• 2013 TOP 5

    31 déc. 2013, 2h44m

    TOP5 album releases in 2013

    #1 Youn Sun Nah - Lento
    #2 Hateform - Sanctuary in Abyss
    #3 Tokyo Shoegazer - Turnaround
    #4 Yoshiki - Yoshiki Classical
    #5 Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

    TOP5 gigs/concerts 2013

    #1 Darkrad @ Lumous, Klubi
    #2 Soen @ Klubi
    #3 Nightwish @ Sauna Open Air
    #4 Opeth @ Sauna Open Air
    #5 Masquerade @ Varjobaari

    Most interesting albums found and listened throughout 2013

    #1 Tool - Lateralus (2001)
    #2 Chelsea Wolfe - The Grime and the glow (2010)
    #3 Karl Sanders - Saurian Meditation (2004)
    #4 The Seatbelts - Cowboy Bebop (1998)
    #5 Kyuss - Blues For The Red Sun (1992)
    #6 Motionless - selftitled EP (2007)
    #7 The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Antropomorphic (2011)
    #8 Ash Ra Tempel - Ash Ra Tempel (1970)
    #9 If These Trees Could Talk - Red Forest (2012)
    #10 té - ゆえに、密度の幻想は綻び、蹌踉めく世界は明日を『忘却』す。 (2012)

    Discoveries throughout 2013

    Arktau Eos
    Ash Ra Tempel
    Chelsea Wolfe
    Coheed and Cambria
    Ellie Goulding
    Evil not Alone
    If These Trees Could Talk
    Karl Sanders
    King Crimson
    Kuolleet intiaanit

    Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation
    Nina Hagen
    PJ Harvey
    Sui Generis Umbra
    T3rror 3rror
    Tokyo Shoegazer
  • New Findings Into The CD Shelf

    26 fév. 2013, 19h08m

    Apulanta - PLASTIK
    Blow : Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Deftones - Deftones
    Metallica - Ride The Lightning
    Michael Jackson - Thriller (Special Edition)
    Nirvana - Nevermind
    One Morning Left - The Bree-Teenz
    Pulp Fiction + Reservoir Dogs : Soundtrack From The Quentin Tarantino Films
  • Vote KINA to Nummirock 2013

    4 jan. 2013, 3h06m

    Our band KINA is trying to get to Nummirock during this summer and you can help by recommending us here:

    There's more than just those recommendations needed to get there, but they will help us. So please, go to that site, recommend us and if you want to, you can share it to your friends too via facebook. You can also drop a comment down the page. All actions are much appreciated. The voting is on til 28th February.

  • Rinkaku Special limited edition - DISC 2 DVD

    2 jan. 2013, 3h47m

    DISC 2 DVD: TOUR AGE QUOD AGIS Ratio ducat, non fortuna
    2011.11.11. TOKYO DOME CITY HALL

    At first sight, I was kinda confused 'cause I had thought it would be the zombie concert from two months earlier, but there were no sign of any zombie outfit when I clicked the PLAY ALL button in the DVD menu.

    AMON was as it could be expected, it was kinda the same as the Dum Spiro Spero's limited edition's bonus version.

    For me, the most moving part of the DVD came as LOTUS started. The symphonic arrangement made me go totally goosebumps, and when Kyo's voice broke in the chorus, it couldn't been more touching. He knew he couldn't sing it purely, but he still hit the right notes, not trying to lower any of it and forced it all out. At that moment I understood that it doesn't matter do you play or sing purely if you just give everything you have got to the art that you're making.

    Obscure hit the crowd with the wicked sample-tape as usual. I can't decide which version I like more, the one from Vulgar-era or the 2011 version. Both gives me the chills.

    At this point, I started to think that they have managed to make really good symphonic arrangements to the songs, but when Ruten no tou hit, I thought there was something wrong with the symphonic part, like they were interrupting the band's playing and on Ruten the strings were just playing the same as guitars, of course from higher octave. I'm trying not to do that kind of arrangements in any of my forthcoming arrangements, 'cause they just sound lame.

    After Akatsuki Hageshisa started. And now the symphonics had gone terribly wrong. The whole song was a huge wall of noise, and only the chorus was sort of recognizable.

    Then there came the massive compilation of diru's slowest songs - THE BLOSSOMING BEELZEBUB, mazohyst of decadence and Tsumi to kisei.
    Kyo's way of expressing himself in Beelzebub was amazing, he really got into the main character's role in the song, and it worked out very well. Tsumi to kisei is one of the songs which I haven't really got into, expect that it works live (like that time at Nosturi and on the AQA tour documentary DVD.) 1 sad sexually/2 sad sexually texts rolling on the red screen during the song made it kinda gore-ish.

    After Yokusou ni Dreambox there's not much to say. The rest of the songs DIFFERENT SENSE and DECAYED CROW were really messy, (again because of the symphonic parts) and in some parts of DIFFERENT SENSE the band members look confused and didn't seem to be able to hear each other and Kyo even took his ear monitor off.

