5 avr. 2009, 23h05m

I am halfway through the 1996 grunge documentary and I paused to write down the bands that I want to check out:
Gas Huffer
Skin Yard
The Walkabouts
Beat Happening

...after a bit of listening...


I love Gas Huffer. I really can't believe I had never heard of them and that they never struck it big. I guess rockabilly punk is a niche market.

Skin Yard is tolerable. They are definitely grunge.
At one time I thought I really liked Skin Yard because I loved the only streamable song: Psychoriflepowerhypnotised (Live). But then I found out that the song was Loser Bar by Loveslug, which is also labeled incorrectly. I assume they got mixed up since they were released together on a split single.

The Walkabouts are boring.

Beat Happening is alright. I really like Calvin Johnson's vocals sometimes, but I prefer his later projects: The Halo Benders and Dub Narcotic Sound System.


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