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À propos de moi

I am a christian, Christ is first in my life, My kids and wife second...

Ive been a satanist, A drug addict, A skinhead, A liar, Self mutilator (Put cigarettes out on my arms, Cut my arms up with razors and glass, did this way before emo kids made it the in thing to do, and i did not do it for attention, i did it because i hated myself) I was suicidal, Often times the only thing that kept me from being homicidal was fear of jail, I hated everyone and everything and wished death on everyone around me including friends, I hated and despised God, And i spent the years between 1993 and 2005 feeling this way, Being or doing these things, Around late 2005 my youngest daughter was born and everything changed, Soon after i quit drugs for good and in mid 2006 found the very thing i hated for so long, God, I turned my life over to Christ in 2006 and i have not looked back, I am not even a shadow of my former self, that person died in 2006, And was born again...

I am a life long pro wrestling and video game fan, I have been a huge baseball fanatic since 1990, My favorite teams in order are The Texas Rangers, The Oakland Athletics, The Colorado Rockies and The ST Louis Cards, I am also a huge Tulsa Drillers fan.

I am a lover of music and have been a lifelong fan of metal, I got into industrial in the early 90's, I was Mansonite from 1993 to 1997, Along with death metal and black metal, I got into Punk in 1999 as well as Doom, And so on, I am a huge fan of ambient music, As well as drone, I have composed my own music both drone and ambient since 2006, I also excel at mixing and mastering and for a while even thought about going to school for sound but decided against it, Music creation really does not appeal to me much anymore, I still work on music every once in awhile under my E.N.D project but that is all thats left...

Ethereal Noise Dimension

Other than all of that i am an avid reader, I like to mess with web design here and there, I love the rain and prefer cloudy days, I love to go to that park with my kids, Try to go to church every sunday, Have been married since May of 2011 to a woman i was married to once before (2000-2009) We have 3 beautiful kids together and have been together on and off since 1997, I have a cat and dog and walk 1 hour every day...

Update...As of 2/29/12 i have along with a few friends started an industrial doom band in the vein of early Circle of dust and Paramaecium, We are currently working on a demo...

Faithless Minutes Devoured

The Official E.S.G Recordings Web Site

P.S I had over 100000 plays on here as of July 28 2011 but it was almost all secular music so i deleted it all and started my count over again...

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