• Free Hearing Test

    3 avr. 2015, 4h31m

    Free Hearing Tests:

    I just took the above free hearing tests for fun. I listen to music through speakers (both in home and in concerts) or through headphones since 1997 for about 1 or 2 hours per day (it's hard to exactly estimate this). I was 13 then, I am 31 now. Growing older means you also need to constantly protect your hearing from any major hearing loss, besides your natural loss at the high notes.

    In all humans, gradually the higher notes (above 19 Kiloherz) start to become inaudible. Starting at the age of 20, the normal hearing range which is 20 Herz (Hz) to 20 Kiloherz (Khz), starts shrinking for everyone and lowers to a threshold of maximum 15 Khz at the high-pitch end, on average, until age of 60. That's why old folks can't hear much the extremely high-pitch notes.

    My results:

    Test 1. (hearing range)

    Right now, my left ear can listen to tones until 18.4 Khz. My right ear up to 17.8 Khz. Above these limits, it's all silence for me. Cats and dogs can usually hear up to 60 Khz. And bats up to 200 Khz.

    Test 2. (audiogram: range vs audible magnitude)

    This test measures the hearing threshold (in decibels) at 6 fixed points in the range of 250Hz until 8K (Khz). The threshold can be from -10 decibels (db) up to 80(db). Above the point of 80 db, one is considered 'technically' deaf.

    For my left ear:

    For my right ear:

    (Important: all tests are designed for each ear seperately. Not both ears simultaneously)

    Result: both of my left and right ears, seem to have identical audiograms,
    except at 500 Hz (0 db vs 5 db )

    Bass sounds: Audible above 0 or 5 decibels (db) for me.
    High sounds: Audible above 10 or more decibels for me.
    (Decibel (db) is a logarithmic scale of measuring air-pressure)

    My hearing is thankfully is still doing okay at high notes according the above hearing tests.

    Note: all tests taken through my Philips headphones.

    20 Herz = 20 wave cycles per second
    (or 1 cycle per 50 milliseconds)

    M.Sc. Physics


  • Three Virtual Lovestories

    8 mars 2015, 4h10m

    Below are three of my favourite rock and metal song lyrics about the topic
    of virtual and cyber connections. All of them were written in the mid-90's, almost a decade ago before the advent of Web 2.0 and all recent modern social networks
    (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, Youtube, Flickr, Tumblr, Devianart, Blogspot, Hi5, Friendster, Reddit, Pinterest, VK, MSN, LinkedIn, Myspace, Lastfm, Spotify, Digg, LJ, VF, IRC, StumbleUpon etc.)

    1. Shadow Gallery - Mystery
    (1998, prog metal)

    "Days at a time pass
    You've got so much to say
    Just spread your wings and ride
    On the electric universe
    Behind your computer
    What do you picture when you read
    my words and thoughts and dreams?
    Do they all come alive and breathe?
    It's no wonder. This is a brand new world we're on

    The way you come to me is such a mystery
    I just reach out and connect
    A thousand miles from me and yet it's all right here
    Just electric on a silver web
    I never see your face you're such a mystery
    And your touch I can only guess
    I lay here dreaming
    We're so gone away
    Or too spoiled to even care who's got the wheel
    On my way to logging on the world.."

    2. Conception - A Virtual Lovestory
    (1997, prog metal)

    "You cast a carmine kiss, across the digits
    I felt a certain bliss I tried to save it
    to keep the rush alive, holy holy (but so unreal)
    I see you all around
    Cyberian Venus, destined to chastity
    but I am also bound to trust my senses, redeem humanity
    haunt me hate me (unchain your soul)
    taunt me waste me (forsake, consolidate)
    I'd die to meet you in the flesh
    somehow recover the pain
    I want to touch and be caressed
    to breathe and live again"

    3. Rush - Virtuality
    (1996, prog rock)

    "Like a shipwrecked mariner adrift on an unknown sea
    Clinging to the wreckage of the lost ship Fantasy
    I'm a castaway, stranded in a desolate land
    I can see the footprints in the virtual sand

    Net boy, net girl
    Send your signal 'round the world
    Let your fingers walk and talk
    And set you free
    Put your message in a modem
    And throw it in the Cyber Sea

    Let's fly tonight
    On our virtual wings
    Press this key
    To see amazing things

    I can smell her perfume
    I can taste her lips
    I can feel the voltage from her fingertips?"

    It's amazing how these bands described and sang about such realistic storylines about the future. And spefically; for both the wonders and perils of the internet cyberworld.

