• Metal Survey

    7 jan. 2010, 13h08m

    Favorite death metal band: Death
    Favorite black metal band: Melechesh
    Favorite thrash band: Dark Angel
    Favorite power metal band: 3 Inches of Blood
    Favorite traditional metal band: Black Sabbath
    Favorite doom metal band: Electric Wizard
    Favorite Gothic Metal band: N/A, don't listen to it. Nightwish is probably the closest I come.
    Favorite "other" metal band: Lykathea Aflame, technical/progressive deathgrind
    Favorite song: Probably something by Death, but I can't choose between my favorites there so let's say Kálí by !T.O.O.H.!
    Favorite instrumental: I really like metal instrumentals, so there are a lot of songs to consider, but the absolute best has to be Voice of the Soul
    Favorite ballad: Voice of the Soul would also be a good fit here, but I'll go with Cemetery Gates
    Favorite live album: Live in L.A.: Death & Raw
    Favorite festival: Summer Slaughter
    Favorite tour: Dunno
    Favorite metal magazine: Terrorizer
    Favorite (male) screamer/growler: Chick Schuldiner of Death (R.I.P.)
    Favorite (male) singer (clean): John Haughm of Agalloch
    Favorite (female) screamer/growler: Erica Puddu of Coram Lethe
    Favorite (female) singer (clean): Tarja Turunen, the ex-singer from Nightwish
    Age you started listening to Metal: Pretty recently. 19 maybe?
    What was the first band you listened to?: Children of Bodom, actually.
    Don't lie, do you listen to nu-metal?: I have listened to Down With the Sickness a few times, but other than that I'm proud to say no
    Keyboards in metal, yes or no?: Yes
    Does corpse paint make you "grim" and "true"?: Sure, if it's good enough for Dethklok it's good enough for me
    Is power metal girly?: Doesn't have to be. The vast majority is though
    Metallica or Slayer: Slayer
    Iced Earth or Blind Guardian: Iced Earth
    The Haunted or At The Gates: At the Gates
    S.O.D. or Anthrax: Anthrax
    Hammerfall or Stratovarius: Hammerfall
    My Dying Bride or Paradise Lost: My Dying Bride
    Iron Maiden or Judas Priest: Iron Maiden
    In Flames or Dark Tranquillity: In Flames
    Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth: Dimmu Borgir
    Ensiferum or Wintersun: Wintersun
    Carcass or Arch Enemy: Arch Enemy
    Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse: Morbid Angel
    Nevermore or Sanctuary: Nevermore
    Darkthrone or Immortal: Immortal
    Venom or Bathory: Bathory
    Mayhem or Burzum: Burzum
    Celtic Frost or Hellhammer: Celtic Frost
    Death or Obituary: Death
    Testament or Kreator: Testament
    U.S. Black Metal or European Black Metal: European
    Blast Beats or Breakdowns: Blast beats
    Power Metal or Progressive Metal: Progressive
    Fates Warning or Dream Theater: Dream Theater
    Benediction or Napalm Death: Napalm Death
    Judas Iscariot or Nargaroth: Nargaroth
    Cynic or Atheist: Sophie's choice here. Atheist, mainly because they've released more material than Cynic. Both are excellent
    Entombed or Dismember: Entombed
    Helloween or Gamma Ray: Helloween
    Suffocation or Dying Fetus: Suffocation
    Children of Bodom or Sinergy: Children of Bodom
    Sepultura or Sarcofago: Sepultura
    King Diamond or Mercyful Fate: King Diamond
    Nu Metal or Metalcore: Lol wat? I guess metalcore
    Stockholm metal or Gothenburg metal: Gothenburg
    Opeth or Katatonia: Opeth
    Impaled Nazarene or Beherit: Beherit
    Evergrey or Pain of Salvation: Pain of Salvation, because I've never heard of Evergrey
    Devin Townsend Band or SYL: Strapping Young Lad
    Marduk or Dark Funeral: Dark Funeral
    Vital Remains or Deicide: Deicide
    1349 or Emperor: Emperor
    Opeth or Symphony X: How come Opeth appears in two choices? Anyways, Symphony X
    Covenant or The Kovenant: Never heard of either of these
    Gore grind or evil Death metal?: Death metal
    Suicidal Black metal or Brutal Black Metal?: Brutal
    Bay Area Thrash or German Thrash?: Depth goes to the Germans, but my favorite thrash bands are Bay Area
    Mutiitation or Shining?: Shining
    Gorgoroth or Gaahlskagg?: Gorgoroth
    Myrkskog or Zyklon?: Zyklon
    Devildriver or Coal Chamber?: Devildriver
    Lacuna Coil or Theatre of Tragedy?: Lacuna Coil
  • A to Z

