absolutely fucking love it amazing amazing beyond all reason amazing doomgaze atmospheric atmospheric black metal awesome awesome kick dick metal beautiful beautiful music to make sweet love to your sweety biseyin haber bltenimi genc bakisnmi neyin sonunda cailyodu black metal black metal - shoegaze black shoegaze brazilian brazilian brutal death metal brazilian death metal brazilian death metal from hell brutal brutal as black on white rape brutal death metal brutal dismemberment death death metal death metal that actually fucking threatens you death metal that rapes women doom metal epic epic as fuck epic death metal epic metal extremely melodic symphonic death metal fantastical epic raise your melee weapons to the sky like whoa finnish finnish metal finnish perfection florida death metal fuckin best death metal ever fucking awesome times million fucking killer death metal funeral doom metal garten metal gothic metal great great metal greatest riffs ever has a nice flow all the way through hecka great good old fashion death metal i had to change my pants after this song italian kick ass kick ass death metal kick dick kicks mallcore kiddies around like little kids krisiun legendary madness pure fucking madness masterpiece melancholic melancholic dark metal melodeath melodic black metal melodic death metal metal metal masterclass metal originally aired on the teletubbies metal straight from the depths of heck metal that my grandma listens to music i want at my funeral music that makes your head explode of amazemen music that makes your head explode of amazement music that you could die listening to music to commit suicide my uncle murdered his wife and 4 daughters to this band myk krisiun norwegian old school death metal perfect progressive death metal progressive melodic atmospheric death metal provocative sickness from a wretched hell pure unharnessed madness with a side of psychotic abstract horror raping rape fest of death metal rape ripping riffs that will rip you a new a-hole sensational cynicism sweetly slaying you silenced soul into a searing slope serioussly sickeningly good metal shoegaze shoegazy black metal some guy with birdhouse on head songs that used to make me cry songs to belt out at the bar super band sweet sound of brutal blugdeoning sweet sweet sound of brutal blugeoning symphonic black metal technical death metal thy best true kvlt black metal from a frostbitten cave in norway what god has on his i-pod what nightmares are made of