  • 10 Reasons You Should Play the Guitar

    5 fév. 2014, 13h56m

    I just read a very interesting article:


    1. Have you ever wondered why guitarists seem so laid back and loose on stage? Some shredders even appear to be immortal, like the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards. Maybe they just have access to really good doctors, but here’s another potential explanation: The axe might be as powerful as anything inside the medicine cabinet. Strapping on a Fender could boost your brainpower, sex life, six-pack, and more.

    2. Feel Serious Pleasure
    Who needs groupies? Simply plugging in your guitar, playing it, and listening to the music you’re creating can make you feel good—orgasmically so. According to a neuroscientific study from McGill University, hearing music triggers the release of dopamine in the brain, the same chemical that’s released during sex. That’s like musical masturbation.

    3. Wave Away Stress
    Whether it’s your boss or bills that give you anguish, grabbing your Gibson can help zap stress. A dual study from the Mind-Body Wellness Center and Loma Linda University School of Medicine and Applied Biosystems found that stress can be reduced on a genomic level by playing an instrument. Rocking out actually reverses your body’s response system to pressure.

    4. Send Pain Packing
    Forget popping pills: If you live with chronic pain, reach for a pick. According to a study from the University of Utah’s Pain Research Center, listening to music—and in this case, your own sweet licks—can take your mind off, and thereby reduce, pain.

    5. Sharpen Your Mind
    Did Einstein secretly shred? A new Scottish study says if you play the guitar—or any musical instrument, for that matter—you’re more likely to have sharper brain function, which can help guard against mental decline in the future. Open a songbook and study up.

    6. Roughen Your Ticker
    Rockers have killer chops—and cardiovascular systems: Researchers from the Netherlands found that patients who practiced music for more than 100 minutes a day showed a significant drop in blood pressure and a lower heart rate than those who didn’t. Three of the test subjects? Guitarists.

    7. Subconscious Seduction.
    Can’t wail yet? Don’t worry. Just carrying a guitar case can seriously boost the odds of women wanting you—even if they’re total strangers, finds recent research in Psychology of Music. How come? Studies show women associate musical ability with intelligence, commitment, hard work, and physical prowess—and ladies associate all those qualities with your ability to earn money. Israeli researchers recently sent friendship requests from a good-looking guy to 100 attractive, single women. In half the requests, the guy was holding a guitar. In the other half, he wasn't. Only 5 of 50 women accepted a friendship request from the guitar-less guy, while the man with the axe scored 14 attractive new “friends,” according to the study. The reason: Musical ability is linked to manliness.

    9. Strike It Rich
    You might not make it in the music biz, but your guitar could still help you earn the big bucks: Researchers from Michigan State University found that musicians who picked up an instrument at an early age and continued nurturing their craft throughout adulthood had a better chance of launching successful invention—logging patents, building businesses, and publishing pieces.

    10. Build More Brainpower
    Stuck at work without your six-string? You’re still giving your brain a workout: According to a Cambridge University study, musicians continue being creative even when they’re not playing their instruments. Researchers found that performers visualize music in terms of its shape, and then process that as a form of practice. Most don’t see it as such, but it’s a highly creative way of learning.

    And a Bonus reason:
    - Record Yourself, Reward Yourself
    Often times, guitarists will record their sessions or demo songs; that way, they can go back and practice them. But bring your recordings to the gym and you might see a physical benefit: Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences found that music doesn't just make for solid background noise while working out—it actually made exercising less exhausting for study participants.

    Neue regel's final note:
    - If not a guitar, then another string-like instrument like Piano could be impressive as well.
  • What is music for me

    23 sept. 2013, 5h10m

    I usually adopt my own variation of the Wiki definition for 'music':

    Music is an Art form. It consists of fluctuations of sound and/or silence. Silence is the absence of sound. Sound is a mechanical wave. Sound is manifested as an oscillation of air pressure (or some other medium).

    Sound is transmitted through some medium, such as gas (e.g. air), solid (e.g. metal) or liquid (e.g. water). It is composed of frequencies within the range of animal hearing. On human hearing: it is restricted to sounds that are perceptible by the human ear. These sounds have frequencies from around 20 Hertz (bassy) to 20 Kilohertz ( high-pitched). Hertz is the number of cycles per second. Therefore, high-pitched sounds of 20 Kilohertz are 20 thousand air-pressure oscillations per second. (or 1 cycle every 50 microseconds (μs). Cesium-133 atom is the benchmark for the hertz definition.