    3 jan. 2010, 4h00m

    Favorite: Atheist
    First: A-Bombs
    Last: Azarath

    Favorite: Black Sabbath
    First: The B-52's
    Last: The Byrds

    Favorite: Coram Lethe
    First: Cacophony
    Last: Cynic

    Favorite: Death
    First: D Creation
    Last: Dying Fetus

    Favorite: Exmortus
    First: E-40
    Last: Extreme

    Favorite: The Faceless
    First: The Faceless
    Last: FunTwo

    Favorite: Gorod
    First: Gallows
    Last: Gypsy Kings

    Favorite: High on Fire
    First: Hacride
    Last: Hyra

    Favorite: Iron Maiden
    First: Iced Earth
    Last: Isis

    Favorite: Jason Becker
    First: J.O.M.O.
    Last: Jurassic Five

    Favorite: Kalmah
    First: Kaiser Chiefs
    Last: Kronos

    Favorite: Lykathea Aflame
    First: Lacuna Coil
    Last: Lyrics Born

    Favorite: Megadeth
    First: Macabre End
    Last: My Dying Bride

    Favorite: Necrophagist
    First: Naast
    Last: The Number 12 Looks Like You

    Favorite: The Offspring
    First: The O'Jays
    Last: Ozzy Osbourne

    Favorite: Pixies
    First: Pan.Thy.Monium
    Last: Pus Vomit

    Favorite: Quo Vadis
    First: Q-Unit
    Last: Quo Vadis

    Favorite: Rush
    First: R.E.M.
    Last: Ryashon

    Favorite: Sublime
    First: Salt N Pepper
    Last: System of a Down

    Favorite: !T.O.O.H.!
    First: T-Pain
    Last: TV on the Radio

    Favorite: The Unicorns
    First: U2
    Last: The Unicorns

    Favorite: Viraemia
    First: Vader
    Last: Vomit the Soul

    Favorite: Wintersun
    First: W.A.S.P.
    Last: Wu-Tang Clan

    Favorite: X
    First: X
    Last: X

    Favorite: Yngwie Malmsteen
    First: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Last: YOB

    Favorite: ZZ Top
    First: Zebra
    Last: ZZ Top

    Favorite: 8 Inch Sativa
    First: 2Pac
    Last: 1349
  • Another random meme

    11 déc. 2009, 1h36m

    Rules: list the first 40 songs that come up on shuffle, answer questions.

    1. Extemporized Ophtalmic Release, Melechesh
    2. Motörhead, Motörhead
    3. The Divine Falsehood, Job For A Cowboy
    4. Celestial Voyage, Cynic
    5. Brood Of Hatred, Suffocation
    6. The Third, The Magical, Kalmah
    7. Salvation Army, HORSE the Band
    8. Crazy Rap, Afroman
    9. Our Own Grave, All Shall Perish
    10. Tell Me Why, Norther
    11. Revelation Of Existence (The Trip), Decapitated
    12. Past and Language, Toe
    13. Hell Is For Children, Pat Benetar
    14. Myxomatosis. (Judge, Jury & Executioner.), Radiohead
    15. Judge, Jury, and Exeutioner, Arsis
    16. Overture / It's a Boy!, The Who
    17. The Ring In Return, Coheed and Cambria
    18. The Funeral Portrait, Opeth
    19. King of Nothing, Shadows Fall
    20. Made of Glass, Despised Icon
    21. Rosetta Stoned, Tool
    22. Touch Like Angel Of Death, Children of Bodom
    23. Walls Of Confinement, Napalm Death
    24. Can't Kill What's Already Dead, Anata
    25. Ain't She Sweet, The Beatles
    26. Ceremony, Joe Satriani
    27. 2012 - The Demise Of The 5th Sun, Scar Symmetry
    28. Boy Constrictor, Pig Destroyer
    29. Star Spangled Banner, Jimi Hendrix
    30. Immigrant Song (BBC Sessions Version), Led Zeppelin
    31. You Shook Me (BBC Sessions Version), Led Zeppelin
    32. And You'll Remain... (in Pieces in Nothingness), Demilich
    33. Meet The Wretched, DevilDriver
    34. Death King, Converge
    35. Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles (original version), The Fall of Troy
    36. Cissy Strut, The Meters
    37. Bloody Prolapse, Servered Savior
    38. The Way Of All Flesh, Gojira
    39. Rockit, Herbie Hancock
    40. Genetic Reconstruction, Death

    01. Which song do you prefer, #1 or #40?
    Melechesh, which I've just recently discovered, is awesome, but Death is my favorite band of all time, but Spirtual Healing is my least favorite album by them. Close, but I'll go with #1 because metal instrumentals are a particular favorite of mine.

    02. Have you ever listened to #12 continuously on repeat?
    Not the song itself, but once I listened to the album The Book About My Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety on repeat for about a day.

