The Riddle was the answer to Question


27 jan. 2012, 0h08m

A whole blog dedicated to one of Ras Kass's best songs, and one of my favourites. this had mad rotation in my ride. This is a take on one of the Deepest Questions in Life- about Right and Wrong, and Who is God(yeah , it down the same alley as Rakim's "who is God?" off his 18th letter album). So deep. I guess no matter how religious or Pious we are, we cant claim to have never had these conversions or interrogations in our minds, I have my agnostic/atheistic phase back circa '97.
Questions bound to rage in the minds of any philosophical person.
I particularly love the line "the Riddle was the answer to the Question"
How'd this come to me at this time? cos i'm learning to ask Questions for the hell of it. wont be cracking my head too much about answers anymore. Deal with it.


Ras Kass Interview with a vampire

Rakim the mystery (who is God)


Ras Kass


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