    P.S. 1 :
    Air pressure (P) is directly correlated to ambient temperature(T) , gas volume (V), and substance amount (n), according to the Universal Gas Law:
    P * V = n * R * T
    P = the absolute pressure of the gas, in Pa (pascal)
    n = amount of substance, in mol
    V = the volume of the gas, in cubic meters (m^3)
    T = the absolute temperature of the gas, in Kelvin (K)
    R = the universal gas law constant of 8.3145 m3·Pa/(mol·K)

    P.S. 2 :
    Excerpt off Dawkins' Unweaving the Rainbow :
    "The feeling of awed wonder that science can give us is one of the highest experiences of which the human psyche is capable. It is a deep aesthetic passion to rank with the finest that music and poetry can deliver. It is truly one of the things that make life worth living and it does so, if anything, more effectively if it convinces us that the time we have for living is quite finite. "

  • 7 Essential Books on Music, Emotion, and the Brain

    7 mars 2013, 14h57m

  • Non-metal Dream Theater compilation.

    15 jan. 2013, 9h21m

    Dream Theater is arguably the most influential progressive metal band
    in the last 2 decades. Over the years, they also recorded tracks in many different styles; drawing influences from Pop, Easy-Listening, Jazz, Melodic/AOR (Album-oriented rock) or Classical.

    So here is a recommended (and entirely) non-metal Dream Theater hourly compilation from me (in ascending chronological order/ Youtube links included) :

    1.Wait For Sleep (2:37)

    2.The Silent Man (3:45)
    3.Lifting Shadows off a Dream (6:06)
    4.Space-Dye Vest (7:31)

    5.Hollow Years (4:14)
    6.Anna Lee (5:55)

    7.Hey You (Pink Floyd cover) (4:44)

    8.Through Her Eyes (5:29)

    9.Disappear (6:46)
    10.Solitary shell (5:49)

    11.Vacant (2:58)

    12.Wither (5:28)

    Total Playtime 61:22

    This playlist can be recommended as an hourly introduction to this band. Should you wanna reduce the playlist to only around 27 minutes, I recommend to just listen the tracks #1,#5,#6,#8,#10,#11 off this playlist.

    Nodas (Neue_regel_)


    If you liked the above, here are some Bonus tracks, suitable for this playlist :
    13. Surrounded (5:31)
    14. Peruvian Skies (6:43)
    15. Through My Words (1:03)
    16. One Last Time (3:47)
    17. Goodnight Kiss (6:19)
    18. I walk beside you (4:30)
    19.The Answer Lies Within (5:27)
    20. Beneath The Surface (5:31)
    21. Far From Heaven (3:57)
    22. This is The Life (6:58)
    (bonus tracks playtime: around 51 minutes)

  • Essential progressive metal albums

    22 août 2011, 21h25m

    As Frank Zappa said: "most rock journalism is people who can't write, interviewing people who can't talk, for people who can't read." Extremely true, if you ask me. However, I'll try my best in this little journal role. Of course, there are thousands upon thousands of music genres. Nevertheless, only a few can boast and entail a sheer bombastic splendour without simultaneously losing any edge of intellectual honesty and rigor. Definitely, is one of those. From wiki: " Progressive metal (sometimes known as prog metal) is a subgenre of heavy metal, which blends the powerful, guitar-driven sound of metal with the complex compositional structures, odd time signatures, diverse philosophical lyrics and intricate instrumental playing of progressive rock. Many progressive metal bands are also influenced by jazz fusion and classical music. Like progressive rock songs, progressive metal songs are typically much longer".

    So if the medium is the message (McLuhan et al.,1964) then, most playing devices of prog metal music can be the carriers of vigorous messages, as long as one is literate enough to read between the lines. As Queensrÿche said in
    "Anybody Listening?":
    "Read between the lines
    Criticize the words they're selling
    Think for yourself and feel the walls
    Become sand beneath your feet"

    Now, to get to my main point, upon a topic request on the Old school progressive metal group, I quickly compiled a list with what I consider the essential progressive metal albums :