    After the Scenes from recording-clip there were a text saying We will meet you at the destination. It was suspicious and I think it was about the new EP which is coming in April or something even more. I'm already waiting for 『THE UNRAVELING』.
    I'm just afraid that I'm not able to afford the limited edition due to I'm broke after buying this one and it just came to me that cdjapan has made a discount for this edition of Rinkaku. Poor me.
  • Winter Holiday

    28 déc. 2012, 14h21m

    Uh, finally had one of these in a long time. I think last one was like in.. 2008? Then long time without school, and when working I haven't had but few days off during Christmas season. A lot has happened in 4 years and it seems that I'm finally getting an occupation next year.
    But now, time to rest and slack. What have I done? Messed my sleep rhythm upside down? Check. Watched new Anime? Check. Played a new JRPG? Check.
    What else I could wish for?
    Indeed, nothing.

    Next year's gonna be hard but I'll jump to it my batteries fully recharged. Let's see what it brings. This song brings me courage and hope to plunge to it.

  • The Stone Crows

    13 déc. 2012, 22h15m

  • Record Store Day April 21st

    21 avr. 2012, 11h47m

    Things which jumped into the bag:

    - Cradle of Filth - Midnight In The Labyrinth 2CD
    - Infected Mushroom - Vicious Delicious CD
    - Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells CD
    - Nightwish - The Crow, The Owl And The Dove CDS
    - Pendulum - In Silico CD
    - Rage Against the Machine - Renegades CD
    - Tool - Aenima CD
    - YUP - Vapauden kaupungit CD

    PAF - Beer money spent.
  • As doom as Stoner can get

    2 avr. 2012, 21h08m

    Sat 31 Mar – Church of Misery, woodrue, Pigeon Hunt

    It's quite refreshing to head off somewhere else than Helsinki at once. A train trip to Jyväskylä to get stoned with music. Sounds like a plan.

    I haven't listened to Church of Misery very long, but once I grew aware of them I had to order couple of their albums and sit down and move my body to the music. After that I wanted to see them live. And I got a chance to do so only in three months.

    Usually, the gigs where I go has unisex audience, but stoner - or doom genres doesn't seem to have the same kind of fanbase in Finland. The audience were mainly consisted of male participants.

    There were two support bands on the gig, Pigeon Hunt and Woodrue. I didn't catch up the order which they played in (and neither of the bands did introduce themselves nor do speaks between the songs) but the first band was more like hardcore punk. The band was good but you couldn't hear more than low frequencies and drums to the licensed area - which was okay with me. I was just waiting for the main act.
    The second band had more same kind of music as CoM, and they played brilliantly. Also the mixing was better, I think, cause now you were able to hear all the instruments clearly. (maybe it had something to do with those tasty Brandy long drinks which Lutakko had on sale)

    When Church Of Misery started playing, I moved from licensed area to the second row, to the front of their bad ass bassist. (Just imagine yourself playing the bass on the heigth of your heels!!) I was kinda confused that Kensuke Suto wasn't playing the guitar, even though I had read some comments that they have an american guitarist nowadays. Still, the blonde-haired man on guitar rocked.
    I was drunk of music. Just headbanging and moving my limbs crazily within the noise. Two of my favourite songs from them are I, Motherfucker which they played in the encore set, and Shotgun Boogie. The latter half cause of its cool name(meh), and half cause of it has a great song structure.
    The band were really enthusiastic and enjoyed how the crowd reacted to them. I screamed 'tsugoi' til the Hideki Fukasawa (voc) seemed to notice my attempts and grinned a bit. He sounded even better than on records, making those raw screams sound even more awesome.

    Result: Magnificient evening spent with two friends in doom. +++

  • Sielun Veljet @ Pakkahuone, Tampere 3 Dec, 2011

    4 déc. 2011, 1h40m

    Sat 3 Dec – Sielun Veljet

    I haven't listened to a lot of Sielun Veljet (Soul Brothers') music, but I'm familiar with their hit songs like 'Säkenöivä voima', 'Peltirumpu', 'Tiskirätti', 'Elintaso', et cetera - so when I got the possibility to see them live, I just had to go - and I don't regret my decision.

    The opening song for Sielun Veljet's setlist was their newest piece of work, Nukkuva hirviö (Sleeping Monster), which got the crowd's attention, but didn't make any big impression in the crowd.
    After the opener, Aina nälkä started, and it finally got the people in to its flow.

    The set continued and held the people dancing and enjoying, with songs of same kind of song structures which got my attention, maybe a bit too much. But fortunately the "noise" parts of some songs which doesn't follow any theorical scale and has sometimes much of dissonating notes, got me back to the enjoying mood, and there were lots of those ones.