    03. What album is #26 from?
    Crystal Planet.

    04. What do you think about the artist who did #15?
    They play some killer tech death.

    05. Is #19 one of your favorite songs?
    Hell no, fuck those guys. I have no idea why I even have that album.

    06. Who does #38 remind you of?

    07. Does #20 have better lyrics or music?

    08. Do any of your friends like #3?
    Yeah, Josh loves deathcore.

    09. Is #33 from a movie soundtrack?

    10. Is #18 overplayed on the radio?
    Nah. It is too popular compared to how good it is, though.

    11. What does #21 remind you of?
    Getting baked, which is exactly what it's intended to do.

    12. Which song do you prefer, #5 or #22?

    13. What album is #17 from?
    In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth- 3. Coheed and Cambria go a little overboard with their album titles.

    14. When did you first hear #39?
    My brother played it for me.

    15. When did you first hear #7?
    Just a month or so ago.

    16. What genre is #8?
    Umm... comedy R&B?

    17. Do any of your friends like #14?
    Yeah, a lot of my friends are all over Thom Yorke's dick.

    18. What color does #4 remind you of?
    Blue - the color of a clear lake on a bright and sunny day.

    19. Have you ever blasted #11 on your stereo?
    Sure, the blast-beats demand it.

    20. What genre is #37?
    Brutal Death Metal

    21. Can you play #13 on any instrument?
    Probably, it's pretty simple.

    22. What is your favorite lyric from #30?
    If the screams don't count, then it's "We come from the lands of the ice and snow / From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow".

    23. What is your favorite lyric from #23?
    "Biased in conclusion, trapped in seclusion / To the outside - exclusion."

    24. Would you recommend #24 to your friends?
    Sure. I don't know how many would like it, though.

    25. Is #2 a good song to dance to?
    Nope. Mosh, maybe.

    26. Do you ever hear #16 on the radio?
    Yeah, I've heard Tommy played in its entirety once or twice on classic rock stations.

    27. Is #32 more of a "nighttime" or "daytime" song?

    28. Does #36 have any special meaning to you?

    29. Do any of your friends like #31?
    Yeah, most of my friends like Led Zeppelin.

    30. Is #25 a fast or slow song?

    31. Is #35 a happy or sad song?

    32. What is one of your favorite lyrics from #9?
    "I struggle to / Find a reason to care"

    33. Is #34 better to listen to alone or with friends?
    With friends.

    34. When did you first hear #27?
    Couple of weeks ago.

    35. Name 3 other songs by the artist who did #29:
    Angel, Burning of the Midnight Oil, Stone Free

    36. Do you know all the words to #6?
    No. I know the chorus.

    37. Does #28 have better lyrics or music?

    38. What album is #10 from?
    N. Such a shitty, shitty album.
  • 40 Questions About Your Top 50

    3 déc. 2009, 0h01m

    Disclaimer: my top 50 don't really reflect my current taste in music all that well. I'm working on changing that.

    1. How did you get into 31?
    In Flames. I was looking for a good metal instrumental, and someone recommended Man Made God.

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22?
    Ah, Cynic's Veil of Maya. This may be my favorite album opener of all time.

    3. What's your favorite lyric by 29?
    "Bow to the savior of the fearful and desperate / Shepherd of deception / Prophet of infection / Behold the XenoChrist!". Awesome outro. The Faceless were the ones who convinced me that Deathcore wasn't all shit.

    4. What is your favourite album by 49?
    No contest, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). The first hip-hop album I ever liked.

    5. How many albums by 13 do you own?
    Mastodon. All five of their full-lengths. I also bough the ATHF movie soundtrack just for Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife.

    6. What is your favorite song by 50?
    Demons and Wizards. Probably Fiddler On The Green.

    7. Is there a song by 4 that makes you sad?
    I'm pretty sure that there's a Beatles song for every emotion. I'll go with Julia.

    8. What is your favorite song by 15?
    Tough one, because The Doors have a lot of amazing tracks, but I'll say The Unknown Soldier.

    9. What is your favorite song by 5?
    Kalmah is another tough one. Doubtful About It All, maybe?

    10. Is there a song by 6 that makes you happy?
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience, of course. Off the top of my head, Angel.

    11. What is your favorite album by 40?
    Definitely Caught Somewhere in Time. Where Iron Maiden peaked in my opinion.

    12. What is your favorite song by 10?
    Ensiferum. Has to be Into Battle. The guitar solo... rock.

    13. What is a good memory you have involving 33?
    Explosions in the Sky. Too many to count, mostly involving psychedelics.

    14. What is your favorite song by 37?
    Radiohead. Surprisingly, I guess it's Meeting In The Aisle, a random instrumental B-side off of some EP.