    Dream Theater - Images and Words, Awake, Metropolis pt2 : Scenes From a Memory, Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
    Queensrÿche - Operation: Mindcrime, Promised Land, Rage For Order
    Fates Warning -Parallels, A pleasant Shade of Gray, Perfect Symmetry
    Psychotic Waltz - A Social Grace & Into The Everflow
    Pain of Salvation - Remedy Lane & A Perfect Element pt.1
    Ayreon - The Human Equation (concept prog)
    Watchtower- Control And Resistance (benchmark for thrash-prog)
    Opeth - Damnation (very prog-rockish though)
    Mekong Delta - Visions Fugitives (classical influences)
    Shadow Gallery - Carved in Stone & Tyranny (must)
    Sieges Even - A Sense of Change & Sophisticated ( the best german prog)
    Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors (only 1 black metal song, the others are prog)
    Soul Cages- Moments
    Porcupine Tree - In Absentia (prog rock & metal hybrid)
    Jester's March - Beyond
    Symphony X - The Divine Wings of Tragedy (power-progish)
    Last Crack - Burning Time
    Conception - Flow (lots of synths)
    Winds - The Imaginary Direction of Time (lots of violins)
    House Of Spirits - both
    Enchant- Juggling 9 or Dropping 10
    Ark - both (fusion prog)
    Eternity X - The Edge (concept prog)
    Age of Silence - Accelaration (norwegian prog)
    Andromeda- II=I (swedish prog)
    Depressive Age- Electric Scum (crazy prog)
    Magnitude 9- Reality in Focus (Dream Theater clone prog)
    Poverty's No Crime- The Chemical Chaos (same)
    Ivanhoe - Visions and Reality (same)
    Saviour Machine- 1st (christian prog)
    Superior- Younique (atheist prog)
    Orphaned Land- Mabool (hebrew/jewish prog)
    Naked Sun - S/T
    Xerxes - Beyond My Imagination (poetic prog)
    Kinetic Dissent - I Will Fight No More Forever (thrash-prog)
    Eldritch - El Nino (crazy prog)
    Riverside - Out Of Myself & Second Life Syndrome
    Heir Apparent- One Small Voice
    Threshold - Wounded Land & Critical Mass
    Arena - Contagion (more keyboards than usual)
    Spiral Architect - A Skeptic's Universe (tech prog)
    Mayfair - Behind (thrash-prog)
    Voivod- Nothingface (same)
    Devin Townsend - Physicist & Terria (industrial prog)
    Secrecy - Art In Motion (thrashy edge)
    Green Carnation- Light Of Day Day Of Darkness (atmospheric prog)
    Vauxdvihl- To Dimension Logic ('ryche prog)
    Control Denied- The Fragile Art Of Existence (Chuck prog)
    Spastic Ink - Ink Compatible (math prog)

    Many other decent progressive metal bands could rise in the prog metal Pantheon but most of them haven't made it so far, for various circumstances. Being a prog musician is not the easiest thing in the world given the constant struggle between art and trying to make a living, amidst the anti-commercial nature of their prog genre.
    However, that kind of pursuit can be extremely rewarding in other perspectives. Through my entire prog metal albums collection in my PC, I conducted an alphabetical extraction of prog metal bands with hopeful prospects for the future (for some of them anyway). These include:

    Animals as Leaders,
    Anubis Gate,
    Ice Age,
    All Too Human,
    Appearance of Nothing,
    Art Of Simplicity,
    Beyond Twilight,
    Behold...The Arctopus,
    Black Wings,
    Blind Ego,
    Canvas Solaris,
    Cea Serin,
    Circus Maximus,
    Civil Defiance
    Guilt Machine,
    Dali's Dilemma,
    Dead Soul Tribe,
    Diablo Swing Orchestra,
    Dark Suns,
    Divided Multitude,
    Digital Ruin,
    Dreams of Sanity,
    Degree Absolute,
    Dimension 34,
    Divine Regale,
    Eclipse Hunter,
    Echoes of Eternity,
    Elegant Simplicity,
    Equal Vector,
    Eye 2 Eye,
    Factory Of Art,
    Fragile Vastness,
    Giant Squid,
    Gordian Knot,
    Horizon's End,
    Illusion Suite,
    Infinite Horizon,
    Ice Age,
    Inner Strength,
    Into Eternity,
    Kayo Dot,
    Last Warning,
    Lemur Voice,
    Linear Sphere,
    Mind Colour,
    Mind Odyssey,
    Mind's Eye,
    Moonlight Comedy,
    Oblivion Sun,
    Pagan's Mind,
    Parallel Mind,
    Pin-Up Went Down,
    Pressure Points,
    Presto Vivace,
    Red Circuit,
    Scale the Summit,
    Section A,
    Seer's Tear
    Seven Gates,
    Silent Memorial,
    Six Minute Century,
    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum,
    Spaced Out,
    Spheric Universe Experience,
    Subterranean Masquerade,
    Sun Caged,
    Tempus Fugit,
    The Algorithm,
    The Arkitecht,
    The Postman Syndrome,
    Thinking Plague,
    Thought Chamber,
    Tomorrow's Eve,
    Twisted Into Form,
    Vanden Plas,
    Vanishing Point,
    Veil of Maya,
    World of Silence,
    Zero Hour,

    I put the above mainly for reference. Wikipedia has a relevant page with prog metal artists as well, but I don't trust that page very much. Besides being incomplete, some bands do not belong there. I could go on indefinitely on prog bands, since Prog metal is my favourite genre, but you get an idea.
    Also, Tool, albeit influential, obviously possess an alternative hard rock edge and according to some standards, they are not quite what I would call Prog Metal. As a result, I didn't thoroughly mentioned yet neither Tool-like Alternative hard rock with Prog metal hybrids (e.g. Dregd, Rishloo, Indukti) nor any prog-metal cross-breeds. Regarding these prog metal cross-breeds with other genres, here are some of my selected albums and artists from:

