New Music September 2010


19 sept. 2010, 7h49m

I'm planning to use this Journal Entry to log all the new interesting bands/music I come across in the media/radio etc to research at a later time. If anybody has an pointers or advice on tracks/albums/bands please do let me know or make a comment.

Clash October 2010


Random Recommended Albums

Manic Street Preachers new album entitled “Postcards From A Young Man”
(Rated at 8/10) CLASH RECOMMENDS
Described as “If last year's Journal for Plague Lovers was the Manics' message from the ghost of their past to their present, this is their present's postcard to their mid-career pop peak. It's – and this isn't a phrase often associated with the Manics – an incredibly jolly rock record.”
Full Review here
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. The Who, David Bowie, Echo And The Bunnymen

Kano new album entitled “Method To The Madness”
(Rated at 7/10)
Described as “Until now, Kano's major musical contribution of 2010 was his guest appearance on Gorillaz' White Flag. Like Damon Albarn – who produces a track here – the Newham rapper knows how to build a coalition of the musically willing and exciting. Method to the Maadness is Kano's fourth record, and like other London grime perennials Dizzee and Wiley, he's now operating from his own label. The lack of label heft is a shame, because this is a record that deserves at least a modicum of Rascalesque success. Take Upside: a great UK hip-hop moment released in July, and a Limey cousin to Empire State of Mind, with Michelle Breeze taking the part of Alicia Keys. It didn't even chart. Then there's the clutchy musical tiki-taka of All + All Together, with Hot Chip, and the sinister dancehall glockenspiel of Get Wild with Wiley: both scintillating. A crappy spoof of a Radio 5 Live "state of the youth nation" phone-in is the only thing that grates, but you can forgive him that. There's little madness in Kano's methods.”
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Wiley, Skepta, Sway

Matthew Herbert new album entitled “One One”
(Rated at 7/10)
Described as “While Matthew Herbert's methods of recording audio samples are inspiring and outlandish, he always captures a bit of the human element. It's not just because his discography includes a noisy digestive tract turned into a euphoric house melody; there's an appreciation for randomness, mistakes, and chaos that runs through his work. On his new solo album, One One, an artist who weaves multiple meanings into his music through contextual sampling strips down to a single source: himself.”
Full Review here
Recommended tracks to download…..”On The Lam”
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Radioboy, Oval, Akufen,

WE LOVE new album entitled “We Love"
(Rated at 8/10) CLASH RECOMMENDS
Described as “‘Italian duo We Love (one Giorgia Angiuli and Piero Fragola) plough a similar groove to the aforementioned emperor’s new clothes. They’ve got songs called things like Ice Lips and Escape Destination. They dress in a colour scheme that sticks stubbornly to black and white. Chances are they were both voted "‘most unlikely to instigate a conga on New Year’s Eve" upon graduation from secondary school. More so, like The xx, they’re just one astute music critic (hey, like, thanks!) from bringing down the house of cards they’ve assembled around themselves by bellowing, "HEY! GUYS! YOU SOUND JUST LIKE ZERO 7!"
Full Review here
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Damscray, 140 ways to, Gavouna.

Magnetic Man new album entitled “Magnetic Man"
(Rated at 7/10)
Described as “The anticipation behind Magnetic Man's self-titled debut album has been built up as something that could very well be another milestone in the seemingly never-ending rise of dubstep. Well-known DJs Skream, Benga, and Artwork are the men behind the moniker and have already had some mainstream success this year. I Need Air broke into the Top 10 on the UK singles chart after heavy rotation on BBC Radio 1, sitting alongside such radio playlist luminaries such as Katy Perry and Flo Rida - admittedly, pretty illustrious company.”
Full Review here
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Benga, Skream, Artwork.

Crocodiles album entitled “Sleep Forever”
(Rated at 8/10) CLASH RECOMMENDS
Described as“I The paradoxical thing about some of music’s more noted dealers in feedback is that their studio recordings are often as genteel as the live experience is cacophonous. This most obviously applies to shoegaze bands – frail and ethereal on record, painfully loud in person – but even the likes of the early Jesus and Mary Chain were far suppler in the studio than their deafening gigs suggested. There’s a fairly simple reason for this: where quieter strains of feedback afford an extensive, melodious palette, then at louder volumes you simply get a sort of ‘KSSSCHHSHSCHHH’ noise, which may sound pretty cool when My Bloody Valentine bash it out at 120db, but is pretty lame on a personal stereo.”
Full Review here
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Jesus and Mary Chain, Spiritualized, My Bloody Valentine