    Ismo Alanko (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Jukka Orma(backing vocals, lead guitar) seemed to enjoy the gig the most, making Jouko Hohko (bass, backing vocals) and Alf Forsman (percussions) be a bit in their shade. (While Alanko and Orma jumped around the stage, Hohko just stood still most of the set in front of his Ampeg cabinet.)

    Mixing Engineer did a good job, making everything sound bright and clear. Bass sounded really good with its kinda low but sharp character, Alanko's funky dead notes could be heard clearly and Orma's fuzzy lead sound made the show. Not to minimize Forsman's work with his rhythm section and percussions in some songs.

    After all the thing for Sielun Veljet isn't making beautiful melodies, or progressive song structures, but when it gets to waking up the very initial force of ones soul, Sielun Veljet makes your blood run and your body move to the beat of their music.



    28 août 2011, 17h23m


    The area were already pretty crowded when we showed up bit late with my gf.
    The line consisted of surprisingly casual-suited people, giving me the aspect that Diru's fanbase had grown with the band from the vk era. (Of course there were some hc fans to make an expection to this)
    The line moved slowly to the entrance and people were still gathering to the queue.

    Inside was the merchandise desk where were three different tour shirts and one zip hoodie on sale. (No DSS related stuff at all, meh)
    I struggled with the choosing, couldn't make my mind which t-shirt I'd take (and of course, the coolest t-shirt was girlie-sized only) and finally decided to buy the zip hoodie AND t-shirt. W.I.N.

    It had been a while since last being at Nosturi, and couldn't remember how annoying
    the concert hall's structure is: as you enter the hall, the stage is right next to you on the left. So no chance getting in to the 1st row if you haven't come waiting hours before. And the place were c r o w d e d.

    After getting some water against dehydration, I went in to the mass.

    As Kyokotsu no nari's dissonating piano intro started exactly 20.30 o'clock, I finally realized this is it.

    Hageshisa to, kono mune no naka de karamitsuita shakunetsu no yami opened the set with Shinya's drum fill and the crowd went wild. The humidity went up and it was like swimming in the crowd. So I dived to the 6th or 5th row.

    After the song ended, the hall filled up with screams which didn't end while Obscure's first beats came in. I were even a bit confused as the music got mixed up with the screams. The new arrangement's trash parts worked wonderfully.

    Lotus had it place as the last of the opening trio. For me it could have come later in the set, cause it has many same elements as Hageshisa... Audience sang with Kyo through the whole song.

    Then came Red Soil and Agitated Screams of Maggots. Red Soil made the audience go mad and on Agitated, I shouted the shit out of my lungs - as did the rest. Still wasn't able to lose my voice.

    As Different Sense blasted in, the sweat got my right earplugg off. After trying to replace it by keeping a finger in my ear, I took the other earplugg off too and decided to suffer - hoping it will be worth it. Kaoru made justice to the solo. It kicked some ass and I got in to the 3rd row.

    Decayed Crow felt kinda long and is maybe the weakest song on the new album for me. It lacks uniqueness and is very incoherent by its structure.

    "Yokusou ni DREAMBOX" Aruiwa seijuku no rinen to tsumetai ame followed and made the show back to interesting. It was the first song on DSS that I fell in love with.
    Either Kyo couldn't sing the low parts as low as they're meant to be, or the mic's EQ weren't ok, but it didn't matter. The song's controlled chaos got to the audience and some girls were even singing with Kyo in the song's most chaotic parts. O_o I wondered how in the hell they had managed to catch up with the words, I couldn't keep up though I have the lyrics.

    -karasu- surprised me, and was a very nostalgic piece to hear from DEG's earlier career. Then they took it back to the oldies, some re-constructed oldies I mean.
    TSUMI TO BATSU (or Tsumi to kisei) and Hydra -666- took turns and Hydra -666- hit me hard. It really works as a "live" song. In between were the sets second INWARD SCREAM part, which gave me continuous chills.

    AMON started. It has some familiarity with Tsumi to kisei, yet it took over and went to its own way through the high guitar parts and fastening tempo.

    Reiketsu Nariseba and -ZAN- was next. Two very trashy songs before the band went to backstage.

    Zakuro started encore and it felt like the whole consert hall got inner peace. Everyone moved left to right in a wave and listened how the song danced forward.

    -Saku- broke the peacefullness and made the hall shout every DICK MEN out from cover.
    Kyo started his crowd boosting by yelling 'last song' in finnish, which was hilarious. We did scream with him and then Toshiya smashed Rasetsukoku on move.


    Setlist were good, but it would been awesome if they had played The IIID Empire, Juuyoku, Vinushka, Ugly and Ain't Afraid to Die.
    Kyo did one solo in some part of the set before the Inward Scream before Hydra -666-, just can't remember clearly where.


    1st wavemoshing experience ever, litres of sweat, 3days long tinnitus ( curse you, squealing beauties!), love seen live, ultimate pain