    - Prog-Power metal:
    Angra - Angels Cry & Holy Land (power, with some prog influences)
    Conception - In Your Multitude (Khan's ex-progpower band)
    Crimson Glory - Transcendence (powerprog, high pitched vocals)
    Time Machine - Act II (Italian prog-power)
    Royal Hunt - Paradox ( the best Danish power-prog I know)
    Evergrey - Recreation Day (Swedish power-prog)
    Nevermore - Dreaming Neon Black (US power-thrash-prog)
    Kamelot - Karma (very power-y though)
    Savatage - Gutter Ballet (more heavy metal than prog)
    Iron Maiden - 7th son of a 7th son (melodic prog-heavy-power)

    - Prog-Post-metal/Sludge:
    (Isis, Maudlin of the Well,Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Callisto etc.)
    Lengthy complex songs here, some odd signatures every now and then, but a lot of repetitiveness, typical of doom bands. Lyrically abstract and more close to post rock and 'core bands. Very little aesthetic relevance to classic prog metal.
    The same can be said for prog-metal related bands like Between the Buried and Me who obviously have metalcore influences. Metalcore, from wiki "is a subgenre of heavy metal combining various elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk" Hence, the obvious differention and deviation from the prog metal roots, which were aesthetically developed mainly upon the Progressive rock movement. And nearly every progressive rocker despises punk music's simplicity right?

    - Prog-Death metal and Prog-Industrial metal:
    Everything with growling vocals is not included in my main list for classification reasons. Some of the best albums in this category include, Cynic - 'Focus' or Opeth - 'Still Life' & 'Blackwater park'.
    Others like Coroner, Sadist, Ephel Duath, Atheist, Periphery, Disillusion, Wolverine, Solution .45, Gojira, Strapping Young Lad or Meshuggah can also claim some prog relevance, yet they are more close to their original genres (industrial or death metal or whatever ) in most aspects.

    - Prog with Avant-garde Black metal :
    (Borknagar, Code, Ihsahn, Solefald, Enslaved, Ram-Zet etc.)
    Generally, many of those bands are (ex)-Black metalheads that have listened and appreciated quite a lot of 70's-Progressive rock (In the Woods...), or just were oriented by Jazz (Fleurety & Ved Buens Ende) or Classical music (Peccatum) And, sometimes with a hinch of Scandinavic Folk (Vintersorg), case depending.
    Lyrics in this folk case are mostly typical of viking metal bands (Pagan mythology etc.) but may include Album concepts, scientific or avant-garde and abstract elements. Other major bands in the genre like Sigh, Vulture Industries or Dismal Euphony are clearly influenced by horror movies as well.

    - Prog Gothic-Atmospheric metal and Prog-Doom metal:
    (Katatonia, Amorphis, early Anathema, early The Gathering, Green Carnation, Novembre, Agalloch etc.)
    The music and arrangements might be at times complex and lengthy, but the lyrics are at 95% mostly typical of goth bands. Constant obsession about love, pain, loss, life, and/or death. Not necessarily bad or good, it depends on the album and each band's period.

    I did not mention any other fusion or whatever other innumerable cross-breeds (e.g Dream Theater member projects, which are way too many to count)


  • Unscrobbled listening estimates and memoirs 1998-2010

    22 jui. 2011, 23h09m

    Unscrobbled listening estimates and memoirs 1998-2010

    I took up scrobbling in Nov. 2010. Hence, my current charts are a bit skewed towards my late listening habits and certain old plays are vastly missing.

    I downloaded my first mp3 song ( it was either 'Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven" or
    'U2 - With or Without you'(?)) back in July 1999 from the Napster P2P network.

    My 56K-bit dial up connection was tranferring about 2.5 Kbytes/s (or 2 songs
    per hour) on my Pentium-2 433Mhz, SDRAM 64MB, 4GB HDD
    old silicon machine that I called "the Beast" in my teenager years.

    Napster's abrupt shutting down in 2001 was not really a problem
    since Kazaa, Audiogalaxy and Soulseek were nearly doing
    the same thing for me. It was all (and still is) about sharing.

