Escape From The Bungalow, Day 2


10 oct. 2008, 10h56m

Thu 9 Oct – Anathema, Demians

Den Bosch was the second stop on the tour for Anathema. The W2 (formerly Willem 2) is a bit of a special place for the band as it's the first venue they played outside the UK. For me it was also the first venue I saw them in December 2001. Thankfully last night wasn't as warm as the last time they played there :)

When I entered the venue Demians had just started playing. Most of the crowd was staying away from the stage, so it was not difficult at all to make my way to the front. For some reason I liked them better than yesterday. Probably had something to do with being a bit more familiar with the music. The band also seemed less nervous than the night before. All in all it was a good show and the band is definitely growing on me.

Then it was Anathema's turn. The regular setlist was the same as the night before, so it was once again opening with Deep and then following with Closer. Thankfully the vocoder worked properly this time and Vinnie's vocals were less scary than in Utrecht. Far Away was the first trip into the old age and even after 2 nights in a row I don't remember the exact order of songs. Anyone, Anywhere sounded very heavy once the electric guitars kicked in, which made it one of my highlights of the evening. Danny's guitarplaying seems to be getting a lot heavier lately. I can only image how a song like Pitiless would sound, but I'm not sure whether the guitar would survive a solo like that with most solos now reaching into the realms of intensity of that particular one.

Shroud of False is also one of those songs that seem to come across heavier and darker than it does on the album. The Judgement/Panic combo was without a doubt the fastest part of the night. Please, for the sake of my neck, would it be possible to split those with a more mellow song? Of course it's not mandatory to headbang like a maniac, I know :)

Hope meanwhile is more an Anathema song than a cover. Loved how Vinnie looked into the audience after the song and asked "why are you all smiling?" After the regular setlist ended with Flying, it was once again time for some acoustic songs with Danny doing Are You There? solo, dedicating it to Anneke van Giersbergen. Unfortunately she wasn't there as that would have been an opportunity for something special. What was special was Danny and Vinnie acoustic version of [track artist=Anathema]One Last Goodbye. It was fantastic with the crowd being completely quiet! While it already worked very well in Utrecht, I thought this one felt better.

The change in the setlist came after that as Angelica and Sleepless made way for Hindsight. Great to hear that one again in its full instrumental glory. Fragile Dreams was the closer again. It was a perfect ending to the show. Once again hard to pinpoint why, but it felt more intense than in Utrecht.


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