    15. Is there a song by 19 that makes you happy?
    Fuck yeah Necrophagist. To Breathe In a Casket always makes me glad that I'm not currently buried alive, I guess.

    16. How many times have you seen 24 live?
    Lamb of God - just once, in LA. Not that great a show.

    17. What is the first song you ever heard by 23?
    Nirvana. Almost certainly Smells Like Teen Spirit.

    18. What is your favorite album by 11?
    Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here.

    19. Who is a favorite member of 1?
    Death? The obvious answer, Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P.).

    20. Have you ever seen 14 live?
    Nope, never seen Joe Satriani.

    21. What is a good memory involving 45?
    Sir Mix-A-Lot? Well, this is embarrassing. The time the Pitt band played Jump On It at halftime at some football game, maybe? (This is one of the artists covered in the above disclaimer, by the way.)

    22. What is your favorite song by 16?
    Metallica. Easily The Call of Ktulu.

    23. What is the first song you ever heard by 47?
    Black Sabbath. Dunno, likely Iron Man.

    24. What is your favorite album by 21?
    Not much of a selection as far as Dethklok albums go. I liked Dethalbum II better than the first one.

    25. What is your favorite song by 18?
    Pixies. Hmm... I Bleed.

    26. What is the first song you ever heard by 38?
    Guns N' Roses. First I can remember is Welcome to the Jungle.

    27. What is your favorite lyric by 3?
    Sigh... Children of Bodom. Who knows, it's not like the lyrics to any of their songs are distinguishable anyways. Maybe "Warheart! With no compassion or love / Warheart! Hate your fellow as yourself" from Warheart.

    28. What is your favorite song by 2?
    Sublime. A lot of great songs, but I'll go with Boss D.J..

    29. What was the first song you ever heard by 32?
    Slayer. I think it was Angel of Death, which I still regard as their best song.

    30. What is your favorite song by 8?
    Wow, this is a tough choice for Led Zeppelin. I have to say Nobody's Fault but Mine, but this is very very close.

    31. How many times have you seen 17 live?
    I have no idea what Outkast is doing in this position. Never.

    32. Is there a song by 44 that makes you happy?
    Yep, nearly all of Tenacious D's songs will do the trick. Double Team always cracks me up.

    33. What is your favorite album by 12?
    God Dethroned. Easily Bloody Blasphemy.

    34. What is the worst song by 46?
    Where to start with Styx? I used to like Mr. Roboto, but all it does now is raise my urge to kill.

    35. What was the first song you ever heard by 34?
    Elvis. Hound Dog, I guess?

    36. What is your favorite album by 42?
    Immortal Technique. Revolutionary Vol. 2 is amazing.

    37. How many times have you seen 39 live?
    Jay-Z, never.

    38. What is your favorite album by 36?
    Also a pretty sparse selection for Gorillaz. Between the two, I'll say Demon Days.

    39. What was the first song you ever heard by 28?
    The Who. This is unusual, but the first one I can remember is Christmas.

    40. What is your favorite album by 7?
    Queen, A Night at the Opera.
  • Lifetime of albums

    2 déc. 2009, 1h54m

    What I consider to be the best album released each year, starting from 1987 (my birth year). I forgot where I got this idea from.

    1987: Scream Bloody Gore by Death
    1988: Leprosy by Death
    1989: Doolittle by Pixies
    1990: Rust In Peace by Megadeth
    1991: Human by Death
    1992: The IVth Crusade by Bolt Thrower
    1993: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) by Wu-Tang Clan
    1994: Transilvanian Hunger by Darkthrone
    1995: Symbolic by Death
    1996: Sublime by Sublime
    1997: Something Wild by Children of Bodom
    1998: The Sound of Perseverance by Death
    1999: Bloody Blasphemy by God Dethroned
    2000: Elvenfris by Lykathea Aflame
    2001: Ensiferum by Ensiferum
    2002: They Will Return by Kalmah
    2003: Revolutionary Vol. 2 by Immortal Technique
    2004: Wintersun by Wintersun
    2005: Řád a trest by !T.O.O.H.!
    2006: Leading Vision by Gorod
    2007: Colors by Between the Buried and Me
    2008: In Hatred's Flame by Exmortus
    2009: ...A Splendid Chaos by Coram Lethe

    So what does this say about my taste in music? My favorite artist Death got top billing for four of their six releases, which is no real surprise (although they just narrowly edged out Gorguts in '98). Besides the past couple of years, for which my opinions are still solidifying, the hardest choices were in 1993 (the other contenders were Atheist, Death, and Pestilence) and 2004 (which had releases by Deathspell Omega, Disillusion, Ensiferum, The Fiery Furnaces, Mastodon, and Necrophagist. Whew!).