    Now, trying to estimating any old unscrobbled plays without any actual Data
    can be a bit erroneous. Anyway, starting from my 9th grade (in 1998) and forth,
    my approximate plays (in CD& Mp3 plays mainly and Vinyl & Tape/Cassete plays at a lesser degree) for my 50 ESTIMATED OVERALL LIFETIME MOST PLAYED ARTISTS
    (until Jul. 2011) are :
    (some genre totals are listed but not numbered)

    1.Dream Theater ~ about 7500 Plays
    (since 2000, nearly 2 plays per day)

    M.P.A (Most Played Albums, in order ):
    -Images and Words,
    -Falling into Infinity

    2.Queensryche ~ 6000 plays (since 1999)
    M.P.A. :
    -Operation: Mindcrime
    -Promised Land
    -Rage For Order

    3. Fates Warning ~ 5000 plays (since 2000)
    M.P.A. :
    - Parallels
    - A pleasant shade of Grey
    - Inside Out

    - Classical Artists ~ altogether at least 5000 plays
    Mostly P.I.Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Bach, L.V.Beethhoven and Ed Alleyne Johnson

    - Jazz Artists ~ alotogether at least 5000 plays
    This is too difficult to estimate given the variety of the many
    jazz-sub genres and the enormous number of jazz artists.

    - Ambient Artists ~ altogether at least 4500 plays
    Too many to mention, though I don't yet
    possess a big ambient discography.

    Avant-garde/experimental/ Post-Punk artists (e.g. Peccatum, Coil, Tuxedomoon,)
    ~ Altogether at least 3500 plays

    4. Marillion ~ 3500 plays (since 2001)
    M.P.A. :
    - Misplaced Childhood,
    - Seasons End,
    - Holidays in Eden
    - Script for a Jester's Tear

    5.Rush ~3000 plays (minimum, since 2000)
    M.P.A. :
    - Hold Your Fire,
    - Signals,
    - Power Windows
    - 2112


    6. Arcturus ~ 2500 plays (since 2003)
    M.P.A. :
    - A Masquerade Infernale,
    - The Sham Mirrors

    7. Al Di Meola ~ 2000 plays (since 2002)
    M.P.A. :
    - Land Of The Midnight Sun,
    - Casino
    - World Simfonia
    - Flesh on Flesh

    8. Ulver ~ 1800 plays (since 2004)
    M.P.A. :
    - Themes from W. Blake-TMOHAH ,
    - Perdition City,
    - Bergtatt

    9. Anathema ~ 1600 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - Eternity,
    - Alternative 4,
    - Judgement

    10. My Dying Bride ~ 1500 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - Turn Loose The Swans,
    - The Dreadful Hours,
    - The Angel and the Dark River

    Neofolk/Darkwave/ other Goth rock artists ~ 1500 plays

    11. King Crimson ~ 1500 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - The Construcktion of Light,
    - Three of a Perfect Pair
    - Lizard

    12. Sieges Even ~ 1500 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - A Sense of Change
    - Sophisticated
    - Steps
    - The Art of Navigating by the Stars

    13. Red Hot Chill Peppers ~ 1500 plays
    - Californication
    - Blood Sugar Sex Magic
    - Stadium Arcadium

    14. Kamelot ~ 1300 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - Karma
    - The Fourth Kegacy
    - Black Halo

    15. Kate Bush ~ 1300 plays
    M.P.A :
    - Hounds Of Love
    -The Dreaming
    - Aerial


    16. Psychotic Waltz ~ 1000 plays
    M.P.A :
    - A Social Grace
    - Into The Everflow

    17. Iron Maiden ~ 1000 plays
    M.P.A :
    - 7th Son of a 7th son
    - Brave New world

    18. Conception ~ 1000 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - Flow
    - Parallel Minds

    19. Pain Of Salvation ~ 1000 plays
    M.P.A :
    - Remedy Lane
    - One Hour By the concrete Lakke
    - A Perfect Element pt.1

    20 .Dargaard ~ 900 plays
    M.P.A :
    - Eternity Rites
    - In Nomine Aeternitatis

    21. Angra ~ 900 plays
    -Holy Land
    -Angels Cry

    22. Queen ~ 800 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - A Night At The Opera
    - Queen II
    - Innuendo

    23. Pink Floyd ~ 800 plays
    standard stuff
    M.P.A. :
    - The Division Bell
    - The Wall
    - Echoes or The Dark Side of the Moon

    24. Loreena Mc Kennitt ~ 800 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - The Visit
    - The Book of Secrets
    - The Mask and the Mirror

    25. Savatage ~ 800 plays
    M.P.A :
    - Gutter Ballet
    - Streets

    26. Blind Guardian ~ 800 plays
    M.P.A :
    - Somewhere Far Beyond
    - IMFTOS

    27. Paradise Lost ~ 800 plays
    M.P.A :
    - Paradise Lost
    - One Second

    28. Star Of Ash ~ 700 plays
    given that I've listened both of their first
    2 albums at least 35 times each

    29. Haggard ~ 700 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - And Thou Shall Trust The Seer
    - Tales Of Ithiria