DJ Zinc new album entitled “Crack House Vol 2”
(Rated at 9/10) CLASH RECOMMENDS
Described as “Crack House 2 embraces elements of dubstep, UK funky, grime, garage and even, on Old Flame, classic Prodigy-style rave sonics. Zinc shows a different side to his studio skills with the lush, ambient Huh? whilst more energised instrumental workouts such as opener Bounce Up, GTAC and bassline wobbler Mouthful sit alongside vocal tracks. Angela Hunter, who featured in Zinc's first dose of Crack House and also played a part Jay-Z's all-conquering Empire State Of Mind, makes a welcome return here for steamy, suggestive and deceptively catchy Gimme The Camera. Jamie George supplies smooth, soulful vocals on the garage-tinged Love To Feel This Way, while another Jamie – London grime star and Boy Better Know lynchpin JME, aka Jamie Adenuga – features on the rugged and raw Let's Go. Crack House 2 reflects both Zinc's reinvigorated, refreshed approach and the current adventurous spirit of dance music – a welcome shift that's leading to fresh hybrid sounds, genre-melting collaborations and an all round creative renaissance...”
Full Review here
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. DJ Hypel, Toddla T, Wookie

Blonde Redhead new album entitled “Penny Sparkle”
(Rated at 7/10)
Described as “Penny Sparkle, their eighth official studio album, is a downbeat, glossed affair that largely dispenses with the busy guitar camouflage of past records in favour of glacially cool synth and Kazu Makino’s ice-maiden wail. They’re a band who’ve always possessed an understated beauty but where it might have seeped and soaked through previously, with the absence of the droning guitar dynamics heard on 2007’s 23, here it’s allowed to flourish”
Full Review here
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Cocteau Twins, Asobi Seksu, Seefeel

Black Mountain new album entitled “Wilderness Heart”
(Rated at 6/10)
Described as “Black Mountain's third album represents the finest yield so far from the Vancouver band’s relentless harvesting of rock and folk's 70s heyday. Wilderness Heart refuses to dive into unfamiliar territory, instead expertly blending heavy rock, smoky blues and finger-picked acoustic guitars across an album of tantalisingly layered songs”
Full Review here
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Pink Mountaintops, Neil Young, Sleepy Sun

Shit Robot new album entitled “From The Cradle To The Rave”
(Rated at 8/10) CLASH RECOMMENDS
Described as “While several of Lambkin’s past releases have been instrumental, all nine of From the Cradle to the Rave’s tracks sport vocals. On opening tracks Tuff Enuff and I Found Love, Lambkin himself provides them. The former is a sturdy bit of 808-driven house music, a workout-pace rhythm jacking along while euphoric synths, like Kraftwerk at their most celebratory, swoop overhead. I Found Love might have worked better as an instrumental, though, Lambkin choosing to inflect his FX-laden vocal with a Texan accent for reasons entirely obscure..”
Full Review here
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Khan, LCD Soundsystem, Gomma Records /

For a Minor Reflection new album entitled “holdum i att ao oreiou”
(Rated at 8/10) CLASH RECOMMENDS
Described as “Eight songs in, this Icelandic quartet capture a degree of malevolence and snotty abandonment that recalls a slowed-down Killing Joke tussling with Godspeed You! Black Emperor, pitching and yawing like a tiny boat in a storm. Atta, the song in question, is a seductively grim riot that speaks of a primal urge to move on and escape. Unfortunately the remainder of FAMR’s second album – recorded in Sigur Ros’s Reykjavik studio – is a woolly and aimless guided tour of the genre known as post-rock, lacking personality, pep and pique. Every colour in the palette established by Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky and their aforementioned compatriots is predictably present here – grand pianos, crashing cymbals, delayed guitar, glockenspiel, military beats, found sounds, reverb by the ton – with fresh momentum or exploratory ambition palpably absent. Nor is there anything to rival the blasted epiphanies wrought by their predecessors, rendering this album akin to a fumbled, unfinished grope under wet canvas. The title translates as Heading Towards Chaos, but FAMR are treading water in a stagnant pool.”
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai

Roots Manuva new album entitled “Duppy Writer”
(Rated at 7/10)
Described as “Duppy Writer goes one further than its spiritual predecessors – 2002’s speaker-shaking Dub Come Save Me and 2006 mixes-and-outtakes collection Alternately Deep – slicing apart Slime & Reason alongside choice tracks across Smith’s entire legacy. Wrongtom’s distance from the originals pays dividends, accentuating the lolloping Jamaican flex at Smith’s musical heart and providing a central riff off which almost all 11 tunes – and two skits – sunnily ride.”
Full Review here
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Robert Forster, Sparklehorse, Elliot Smith


  • Nialloleary

    As a footnote-this is quite late, so I imagine the majority of these will be familiar-I've tried to add Spotify links where possible & I still can't get my flickr uploads to work in the journals-is anybody else have problems with this?

