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  • evebanger666 fucking masterpiece

    25 mars 20h25m Répondre
  • tusislawa

    I see :,D

    15 mars 22h20m Répondre
  • tusislawa

    Yeah I have stupid habit add to the library everything that have good name/pic/tags ect and then I wonder what the fuck is this XD

    15 mars 21h01m Répondre
  • tusislawa

    *buy one

    15 mars 15h08m Répondre
  • tusislawa

    aww rats<3 I had one. Now I'm in love with dumbo rats <3 I will definitely one as soon as I can. Haha, actually I rummage in my library and wonder "what the fuck is this"and try to remeber what is what xD

    15 mars 15h08m Répondre
  • tusislawa

    which pets? c: haha I dont have any "phase" for one band today :<

    15 mars 14h24m Répondre
  • tusislawa

    Hi :) I dont know. I'm upset. I'm leaving on Wednesday. I just cant focus on anything. So nothing special happens here. What about you?

    15 mars 14h12m Répondre
  • tusislawa

    maybe this is why we love him so much (hahah psychofans problems)

    9 mars 20h35m Répondre
  • tusislawa

    yeah you're right, I cant imagine to be always the same ;o and the best at Manson is that he's suitable to all my 'phases' haha :,D

    9 mars 20h21m Répondre
  • tusislawa

    In rectrospect a sad nickname is a stupid idea :x. but then I had "gothic phase"...ah whatever xD

    9 mars 20h07m Répondre
  • tusislawa

    Yeah first I also thought its cool, but then everybody start to ask me "what? suicide? why? you want to kill yourself?" ect. lol it was annoying. and my current nick have not literal meaning, im not sure if i can explain it well in english, its just invented, non-existent name taken from my pseudonym 'tusia', one day somebody ask my mum why she call me 'tusia', 'what kind of name it is Antonina?' and im not Antonina, im Patrycja and then somebody joked 'Tusisława' and now friends and family calls me so :)

    9 mars 19h50m Répondre
  • tusislawa

    So you're affraid of your own Terrible :o Ah I understand, I make my first account here when I was I don't know 15,16 ? and I was "suicida666" hahah at first I thought that is such cool and dark (xD) but then I was ashamed to give it to a friend :,D I always told them that its a title of some song. Hahah oh nooo I'm so happy that I'm not "suicida666" anymore :,)

    9 mars 19h03m Répondre
  • tusislawa

    with so many playbacks how much you have is actually pity to delete account, well i never had so much. haha but why you dont like your nick, its so pretty sweet, so NECRO <3

    9 mars 18h46m Répondre
  • tusislawa

    hm I'm not sure what it means to be a big fan, I only remeber that after his concert I screamed something like "OMFG I SAW MARILYN MANSON NOW I CAN DIE" and I was 100% sober hahah. Ah now I have new account and so few plays :c but whatever its not important I hated my old nick here ;x

    9 mars 18h36m Répondre
  • tusislawa

    nice too meet you too. not often see such a big fans of Manson :>

    9 mars 17h58m Répondre
  • tusislawa

    thanx for accept!

    9 mars 17h51m Répondre
  • AShinigami


    8 mars 9h39m Répondre
  • AShinigami

    Happy 2 months! <3

    17 jan. 10h32m Répondre
  • AShinigami

    37? :D

    8 jan. 16h51m Répondre
  • AShinigami

    It's a final countdoooooooown. :D

    23 déc. 2014 Répondre
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100,000th Marilyn Manson Play: The Love Song - 29/10/2011
200,000th Marilyn Manson Play: Born Again - 14/08/2012
300,000th Marilyn Manson Play: Valentine's Day - 30/05/2013

If you want to know something. Ask I wont bite, or well depends on the person.

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Bands I have seen live:

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1x Avatar
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1x Channel Zero
1x Cradle of Filth
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1x Five Finger Death Punch
1x Jan Akkerman
1x Kreator
1x Lamb of God
1x Lacuna Coil
1x Life of Agony
4x Marilyn Manson
1x Meatloaf
1x Moonsorrow
1x Murderdolls
1x Opeth
1x Prong
2x Rob Zombie
2x Roger Waters: The Wall live ( R.W. of Pink Floyd)
1x Sacred Reich
1x Slipknot
1x Tarja Turunen
1x The Golden Earring
1x Twisted Sister
1x W.A.S.P.
1x Wednesday 13


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