    30. Crimson Glory ~ 700 plays
    M.P.A :
    -Trancendence and 1st
    - Astronomica


    31. Amorphis ~ 600 Plays
    M.P.A. :
    - Tales from The 1000 lakes
    - Elegy

    32. Hooverphonic ~ 500 plays
    M.P.A :
    - The Magnificent Tree

    33. Mekong Delta ~ 500 plays (minimum)
    Ralph Hubert is a genius.
    M.P.A :
    - Visions Fugitives.
    - Pictures At an Exhibition

    34. Genesis ~ 500 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - Selling England by the Pound

    35. Blue Öyster Cult ~ 500 plays (minimum)
    M.P.A :
    - Secret Treaties


    36. Theater Of Tragedy ~ 500 plays
    M.P.A :

    37. Unexpect ~ 500 plays
    M.P.A :
    - 1st demo and In a Flesh Aquarium

    38. Ark ~ 500 plays (minimum)
    M.P.A : -
    Ark 1st

    39. Vauxdvihl ~ 500 plays
    given that I've listened their only LP
    over 60 times
    M.P.A :
    - To Dimension Logic

    40. Calexico ~ 500 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - Hot Rail
    - Feast Of Wire


    41. Opeth ~ 500 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - Blackwater Park
    - Still Life

    42. Shadow Gallery ~ 500 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - Carved In Stone & 1st

    43. Fields Of The Nephilim ~ 400 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - Elysium

    44. Winds ~ 400 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - The Imaginary Direction of Time

    45. Green Carnation ~ 400 plays
    M.P.A :
    - Blessing In Disguise
    - Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness


    46. Porcupine Tree ~ 400 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - In Absentia

    47. Arena ~ 350 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - Contagion

    48. Empyrium ~ 350 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - Where at night the wood grouse plays

    49. The 3rd and the Mortal ~ 350 plays
    M.P.A :
    - In This Room
    - Painting On Glass

    50. Soul Cages ~ 300 plays (maybe some more)
    M.P.A. :
    - Moments


    My 20 Runner-up artists :

    - Blackfield ~ 300 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - 1st

    - Iced Earth ~ 300 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - Something Wicked this Way Comes

    - Diary Of Dreams ~ 300 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - End Of Flowers

    -Threshold ~ 300 plays
    M.P.A. - Wounded Land & Critical Mass

    - Scorpions ~ 300 plays
    mainly off "Best of" collections

    - Devil Doll ~ 250 plays
    DD songs are extremely lengthy, hard to estimate
    - Dies Irea [split in 18 parts]

    - Camel ~ 250 plays
    M.P.A :
    - Stationary Traveller

    - Borknagar ~250 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - Empiricism

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra ~ 250 plays
    M.P.A. : - the first 2 LP's

    Astor Piazzolla ~ 250 plays
    I own 10 Astor LP's though I'm not
    extremely familiar with him
    De Mi Bandoneon & Oblivion are fine

    - Gotan Project ~ 250 plays

    - Bon Jovi ~ 250 plays
    Their first 2 and 'Crush' (2000) mainly

    - Santana ~ 250 plays (minimum)

    - 2pac ~ 250 plays (minimum, especially when I was the army )

    - Emperor ~ 250 plays
    Great band, showed me the way to Star Of Ash, Ihsahn & Peccatum

    - Burzum ~ 250 plays
    Filosofem, Yvis.. ,and his other ambient work I cannot spell right now

    - Mahavishnu Orchestra ~ 250 plays (not counting Chick Corea's works)
    M.P.A. - Birds of Fire

    - Thin Lizzy ~ 250 plays
    solid rock

    - Whitesnake ~ 250 plays
    the same here
    M.P.A - 1987

    - Dead Can Dance ~ 250 plays
    M.P.A. :
    - Spleen and Ideal
    - Within the realm of a dying sun


    Now, in random other, below are some artists of whom I think I have previously played a song of theirs at least 40-50 times, before I even started scrobbling ( many lie in the range of 50-150 plays or reaching 200 plays for some) :

