iPhone Album Shuffle Work Around


27 mai 2011, 8h22m

Since for some god-awful reason Apple decided to get rid of the album shuffle feature on it's iPhone and iPod touch devices. I went out of my way and gathered this useful work around to emulate this forsaken feature.

1. Create one or more playlists in iTunes that will be transferred to the iPhone (or iPod Touch) -- these are the playlists that will be selected in the "Music" tab of the screen that controls synchronization when your phone is connected to iTunes

2. Select one of them (in the left pane). Make sure it's displayed in order of track number (the left-most column in List view)

3.Switch Shuffle on in Album mode (in iTunes 8.0 this has been moved to the menu: Controls... Shuffle... Albums). The order of the list will be re-arranged.

4. After doing this for all your iPhone playlists, synchronize with the phone.

5. In the iPhone music player, select Playlists, go into the playlist of your choice, and simply pick the first track. Make sure Shuffle is off. You'll be listening to entire albums with their tracks in the original order, and the next album will always be "random".

6. When you've been through the playlist and would like it to be arranged in a newly randomized order, just select it in iTunes, turn shuffle off and on, and sync with the iPhone again.

Let us hope a future update will bring album shuffle back in to our lives.

Let me know if it works for ya ; )


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  • NarrowVision

    You're welcome. It may not be the full solution, but it will do.

    29 mai 2011, 1h43m
  • NarrowVision


    29 mai 2011, 23h25m
  • TheBeanieKing

    too lazy for this shit nigga. i needa album shuffle back.

    22 avr. 2012, 17h02m
  • slyman928

    wow holy shit. i just got an ipod touch the other day after using a touch wheel ipod for a long time. after being able to shuffle albums and hit the play button on things i thought it was pretty stupid that the ios devices are less capable of playing music which seems like the opposite of how it should be. i've actually been complaining about it a bit haha and looking for ways to get it to work. i tried messaging some app developers because maybe they could implement it into their music apps, i started using lagu because you can queue songs to play next. i also looked into jailbreaking but i don't think that will help. i feel like i could figure out how to do it i if i was able to look at the code of the regular music app but idk how to get it off the ipod in the first place... but yea this method is kinda a pain especially considering i don't even sync with itunes. and yea i realize this is almost 2 years old haha but i guess it's a decent effort

    30 jan. 2013, 6h08m
  • slyman928

    o and forgot to mention how it was pretty crazy that i stumbled upon this especially the way i did. it was like destiny haha, it's crazy how things work. i just clicked that hackintosh link and they actually made a real work around for it, hopefully i can use it considering that thread is a few years old

    30 jan. 2013, 6h19m
  • calebgutman

    Haha iPod Touch. Just another reason Classic is the best thing Apple makes.

    21 mars 2013, 19h09m
  • DavidthePearce

    @calebgutman can you count plays to last.fm straight from a classic without having to sync it? I need more space but I don't want to waste the money if it wont count plays (the syncing method has never worked for me)

    25 mars 2013, 10h51m
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