing we could do when it's just a bad luck for Argentina. It was really fluke goal for Germany.Although,if it was tie breaker then Argentina would have possible win the wc 2014. Don't be sad,dear black widow<3.Just smile :) In next world cup in Russia,other countries will beat and knock out Germany in the 1st round. Well,I got many fav songs which u can see in my library :D. Btw,let me make u happy :D

    13 jui. 23h08m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    Oh i forgot 2 say thank u so much 4 those funny videos,bud<3. :)

    12 jui. 12h47m Répondre
  • greenalert011

    I remember that when u had ur own avatar b4. :D XDD That weight limit was very damn funny. Dragon ball-Z my all time fav. Freiza and Gnu squad members are very funny. I have seen DB-Z upto Majin bu saga,what abt u? wow,bud,looks like u r listening to my recommended song(Imagine dragons-Battle cry) many times from last 7 days. Do u like Beatles songs? I used to listen that since last yr. :D

    12 jui. 12h39m Répondre
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