Producer looking for singer/songwriters with one (or two) great songs


21 août 2010, 4h12m

Producer looking for singer/songwriters with one (or two) great songs

Ralph Legnini is looking for singer/songwriters who have one (or two) great songs. The song(s) that you should record with a skilled, inspired, and nurturing producer/engineer, top session players, and then have sent to be mastered by the best mastering engineer in NYC. Do it right as an artist, and give your best song the true potential to have an afterlife - create that special master recording that can open the door to lucrative licensing deals, that can be shopped to get covered by other recording artists, that can receive recognition from the folks in the business who can help further your career.

Consider this opportunity before you go into debt financing another full length 10 - 12 song CD - you probably still have boxes of your last one sitting in the closet! Instead, for a fraction of that cost, E Boy Music can oversee a compact one or two song project for you where one future licensing deal for a film or TV show can possibly recoup the entire endeavor.

Ralph Legnini runs E Boy Music, a music production company and recording facility based in Woodstock, New York. His studio career began at Nile Rodgers Productions working on records being produced for Madonna, David Bowie, Jeff Beck and Mick Jagger, followed by a move to Woodstock to become Todd Rundgren's studio sidekick, and eventually Production & Studio Manager for Rundgren's Alchemedia Productions & Utopia Studio.
As a studio musician, Legnini has recorded with Jules Shear, Tin Huey, Rick Danko, James Taylor, Todd Rundgren, Pete Seeger, Chip Taylor, Danielia Cotton, Dr. John, Mick Ronson, Jill Sobule, John Sebastian, Gail Ann Dorsey, Kate Pierson and Levon Helm.

E Boy Music is a unique artist friendly production company who's view of the new musical landscape is echoed in the following quote: "The whole record business - it imploded and it's reforming in a another way - and the idea of making a CD of 10 or 12, 13 songs or something like that – that may be an idea that's passed" - Paul Simon / Charlie Rose Interview.

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