About "Transformers: The Movie" Soundtrack 1986 - 2007


23 jui. 2007, 18h39m

Too many years passed away since the Transformers series & movie cartoons and their soundtrack of course.

Originally was metal band Lion the creators of this stunning soundtrack with The Transformers (Theme), followed by american artist Stan Bush composing
Dare and The Touch, and completing this magnificent trio, the composer Vince DiCola, creator of Rocky IV soundtrack, composing a large score exclusively for the film.

Nowadays the new Transformers film was released, and listening to the new The Transformers - The Album I was suprised about the new artist's tracklist because again our ears get damaged with & like all the comercial soundtracks.
Talking about Linkin Park, The Used, The Smashing Pumpkins,
Taking Back Sunday, HIM, Idiot Pilot or Disturbed, due to the extreme comercialism of the film. The producers searching for money instead 'transformers'. That's a lack of respect to fans. The film is contaminated and the music of the sountrack too.

A message to Mute Math fans: take your transformers OST cover by the ass!!!

Ah, and talking about the new musical stuff that could have been released for the album, the ORIGINAL composers come back to kick asses with:
Till All Are One
The Transformers (Theme) - Alternate Version

Those guys REALLY more than meets the eye. ;)
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  • mikeroach113

    Agreed! The only good song on the soundtrack to the new movie is the song by The Goo Goo Dolls. The rest of the songs are GARBAGE. By a bunch of GARBAGE bands.

    23 jui. 2007, 19h00m
  • timskinner1

    couldn't agree more. It almost annoys me as much as manufactured girl bands badly covering classic rock songs. I just want to scream! :D

    24 jui. 2007, 0h10m
  • mikeroach113

    I'm surprised no angry fanboys/girls have started posting replies to this journal. Ha ha, shows how pathetic they are!

    29 août 2007, 23h07m
  • Nachiro

    yeah my friend, it's curious! anybody who likes those bands could explode seeing this! It's really a true offense. but don't matter what they said because it's TRUE!!! ;)

    31 août 2007, 16h51m
  • Shadow_Blaziken

    Maybe they aren't complaining and exploding because they have better things to do? Well, the Smashing Pumpkins fans, anyways. None of those are punk, by the way. Also, have you heard any Smashing Pumpkins songs besides the song in the movie, Doomsday Clock? Because they certainly are [i]not[/i] garbage.

    8 sept. 2007, 3h48m
  • Nachiro

    I'm not against the smashing pumpkins or the other bands. I saw Transformers since I was a child and i'm embarassed about how it changed... after all i'm against the commercial music on the transformers ost. And it's clearly that today all bands of those styles has punk roots. PD: The only that matters in The Smashing Pumpkins is Billy Corgan

    8 sept. 2007, 13h06m
  • Shadow_Blaziken

    Ah...well, I liked the movie, and so did a lot of my friends who grew up with Transformers. But I can see how you could not like it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, though. What's weird with the Transformers franchise is that there's things that fans think will suck (such as Beast Wars and the new movie), but end up becoming a huge fandom pleaser. And with things like the newer cartoon series (Armada, etc.), it's the opposite. As for the Pumpkins...it seemed as if you were bashing them along with the rest of those bands on the OST...or just Mikeroach. It's obvious that's he's attempting to flame-bait. Obsessive haters are honestly way more obnoxious than the obsessive fans. None of those bands are punk, though. They might've been influenced by some punk music, but it still doesn't make them punk. Obviously the main focus is on Billy, but the Pumpkins were much better with the original line-up.

    9 sept. 2007, 2h21m
  • Nachiro

    I'm referring mainly to OST, not the film. The film is incredible how they made it. Very difficult and good gob. The OST is the one that makes me angry, because it's not music there. It's only money. And the people mainly buy the OST because is what it sounds now. Not because they like. I HATE THAT DEEPLY. And call it whatever you want but the most part of those artists comes from punk. And all of us know what is punk movement...

    10 sept. 2007, 17h45m
  • Shadow_Blaziken

    Ah, okay. I don't like the OST, either. I had to leave right when it ended, since I couldn't take that obnoxious Linkin Park thing at the end. And they pretty much were in for the money, I can see. I know the punk movement and stuff, but...The Used, HIM, Taking Back Sunday, Disturbed, The Pumpkins, and the others on the '07 OST...none of them are punk. :/

    10 sept. 2007, 21h11m
  • TwinTwist

    Don't forget Green Day,please,my friend,they are one of my best band.But first I heard Linkin Park is from Transformers 2007.Transformers is my best XD

    19 fév. 2011, 6h04m
  • SLSinOZ

    Stan did a great job singing Dare - Vince did a fantastic job writing the music for that song - the lyrics were written by Scott Shelly.

    15 août 2011, 10h30m
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