    19 sept. 2010, 8h00m
  • Orange_Anubis

    I've got the Kano album - it's pretty good, lots of eccentric unpredictable production. And the new Blonde Redhead is lovely, really understated. DJ Zinc's looks nice! And I can't wait to hear Magnetic Man...

    19 sept. 2010, 9h34m
  • Nialloleary

    Thanks Bertie-really interested in the Kano-I read recently there's a place/vacuum in UK Hip Hop/grime for a thoughtful non-mainstream music (star)-recently vacated by Dizzie. Maybe Kano will fill it. Agreed on Blonde Redhead I streamed it this morning & yes really looking forward to Magnetic Man.

    19 sept. 2010, 11h45m
  • Babs_05

    Actually, I only know a handful of these. Excellent list, thanks. Agree the new Blonde Redhead is lovely. Been a bit stuck on that for the last few days.

    19 sept. 2010, 14h00m
  • Nialloleary

    Thanks Babs-Actually also worth checking out is Crocodiles. I'm on second listen & really enjoying it in a scuzzy basement shoegaze kind of way.

    19 sept. 2010, 16h38m
  • zm0

    Hello and thanks for the listing , Niall. All artists I never heard of , or have heard of but did not look into yet. From scanning the covers and images, I d like to dive into We Love, Shit Robot and perhaps Magnetic Man. Though what I heard of We Love on lastfm just yet , its might be a bit too intellectual for me :)

    19 sept. 2010, 17h25m
  • Nialloleary

    Shit Robot looks interesting doesn't it-I thought I had some stuff already but I was confusing him with Shitdisco or maybe Shitmat :) Keeping an open mind on Magnetic Man-the singles have been decent.

    20 sept. 2010, 6h40m
  • Orange_Anubis

    I know what you mean about Kano but I don't think he QUITE makes it on those terms. Tinie Tempah is big enough and interesting enough, but then he's thoughtful AND mainstream...

    20 sept. 2010, 16h47m
  • Nialloleary

    Yes agreed I did Spotify Interpol & found it a little lacking. Actually on the same score Black Mountain's album is a little bland (I listened today) as well-which is a shame as I've really liked previous albums-the cover for he latter though is as you say pretty cool.

    20 sept. 2010, 20h31m
  • skerzo

    The idea of a dubstep supergroup is a bit of a turnoff for me.. will see how it sounds but I've found Benga always sounds the same and Skream's turn to accessibility was not for me.... I'll keep roaming around the deeper end of dubstep :) Incidentally, 90's electronic texture-gazers Seefeel released their 'comeback' single yesterday. I just picked it up from and the samples sounded promising so will report back :)

    21 sept. 2010, 7h32m
  • Nialloleary

    Thanks Dan, I'm wondering if the Magnetic Man will have tracks on I like-but I can't get my head around the "I Need Air" single. However I did really like the Skream album (it gets better towards the end of the album-if you gave up a few tracks in?) I really need to revisit the first Seefeel album--the review made it few like that was a high point. Btw I'm just reading there is a new Deerhunter album coming out.

    22 sept. 2010, 6h15m
  • CvaldaVessalis

    Hey Niall; sorry for the late comment. Though where the hell have you been for October?!? Haven't listened to any on here bar Magnetic Man (at times brilliant), Kano (admirably eclectic but not that impressed) and Penny Sparkle (kind-of bloody love!) I trust you've heard the new Deerhunter now? Again, it's very alright... My picks so far for the last quarter include Sufjan Stevens, Yann Tiersen and Zola Jesus. But will get cracking on a new journal to discuss these ones by the end of November. Keep well, G!

    28 oct. 2010, 17h07m
  • Nialloleary

    Hi George-Yes I'll post October this weekend-very late as you say. Then I'll have to start immediately on November :) I really like the Deerhunter album.

    29 oct. 2010, 6h21m
  • Stellaheartace

    Great list :D The Deerhunter album is definitely one of my top albums this year.Does anyone like Warpaint and Glasser here?

    17 nov. 2010, 13h15m
  • Nialloleary

    Hey Stellaheartace thanks for the post I missed it-check out my lastfm friend evilai he loves Glasser & critic is a big Warpaint fan.

    20 nov. 2010, 18h43m
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