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  • shibibbadu

    when do you usually get up? and when does school end? :D

    il y a 4 heures Répondre
  • shibibbadu

    nahh it's fine :) i am quite busy, too. i hate being busy (i know quite a few people who love being busy- i could never understand that :o) why do you compare yourself to a robot? :D what does this say about your character? ^.^ it's time to do a psycho-analysis of you, ahah :) school is getting really difficult because if i fail in the last two years of school, my "A-levels" (in german it's "Abitur", but it's a confusing word for you, i guess) would "suffer" because of it :/ i have to take school seriously now and i find it damn hard :[ on mondays i have to get up at 6:30 am and the school day ends at 6:30 pm for me o.o it's terrible!

    il y a 4 heures Répondre
  • luminitsa_

    acho que não

    Hier 03h09m Répondre
  • andergiehl

    arcane dubstep

    Hier 21h16m Répondre
  • luminitsa_

    26 août 15h50m Répondre
  • shibibbadu

    cool robot, btw ;D forgot to say it the llast time....haha. it's the same with german o.o i simply understand every word they are singing and sometimes it's so confusing how ridiculous the lyrics are, so i can't bear listening to many mainstream german songs....well, my peers don't care, though. but actually, it's the same with english lyrics. there are many very simple songs with just some lyrics, which are very easy to understand. the sad part is that the lyrics are often stupid or totally random (although it can be really funny sometimes :D). so i don't like to listen to so much mainstream music, either. but dubstep is okay because there isn't dumb lyrics xD

    20 août 19h30m Répondre
  • shibibbadu

    there are many english song lyrics i really really like :) the smiths for example, or radiohead wouldn't mean so much to me if they didn't have such great lyrics. "at the drive-in" had some really amazing lyrics, too and also "a tribe called quest" and some other hip hop groups :) oh well,, i guess you don't know those artists (apart from smiths and radiohead) but i don't care :V just wanted to defend english lyrics. i am a freak ^.^

    17 août 11h38m Répondre
  • shibibbadu

    do you actively listen to the lyrics of songs? i only do it when i really like the music ;) otherwise i don't really care.usually, i don't pay attention to the lyrics of (for example) pop songs. they are never really good :D there are many exceptions, though, but those songs somehow tend to be older o.o or is it just me? i feel oooold :(

    17 août 11h32m Répondre
  • shibibbadu

    ohh i totally get what you mean :V i can't stand these kinds of videos, either. unless it's meant to be ironic or something. for example i really like the music videos of the band "die antwoord" (south african hip hop group). they are amazing xD my friends love them, too because they are all for fun and unpretentious. i don't the works of artists, who try to be "deep" just for the sake of it. just to appear to be intellectual or really cool. it's so annyoing :o and kinda hypocritical because they are losing their point by doing something that shallow........haha :D

    17 août 11h28m Répondre
  • Lawliet_FM

    só novembro outro pc agora

    14 août 16h56m Répondre
  • Lawliet_FM

    aw ;-; sdds

    13 août 17h06m Répondre
  • shibibbadu

    currently listening to some 70s progressive rock :D camel, king crimson and the like. i never cared about them in the past. just listened to ELP and yes and rush. i quite like them, though :D espcially camel. king crimson is a bit harder to get into, i think. their music is unlike any other stuff that i tend to listen to. i think their music is more "soft" :) i'm trying to listen to "in the court of the crimson king" because i've heard this album is a masterpiece.

    10 août 8h58m Répondre
  • shibibbadu

    i have deleted my facebook account recently :/ now i just use whatsapp and line because that's what my friends are using most of the times and i see no point in using facebook, when i've got whatsapp. I've never been an avid user of fb. i had an account because my friends invited me and you could play games xD (like bubble island, cityville and so on...yes, i was quite young) and we've got a group on fb to share videos and pics. but now, we use whatsapp instead. i don't know how it is in brazil, but facebook is slowly getting out of style here in germany :O people use instagram, snapchat, whatsapp, twitter and tumblr instead. i've only got whatsapp, though. i am not that tech-savvy ;) i often feel like an old woman......just like you xD

    10 août 8h56m Répondre
  • shibibbadu

    are you okay? D: i'm often catching colds, which can be very upsetting. you are seldom sick, aren't you? :D

    10 août 8h48m Répondre
  • Herick_MS

    poxa, é que eu to muito ausente do skype, e tu só aparece por lá, mas eu estou cheio de novidades

    9 août 14h06m Répondre
  • Herick_MS

    intrometo mesmo, meto o bedelho e tudo o mais. e eu já ouvi essa música dela ahdufhasduf bem boa

    9 août 14h00m Répondre
  • luminitsa_


    8 août 14h54m Répondre
  • Herick_MS

    cara, adoro o jeitinho de cantar da Marina, é diferente da entonação comum usada por cantores de pop, eletrônica, etc., eu adoro como soa

    8 août 4h02m Répondre
  • andergiehl vamos lembrar de how to be a prostituta da alice galyciane

    8 août 2h38m Répondre
  • andergiehl

    6 août 22h39m Répondre
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