    Symphony of Science
    In The Woods...
    Magnitude 9
    The Residents
    The Tea Party
    A Perfect Circle
    Dolores O'Riordan
    Street Legal
    The Cure
    Dominion III
    Dismal Euphony
    Joy Division
    Vanden Plas
    Seer's Tear
    Fragile Vastness
    Rotting Christ
    Kinetic Dissent
    Jester's March
    Last Crack
    The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble
    Vulture Industries
    Auteur Theory
    Miles Davis
    Bad Religion
    The Cranberries
    Ved Buens Ende
    Neue Regel
    Olafur Arnalds
    Ved Buens Ende
    Void Of Silence
    The Clash
    Greydon Square
    John Coltrane
    The Vision Bleak
    Equal Vector
    Philip Glass
    Ozric Tentacles
    Edvard Grieg
    Vanishing Point
    Bone Thugs n Harmony
    Combat Astronomy
    The Kovenant
    Professor Fate
    Eric Clapton
    Age Of Silence
    Celtic Frost
    Alexander Brandon
    Tori Amos
    Nine Inch Nails
    Chroma Key
    Ice Age
    The Gathering
    Sergei Rachmaninoff
    Eternity X
    John Mc Laughlin
    The Church
    The Ocean
    Herbie Hancock
    Pat Metheny
    Arvo Pärt
    Zero Hour
    Def Leppard
    Carbon Based Lifeforms
    The Cat Empire
    Pure Reason Revolution
    Aphex Twin
    Judas Priest
    Weather Report
    Johann Sebastian Bach
    Bruce Dickinson
    Johannes Brahms
    Nelly Furtado
    Depressive Age
    James Horner
    The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation
    Infected Mushroom
    Demons & Wizards
    Pat Metheny
    Heir Apparent
    Marianne Faithfull
    T. G. Albinoni
    Mourning Beloveth
    Trevor Rabin
    Blut Aus Nord
    Leave's Eyes
    Jennifer Lopez
    Billy Idol
    Eric Satie
    Dmitri Shostakovich
    Lisa Gerrard
    Brendan Perry
    Geoff Tate
    Rhapsody Of Fire
    Mercyful Fate
    Return To Forever
    Massive Attack
    John Zorn
    Orphaned Land
    Time Machine
    Equal Vector
    Arvo Part
    Mind's Eye
    Steely Dan
    The Verve
    Uriah Heep
    Dali's Dilemma
    Stanley Clarke
    Jethro Tull
    Michael Kamen
    Eternity X
    Poverty's No Crime
    Morbid Angel
    In Flames
    Bohren & der Club of Gore
    Eugen Cicero
    Symphony X
    Death In June
    Sound Of Silence
    Diana Krall
    The Moon and the Nightspirit
    Sébastien Tellier
    Doureios Ippos
    Spheric Universe Experience
    Current 93
    Boards of Canada
    Cocteau Twins
    Everything But The Girl
    Chick Corea
    Deep Purple
    Foo Fighters
    Skinny Puppy
    Yann Tiersen
    Bedřich Smetana
    Led Zeppelin
    Venetian Snares
    Y. Malmsteem
    Mind Colour
    Mike Oldfield
    Ana Torroja
    Van Halen
    The Flower Kings
    Hans Zimmer
    The Animals
    John Williams
    Heir Apparent
    Of The Wand and the Moon
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
    The Mission
    Blonde Redhead
    Blackmore's Night
    Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
    Paco De Lucia
    John Frusciante
    Jerry Goldsmith
    Spiral Architect

    I don't think I forgot anyone with more than 50 personal plays.

    Some other songs that I have subconsciously heard in public places including in : live gigs, venues, clubs (any kind), cafeterias, stores, supermarkets, cars, bikes, pubs, ships, buses, carnivals, parties, gatherings, TV browsing, karaoke shows, conventional FM radios, a capella voices, schools, workplaces, universities and any other external places I've ever been to, are impossible to count , (e.g.Bob Sinclair, Delerium, Astral Projection, Van Buuren or DJ Tjiesto to mention a few) but I don't think I've ever listened any of those more than 20-25 times anyway. After all, most of them are just an imposed external background 'noise' (no offence) and not a deliberate, conscientious, free-willed and directed stream of playing.


    During the last 8-9 months I play about 50 songs per day. Almost all every song
    I listen is now scrobbled. Now, considering the duration of the last 12-13 years
    (or nearly 4500 days) my total plays amount is based on a conservative average estimate of only 30 songs per day (given any infrequent listening ocasions like exams, holidays or work) Thus, my overall total plays should be somewhere in the range of ~ 30 x 4500= 135,000 plays, but not much more.
    Over the years I grew a bit less of a fan for specific bands and shifted more
    towards exploring new stuff-bands-artists and that's also the guided situation of my current scrobbles.

    Last but not least and to end this lengthy memoir, of course some Big Thanks should go to all of the above Artists. Digging them out was relatively easy for me compared to the all work and souls they poured into their music/ artworks/ and overall arts.


    Today 22-07-2011 a terrible disaster took place in Norway with at least 17 people dead. Since about 5-7% of the artists I have played here are Norwegians, my condolences go to everyone that suffered, my deepest thoughts are with them, much more than this seemingly irregular and retrospective song-counting memoir or whatever.