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16 jan. 2011, 5h25m

I just added the bio to Wax Trax! Records because I love Wax Trax! -- I also want to give a shout to Bart Pfanenstiel (a former Wax Trax! employee). I knew him back in the 90's. When TVT closed the Wax Trax! doors… Bart opened them right back up! He started out with a just a band and a tour bus. Today he is the founder and owner of WTII Records (Take a good guess what the acronym stands for!). If you love Wax Trax! then please check out WTII. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. --- My personal favorite bands on the label include Acumen Nation, Beborn Beton,, In Strict Confidence, Method Cell and The Thought Criminals. I can speak with confidence when I say that Bart has great taste in music so I'm sure all WTII artists are awesome as well. ~Neferast~ :)

"In celebration of our 5th Anniversary, we have compiled a limited edition mix CD that spans the labels first 5 years. Mixed and assembled by Chicago DJ Jeff Moyer (Exit, Neo, Dome Room and more), this 70 minute compilation features tracks from almost the entire 2006 WTII roster." **Click Here to Go To WTII for your free copy !!!**

Track Listing:
01. Stromkern - Stand Up
02. Beborn Beton - Another World
03. Backlash - Lodestar (LSB Mix)
04. La Floa Maldita - Stay
05. Trigger 10d - Most People Don't Forget (Undertone)
06. Monstrum Sepsis - Tantric Presentiment (feat. Shikhee)
07. Melotron - Tanz mit dem Teufel
08. Acumen Nation - Fuckface
09. In Strict Confidence - Kiss Your Shadow
10. - Synthetic
11. PTI - Databass (PTI Subversion)
12. Controlled Fusion - War
13. State of the Union - Timerunner
14. HMB - This Fire
15. Regenerator - Blink

Jamie Duffy (Acumen Nation / DJ? Acucrack / Pigface / Sister Machine Gun)
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Note: I'm totally guessing the year, I'm pretty certain it was taken between 96-97; but regardless of when it was taken; I took this picture & I own all rights.


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